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I'm 19 years old, 5'2", and have been...

I'm 19 years old, 5'2", and have been lugging around 36F boobs. It was killing my back, I had rashes between and beneath my boobs, and I was universally known as "that short girl with the huge boobs." So I started looking into this procedure in the fall of 2010 and then seriously considering it when a friend had it done in early winter. I'm still on my parent's health insurance and come home for the summer. So I talked to them about it in March and they said they would support anything I wanted to do.

Once I knew this was something I wanted to do for real I looked up the list of plastic surgeons my insurance covers and researched all of them until I found 2 I liked. My consultations were in May, and I was so impresssed with the first surgeon that I cancelled the second and just went with him. It took insurance 2 weeks to approve it, and once they did the surgery was scheduled for today!

So I went in this morning and as soon as I woke up in recovery I knew I had made the right decision. I could sit up straight, my back didn't ache, I just felt great. Dr. V said he removed almost 1000 grams allover. I even got a sneak peek at them when he checked on me after and was amazed to see space between them - I don't ever remember seeing that! Oh, and the when the nurses found out that I'm a nursing student, they gave me little lessons as they went along. Obviously since I just had it done there's not much more to say, but I will update this as my recovery goes along. This site and the reviews helped me a lot in making my decision, so thank you Real Self, and thank you everyone who posted their story on here!

FYI - this cost listed is an estimate, I'm not sure what the actual bill was.


Did the insurance pay for everything?
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Wow your story is very inspiring.  I am sure you feel like a new woman now.  Good for you in following through with this.  So how many days post op are you now?

Definitely keep us up to date on how you are doing and what your final size ends up being.  There are many young women out there who are in the same situation and need this relief.  I am positive that your journey will really help them.

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6 months later~ While I'm still happy that I...

6 months later~

While I'm still happy that I had the surgery, I'm not as thrilled as I was right after surgery. First of all, I wish more tissue had been taken. A month or so after surgery I was sized at a D cup, which was a big disappoint - I had really been hoping for C's, since that really widens up options for bras and clothing. I was hoping that it was simply post surgery swelling and that it would go down, but I actually filled out more and am back into DD bras. This may be partly due to slight weight gain, but still a disappointment.

I've also had issues with hyperpigmentation. This seems to be a more common problem on women with darker skin tones, but I actually have fairly light skin. The scars, especially around my areolas, have a darkened area extending around them. I have a followup appointment with my surgeon next month to discuss this, but that has been my biggest issue since surgery. It makes my areolas look like they have permanent bruising, and has made me very self conscious.

That said - I am still glad I made the decision to have surgery, I'd just like to have the scarring issue resolved. Even with my breasts filling back out a bit I still look and feel better. I'm just not as thrilled with that as I was immediately post-surgery. It does seem likely that if I ever have kids I may need to have a second reduction done, since I am back to a D-DD already.


i know how you feel about getting called the short girl with the hug boob ppl call me dd or triple d but i was wounding if you dont mind me asking did you have to talk to your main doctor first or can you just look around and see what surgeons you would like. i am also think about getting it done but i am not quite sure yet just doing some research first before i make a big choice like this....
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Insurance paid for almost everything, I think there was a very minimal copay, but that was it.
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