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I got lingual (harmony) braces about 2 days ago...

I got lingual (harmony) braces about 2 days ago and so far I hate them! I have a lisp which ruins everything, whenever I drink or eat something it hurts. like a lot. Plus, my tongue really hurts from all the metal inside my mouth. Is there any tips to overcome these problems? I know I got them 2 days ago but they really suck. I am 15 and just ended 8th grade.
Jill (dentist)

The person who put the braces on my teeth is really nice. She made sure I was ok during the procedure.

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They're evil devices. I have been in misery for six years -- since these Mengelian horrors were applied in 2008 and still in misery after they were removed in 2009 and 2010.
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Also, could you post a pic of your teeth showing the braces, so we have an idea how much space you have inside your mouth and the configuration your teeth are in?
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Have you met LolitaTixy yet?  She just got lingual braces June 9th and has adjusted well.  She may have good advice for you :).  lweiss has had them for about a month but I don't know whether she checks her account.  You could try.  But I'd ask LolitaTixy first.  Just leave a comment on her review :).
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