Brand new boobs YAYYY!!!

I'm so excited and so nervous at the same time! I...

I'm so excited and so nervous at the same time! I have been wanting bigger/fuller breasts for at least the last 10 years. I am 31 years old, I had my first son when I was 15, and 3 years ago I had my second son, and had my daughter almost a year ago (she will be 1 on the 27th). I nursed all 3 children, and of course as a result my breast are not even a 'B' anymore and no push-up/wonder bra will help them! I had my consultation back in November and I was actually still nursing (only on one breast). The doctor said because of where my nipples are and the distance from them to the lower breast, I doesn't appear necessary to have a lift. I have decided to go with 397cc, and the doc says it will go behind the muscle with incision under the breast. Some people have said to me that a'D' is too big for me, but I think (I'm hoping) that they will be great that size! I am 5'7" and 125 pounds. I go for my pre-op on the 14th! I would love Any helpful advice about recovery and on bras I should get for post op?

Pre-Op tomorrow!!!

I have my pre op tomorrow. I think I'm set on the size I want 400-450cc, I just don't know about my ariolas, the are so stretched and saggy. We didn't discuss any work on those and the ps said i prob won't need a lift for the look I'm trying to achieve. I'm just hoping that with with the augmentation it will fill out/ push out my nipples so they don't look like they're sinking in! Hopefully I can figure this out tomorrow. I'm so excited:))!!!!

Pre Op went well!!! It's getting so real!

Went over all my health history and got my prescriptions from a couple of the nurses that will also be in the surgery with my PS? Everybody there is so kind and easy to talk to:)! My PS reassured me that I don't need a lift to achieve the look I want, Yayy! I decided on the 397cc size, which I guess means it actually will be bigger than that because it goes behind the muscle. And because I'm just a little smaller on the left, he said 450cc on the left, and 425cc on the right. I was like, really?? But ok because he is the expert. Even though I'm a little nervous on the size issue, I completely trust him and his experience!

Surgery went well today!!

Everything went good today, except for my massive headache from no coffee! They hooked me right up with something as soon as the put the IV in:) my Ps came in and talked with me for a few min and drew some lines. He said everything I needed to hear :)) !! I remember laying on the table for about 30 seconds. Then I was out!! Woke up in recovery with just some pressure. Within moments the nurse asked me how I liked my coffee and it was so wonderful! I'm so thankful for being in such good hands today! Everyone was so awesome :)! Got home and the hubby made me some wheat toast and eggs, it was just what I needed I was starving! Took a pain med and then a much needed nap:))!! I'm here are some pre-op pics. I will post some post op ones tomorrow!

Day one of post op!

Well besides them looking a little weird, I love them!! I know its normal that they don't look right at first. I'm excited to see the progression as the drop. But YAYYY!! I Have Boobs!!!

Can anyone explain what the "zingers" are?

I'm 2 days post op. For the most part I think I'm doing really well. The only thing is every once in a while, maybe a couple times a day, I get a sharp shooting pain from my nipple the middle of my breast. It's only in the left side I have felt it. Now I've read a couple reviews where woman say they got some zingers,... Is that what those are??

12 days post op, Feeling a little worried

Starting out before surgery, my left was a tiny bit smaller than my right. So my ps said 425 cc in the left, and 400cc in the right. that makes sense to me and he's the expert! I know Its still too soon to tell but now it seems my left is bigger. Not only that, but it seems the left is completely different in every way. There is a huge bruise (looks like a thumb print) still on top of the left, it's sitting way higher than the right, and I've had so much pain with the left. My nipples are not even looking AND the left is numb where I have almost total sensation on the right. I just hope they even out more and some feeling will come back to the left. Idk but I feel like 2 different people did the surgery, how can they be so different?:( I will be adding some more pics in a couple days.

2 week post op pics

6 weeks post op!!

So I think the left has dropped a little but still seems more full on the to than the right. I've been massaging like crazy to try and help it. Also still have some numbness in that left nipple:( but in all I really love them!! Can't wait for bathing suit season:)!!

Wondering if they will continue to change!!

I feel like they are just not entirely right yet:( like they are to far apart and unnatural looking:(


My ps never said anything about massages!,.. Weird (because everyone on realself seems to have been told to do it). So when I called last week to let his assistant know my concerns with the left side she told me to start massaging it. Being that nobody ever said anything about massaging before, I googled it to find out how I should be doing it. I go back for a three month check on April 29th, so I'm going to wait till then to see what they are like and decide if I want to say something about a revision:(!

Before and after pics


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I can't see your progress pictures, but I can see your before and after. I think you have a great result!
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Thank you! I actually don't have any progress pics, I didn't really take any due to lack of confidence:( I do love them, I just have to be patient as the left is not as great as the right. Hopefully they even out:)!
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We're about the same time post, and I feel mine are still far apart, too. Hopefully time and massage will bring them together?
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Excellent results!
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Thank you. I'm still hoping for the left one to settle I bit more:)
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They look great! And I'm super jealous of your body!! You have awesome abs!
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Thanks, I'm a freak about crunches and core work:)!
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Lol, time for me to do crunches then!! How did you lose weight so quickly after pregnancy? I'm about 5-6 lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight and the hardest is my stomach!
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When I was pregnant with my last one I bought a treadmill and started running a week after I had my baby and of course back to 100-200 crunches a day. I do them on a big ball right in my living room. Also daily planks help a lot, along with any other quick little core exercises:)!
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Oh dang 100-200 a day?? I'm going to start that as a daily routine then. But that is so awesome you bounced back so quickly with having 3 kids! I don't even see stretch marks
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I know it sounds like a lot but doing them in front of the tv on the big workout ball and splitting them up helps it go quick! Splitting them meaning like 25 to the left 25 to the right and 50 straight. And yes there are a lot of stretch marks they're just below the belly button and on thighs.
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Definitely nerve pain. Totally normal.
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Yay!! Congrats and welcome to the other side. They already look good. They'll just get better and better!!
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Thank you! I'm so excited to see how they turn out, I love them already!! Are you back to exercising regularly? It's so hard to not even at least do my crunches lol!
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Yes, although I'm not back 100%. I'm still figuring out what I can do and what I need to modify for now.
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Your abs are still to die for at 2 weeks without exercise! Your girls are coming along nicely - be patient :)
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Thank you!:)
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I'm glad everything went so well today! Congrats!
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Thank you! :)
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Yay so happy for u take it easy the more u can rest the better u will feel don't try to be super women like I did lol.. what ccs did u get and mod or high saline or silicone!!
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Hi thanks! I know I keep finding my self up and have to better about just sitting around! I got 400cc in the right and 425cc in the left! High profile.
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Well congrats girl. Im 8 days post and already love mine
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I think the 450cc will be great given your stats! I also had a size difference, my PS put 350cc in my left breast and 375cc into right breast. I was nervous at first too, but looking at me now you would never know there are two different sizes in me! I am almost 6 months PO and wear a size 32DD. If you are happy with the results you've seen your PS do, then just trust that he/she will make you look great too! My advice to you is to stay warm! Cold weather and new implants do not mix well. When your chest muscles tense up from shivering it is an unpleasant feeling!! Good luck!!! :D
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Thank you!:) good to know it's not uncommon for a 25cc difference and it's not noticeable at all in your pics! Your results are great! I also have some people who are not really excited about the idea of me getting them:( but that's ok I'm not letting it get to me:)! Thanks for commenting on my review:))!!
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How did u dr visit go?
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