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About 7 more days til I get my mini tummy tuck and...

About 7 more days til I get my mini tummy tuck and I'm super exited but super nervous too! I have 3 children, my first was born by c-section but my others were not. I am still very young and workout 5-6 days a week. My main concern is looking like I've had work done on my tummy, I honestly dislike the "Tummy Tuck" look which is why I wanted the mini-TT. I hope I do not offend anyone it's just my personal preference. I am also nervous that my scar will end up higher than I want, I see so many that are very high that their underwear and bathing suit bottoms hardly cover it. I have addressed these issues and plan to address them again. Anyone else share these feelings or similar ones? Also how painful was your Mini-TT (Skin Only)? How many days did your pain last? Also how long were you bloated for after and what kinds of pants were the most comfortable afterwards? Thanks


Hi! Thanks for sharing your story! I opted for the mini for the same reason you did- I didn't want to look like I had a tummy tuck. I work out a lot to look good in a bathing suit, so the last thing I wanted was to have to still buy bigger bottoms to hide a scar! I brought a skimpy bikini bottom on surgery day and my PS drew my line based on that. And let me tell you- she nailed it! My trade off was that my result was not as flat as it would have been with a higher incision. It looks like you have no fat anyway, so you shouldn't see that problem. I tried to document my recovery as well as possible immediately following my procedure. Hopefully you find something helpful there. Best of luck to you!
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I went to your profile and your results are EXACTLY what I want!!! You cannot tell by looking at your tummy that you had a TT at all!! I have my pre-op tomorrow and I am gonna ask about the bikini bottoms because that is a brilliant idea. How was the pain the first few days? I had a breast aug back in May and the first 2 days were awful. I am a bit nervous about the pain. I will post some better pics of my tummy too so you can see the hanging skin.

Before pic in 2 piece, can see the extra skin


Welcome to the community:)

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Thank You!

Oh man, surgery is tomorrow morning!

I'm sooo nervous, cannot believe my surgery is tomorrow! I'm dreading the pain afterwards but very much looking forward to the results. Any last minute advice?


Daniyella, Hope your surgery goes okay today. I understand your situation completely. I have had three children and lost all of my pregnancy weight and work out. Most people can't understand why I would want a tummy tuck. They say, "But your so skinny and your stomach if flat." But the loose skin won't go away with any amount of exercise and although my husband swears it doesn't matter to him I don't like the look of it. I am going through braces right now in preparation for upper and lower jaw surgery in June and will be off work for 3-4 weeks so I am considering having the tummy tuck at the same time if possible or within a week after so I can recover. How long did they tell you the recovery would be. I have a fairly physical job as a physical therapist. I can already tell you will look great after the surgery. Your abs are so much like mine, if the waistband is up things look perfect but it's just that bit of extra stretched out skin. Happy healing.
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Day 2....

Had my surgery yesterday and I felt pretty good after I got home, I was shocked actually on how good I felt. Today....different story. OMG it hurts so bad in my abdominals that he stiched together. I am popping 1000 mg of vicodin and it only helps very slightly. I am praying tomorrow is better because I cannot handle another day like today or an even worse day. I cannot wait for the swelling to go down so I can see how it's all gonna look. Cross your fingers tomorrow is a good day for me. Thanks Everyone!


Hi how are you going ? It's been a while since you have posted , looking forwards to some pics , I'm at my Ps now waiting for my pre appointment before surgery 24 jan . Hope all is well with you
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I'm feeling great! I have been feeling pretty back to normal since 2 weeks PO. I ended up pulling something in my upper right ab much like pulling a hamstring and it was pretty awful. I never once felt pain in my incision site just my abdomenals so I assume if I had just had a mini I would have been basically pain free. Pretty neat. Anyways I will post a pic of my current results, I am still a little swollen but my swelling is looking pretty good. Are you getting a mini?
Looking forwards to seeing your results , they should be amazing as your tummy looks great in the before :)
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Almost 6 weeks post op!

I go see my PS for my check up on Monday. I love that I can wear leggings and not see a bulge sticking out from my previous c-section and insane pregnancy weight gain. Lol. I almost cried the first time I put some on after swelling had decreased. I look forward to seeing how much flatter my tummy will get but most importantly cannot wait to start weight training again to rid of the 15 lbs I gained LOL. Here is my most updated pic.


Hi there! Just checking to see if you've taken any updated pics? Are you happy with the results of your mini TT? I'm two days post op and hoping for great results! :)
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I will post one! :)
I will upload one!! :)

4 Months PO

Nothing feels better than being able to go full out at the gym and stepping into a store for the first time since my operation to try on swimsuits and not leaving hating my body! Feels amazing!


Oh wow, looks awesome!!! Good for you, girl! Love the bikinis, which one did you choose? Abs look great...can't wait til I can work on mine! ;) Thank you for sharing!
Neither! hah I had so much fun trying them on I am gonna keep shopping around first. :) Hope you are doing well!
Lol. Thank you!

6 months PO

Going in soon for my 6 month check up, they are gonna have to fix my little "dog ears" as well as my belly button position. Will update after that. Prepping for my first Bikini Competition in Sept 2014...very excited!


What do you do for ab work, reps ect??
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Hello, I am scheduled for a mini TT and BA July 16. I am having my muscle repaired from top to bottom. Just wondering if u had all your muscle repaired or just bellow the belly button? Did the surgeon have to move your belly button? I'm kind of nervous for this. My stomach doesn't look too bad, I'm only getting this done to repair my separated muscles.
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I did 450 HIgh Profile silicone, under the muscle, I was a A cup, now I'm a D and I love mine, have you tried a personal trainer to get your body in shape, I don't see any loose skin, I had loose skin but now with my muscle repair and mini tummy tuck, I have full cut abs, which I'm happy for, but I Also hired a trainer before considering a tummy tuck so I did my BA first, just a thought
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