18 days PO..new pics & feeling pretty good.

I've been lurking on this site for well over 2...

I've been lurking on this site for well over 2 years. I had plans to have a full TT with an arm lift in June of 2010 but freaked myself out and cx the procedure. I have now decided to do it and have my pre-op this Friday and the surgery is scheduled for Dec.7th.

I have 3 boys that are 13, 5, & 4. I had Gastric Bypass over 10 yrs. ago and wanted the TT back then after my 1st baby but it didn't bother me enough to spend the money or go through with a surgery. I then got married again and had my next 2 sons and boy did they do a number on my tummy!! My arms have always been on the larger side but now the hanging skin is embarrassing. I'd much rather have a scar. I'm currently 190# & 5'6". Anyway, I just wanted to put my details up and I will be posting before & after photos. I know how much this site has helped to inform me and I hope to do the same for others.


I look forward to seeing your before photos and we can compare flab LOL
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I'm not looking forward to taking or posting them..lol
How good will it feel to look back at them though when you have your new tummy!!! I've kept mine so that when or if I tell anyone and they say I shouldn't of done it I can show them and say " oh yeh you'd like to carry that around would you!"

Hi All, I'm just wondering what all the post-...

Hi All,

I'm just wondering what all the post- ops think us pre-ops should get to prepare for our Tummy Tucks?



Hi Junebug. You need to get a lot of stuff before your procedures. Something that I found very helpful are tank tops that have the built-in shelf bra. You aren't going to be able to put your arma above your head for a while, and bras will not be comfortable. But the tank tops you can put on feet first, and just pull them up. You'll need baby wipes and dry shampoo/conditioner for while you have your drains, and can't shower yet. (the dry shampoo/conditioner are at Wal-Mart). Make sure you have lots of liquids like juice and soup. Also, you'll need pillows to prop yourself in the correct position. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with. :o)
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Thanks! That's a good idea about the tank tops.

I just added some before pics. I'm all set to go...

I just added some before pics. I'm all set to go on Friday just one blood test tomorrow.


Hi June I have 3 boys also! 14,8 and 3 yo. And yep they wrecked me too! Only 3 more days to go for you sister! Woohoo
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Lol, but we gotta love em'! Thanks
Mama, you're going to look like a pinup girl when they're done with you! Godspeed!
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Hi all, I have to be at the hospital at 8 am...

Hi all,
I have to be at the hospital at 8 am tomorrow morning for my TT & arm lift!! I'm not freaking out but I'm sure ill get zero sleep tonight. Anyway, I'll keep you guys posted the best I can.


good luck!!!!
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Lots of good wishes for your big day tomorrow!
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Yeah!!! Your day has come! Happy healing
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Hi all, I just wanted to let you guys know how my...

Hi all,
I just wanted to let you guys know how my surgery went on Dec. 7th. I had @TT with lipo and an arm lft. My Dr. Said everything went well and he removed about 8 pounds of skin and fat. He also said I had 3 large hernias from previous surgeries and significant scar tissue from my 3 c sections. I was supposed to go home on Sat. But I had to stay an extra night because I couldn't and still can't urinate on my own. They sent me home with a foley cath which I'm bummed about. I have a pain pump also which distributes lidocaine over the muscles..I can't imagine what the pain would be like without it. I haven't seen myself yet. The Dr. Said I could shower even with the drains so I might try this evening. I'm sore & tired but I feel a bit better than yesterday. I know I'll feel even better when they remove the cath.


Two more days!! You can do it! I know catheters are not fun!! Hope you have a speedy recovery!
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Glad you are doing well!!, with the exception of the catheter!! How long do you have to keep it in? Do they allow you to take pain meds while using the pain pump? Because the pump is just lidocaine and not narcotics so I was wondering about that? Hope you have a speedy recovery!!
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thanks! I have to keep it in until Thursday for my PS appointment. I'm so tempted to take it out myself before that. Yes, I am taking Percocet and a muscle relaxer. The pump is just for the muscles he had to repair and it has lidocaine in it.

Hello, I'm now 8 days post-op and doing well....


I'm now 8 days post-op and doing well. Since deciding to have my surgery I've found that when you decide to tell people about it they seems to ask the most aggravating question ever..."Are you doing this for your husband?"!!! First of all I would never put myself through all this for someone else and secondly I would never be with someone who would ask/want me to do this. My decision was based only on how I feel and what I want for myself. In fact, my husband didn't want me to have the surgery but he understands how I felt about my pouch & arms. Anyway, I just had to vent. I'm sure some of you ladies have come across some stupid questions in your journey.


Hi, just wondering how you are doing? I'm a week out of my lower body lift. I hope you are feeling stronger each day.
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I'm feeling pretty good but I still have 1 drain which I hope will come out after Christmas. I keep meaning to post pics but I think I'll wait until all the surgical tape has come off the incisions. I still get sore if I over do it. I wear my compression garments most of the time (except when I go out to the store or whatever). The first week was pretty hard but about half way through my 2nd week I woke up one morning and felt really good. Before that I was starting to get a bit depressed. I stopped taking the Percocets and I think that helped a lot. Most people I know don't know I had this done but I have run into them here and there and they keep commenting on how much weight I've lost and they look skeptical..lol. How are you feeling?
thanks so much for sharing, looking at your pic it like looking in the mirror ... i too would much rather have the scar than all the skin. i'm 32 and feel like i'm trapped in a 60 yr old body who knew how much being over weight would age my body in just a few short yrs. i can't wait to see your after pics ..... happy happy healing hun ...
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Merry Christmas everyone, I just wanted to post...

Merry Christmas everyone,

I just wanted to post a few pics of my TT results so far. I have lost 10 pounds as a result and I'm hoping and trying to lose at least 10-15 more. I'm very happy with my results so far. I still have swelling mostly in the p.m. due to activity. I still have 1 drain in which doesn't seem to be slowing down?!! I'm hoping to get it out by this Friday. I only take maybe 1 or 2 Tylenol 3's a day. I have been doing more than I should or want to because of the holidays and having 3 young boys. Maybe that's why my drain won't slow down. I haven't gotten a chance to take pics of my arms but I will ASAP. I have bruising in my hips and around the back due to the lipo. Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday.


You look great!
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Thank You for sharing your story. You look really flat!!
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You look amazing!
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I added a pic of my right arms 21 days post op....

I added a pic of my right arms 21 days post op. You can't see the incision from the front or the back when my arms are at my side. I obviously have a way to go with the scar but so far I'm very happy.

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