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I got lingual (harmony) braces about 2 days ago...

I got lingual (harmony) braces about 2 days ago and so far I hate them! I have a lisp which ruins everything, whenever I drink or eat something it hurts. like a lot. Plus, my tongue really hurts from all the metal inside my mouth. Is there any tips to overcome these problems? I know I got them 2 days ago but they really suck. I am 15 and just ended 8th grade.


Hi ava, I'm contemplating whether or not to get the lingual braces (social 6 braces). I need braces as I want a good smile for these few years of my life I am also 15. I do know that it does fix the back teeth or over bite but I do want a good smile. I just wanted to know did you get good results, and whether or not I should get them or normal braces. I want a good smile and fast but not sure if I should go the quick way or long way for better results?
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I'm not ava, but I saw your post and had a question :).  Have you talked to an orthodontist?  Some issues are better dealt with with some appliances than others.  And there are so many options, from clear braces (like Invisalign) to Damon braces.  Social 6 braces are only for extremely mild cases, and if your case is that mild, you'd be eligible for pretty-much anything :).
To keep my tongue from being tore up I used Mack's silicone earplugs (found on Amazon or at your local drugstore). They are moldable and water- proof. You just create a little wall over the braces to protect your tongue. :)
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Jill (dentist)

The person who put the braces on my teeth is really nice. She made sure I was ok during the procedure.

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