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Facelift/Neck-lift/Endoscopic Brow-lift in Rochester, MI

My recovery of about four months now is going...

My recovery of about four months now is going smoothly and the little bit of redness around the ear lobe in the after picture is almost totally gone. I can still feel a tiny amount of tightness all around my jaw, like an invisible chinstrap, but that actually feels good. I have all the nerve sensations in my cheeks and ears, which were numb at the beginning, as is normal. I am pleased to say that everything is 100% mobile and quite symmetrical. The first 10 days were a little tough with some pain and swelling but every day I noticed a significant amount of improvement.

Lower face and necklift

Rochester Facial Plastic Surgeon

I am very pleased with the results of my surgery with Dr. Zuliani and would recommend him to anyone who is planning to undergo a face/brow/neck lift. I had spent literally years researching these procedures and it took me a long time to find a surgeon I trusted enough to operate on my face but I felt very comfortable with Dr. Zuliani. He answered all my questions and concerns and didn't try to oversell procedures I didn't need. It was also a big plus to me that his practice specializes in facial surgery only. Where most general plastic surgeons spend the larger proportion of their time doing things like breast augmentations and liposuctions, Dr. Zuliani completely concentrates on facial surgeries, and therefore has more experience with facelifts/endscopic brow/neck lifts than regular plastic surgeons. He's like an artist and he takes great pride in his work, which translates into excellent natural looking outcomes for his patients. His cost was very reasonable ($6,500 for physician to perform endoscopic brow-lift+facelift+necklift+under chin lipo+laser [which will be done next month because the hospital's laser head was not working the day of my OR] plus $3,000 for operating room time plus $1,500 for anesthesia) actually more reasonable with Dr. Zuliani than with many inferior physicians. I searched a long time to find the right surgeon because I was afraid of looking windswept or lopsided or worse. So I am very happy, and relieved, that everything turned out as well as it did. I would highly recommend Dr. Zuliani for any facial surgery and I would not hesitate for a moment to use him again if I decide to have anything else done in the future.

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Thanks for your post. I wish your doctor could recommend a good PS in Minneapolis. As you said, the majority of their patients come in for 'body work' so are not specifically specialized in faces. Do you know what kind of lift your doctor did and did he do anything with your eyes? You got a very good price. Up here what you had done would be about $15,000 and I was hoping to stay around $10,000. I'm 63 so probably need to have more work done than you did.
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The price also included a brow lift (along with the face and neck lift) which turned out great, and a full face fractionated laser (which will be done next month because the laser machine at the hospital was faulty on the day of my OR. The laser I paid for was supposed to be peri-oral only but because the machine broke that day he said he'd give me the whole face at no extra price.) The type of facelift I had was SMAS, not mini or short scar. I will try to find out from him if he can recommend someone in Minneapolis and let you know.
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Thank you soooo much for responding. So your doctor planned to do the laser resurfacing at the same time he did the facelift? The doctor I talked with wanted to wait for 6-12 months before he did full face resurfacing. That cost alone would be $4000 (discount from $6000 if I have the facelift with him). The part of my face that bothers me the most is the area around my mouth and I wouldn't get results for that for up to a year later. There are like 20 different types and brands of lasers and it seems every doctor uses and likes something different. Do you know what your doctor plans to use on you? One thing is for sure, you really benefit from doing your research on this, but it is very confusing as every doctor has a different opinion. I feel like I should just go down to your doctor, it's just all those 'after visits' that would be inconvenient. Thanks so much for all you guidance. It is a big help hearing from you. Carol
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Carol, the laser he will be using is the Sciton Fractionated resurfacing. His charge was $500 for peri-oral. I hope it works. They can do the laser with the facelift but there's a lot of recovery involved and if you can manage 2 periods of extended downtime then I would wait and do them separately. I also have to amend my total cost, I forgot to include the $1400 charge for the anesthesiologist. Which increased the total to about $11,000. And I also forgot to mention that Dr. Zuliani did some under the chin lipo that was included in his $6,500 cost. Good luck finding a doctor in Minneapolis, you can probably find a good one on this site. Tanya.
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Thanks for sharing! I'm glad healing is going well for you. I'm sure you'll be an inspiration to others who are looking to get the same procedure. Were there any supplies you found especially helpful for recovery?

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I wish I had been prepared with better ice packs than frozen peas, I found out later there are some you can order on line made specially for this. And since I was basically in bed for about a week I wish I had set myself up with some good games apps for my ipad. Also, Scar healing gel, like Pro Sil which looks like a Chapstick and is very easy to apply, this has helped the incisions heal almost invisibly now. Also, The first couple days would have been nice to have someone home helping you, which I didn't have and still managed, but it would have been nice.
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