Still Not Healed from Lower Blepharoplasty a Year Ago

I had a face lift and eye lid surg. it has been 3...

I had a face lift and eye lid surg. it has been 3 weeks short of a year im still not healed I have swelling scar tissue. redness I don't know what to do or if this will resalve.

I had a lower Blepharoplasty a year ago Jan 2010. I still have redness swelling a tiny cysts alone with three larger cysts there is numness, feeling like a pulling sensation. My lift eye is in worse shap then the right I look teerible what can be done.
Rochester Facial Plastic Surgeon

he is a great sales guy , but seems to lost interest after the sur is done. He has an answer for everything.but no cures

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Are you able to post a picture showing the areas of concern?
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I will take some pic's and post them thank you so much...
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