Smoothbeam Treatment for Hormonal Acne, Chin Only - Rochester Hills, MI

I went for my first treatment 2 days ago. I...

I went for my first treatment 2 days ago. I insisted on specific settings and didn't use any numbing cream, and the office allowed it with a special waiver of liability. No redness after an hour, swelling, or pain. The next day, active lesions were better and entire area was less red then before the treatment. I'm having 4 more, 2 weeks apart. The settings used were 13 joules, 35 DCD, with the 6mm handpiece. I may ask for a test spot of 14 joules, 40 DCD spray next time, and won't deviate from those settings for the remaining treatments if it works. Every medical professional I've seen rates me a Fitzpatrick type II, but my skin acts like a III when it comes to hyperpigmentation and tanning (which I stopped completely 18 years ago).


Yes, I did a lot of research. I usually do. The few times I haven't, it has been a mistake. I've learned the hard way that I know my skin better than anyone. I'd rather do what I think is right and take the blame if something goes wrong. Also, I read the manual and they listed different settings then the ones I used. My information came from clinical trials, real-world testimonial, and knowledge of how my skin responds to similar procedures. I want to add that if someone is able to dictate their own treatment plan as I did (this is uncommon, and I'm sure it won't sit to well with some people), that they have to make sure they can live with the worst case scenario, take full responsibility for the outcome, and have the funds to fix the damage they do if it's repairable.
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Its good you noted that by giving input into the treatment plan, that also means taking on a new level of responsibility. That would certainly be important for someone to take into consideration, and for those who don't do tons & tons of research they would probably be better off going with what the doctors advise.

How did you know what settings to request? Had you just done a lot of research and felt comfortable with the settings you specified?

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I've had 3 Smoothbeam treatments now. The last 2...

I've had 3 Smoothbeam treatments now. The last 2 have been with the higher settings of 14 joules/40 DCD spray. I've had absolutely no side effects. No redness, no pain, and I didn't use any ice post-treatment, or numbing cream. I've seen an improvement in my acne and didn't have any cysts during my last period. I've also noticed a reduction in sebum and the little zits I got (2) took longer to heal. This makes sense because of the reduction in oil output. After the next treatment and menstrual cycle, I'll better be able to assess my progress. I may need to move up another joule and spray to 15/45. I'm of the opinion that higher settings are better to a point, and I don't know what that is yet...So far so good.

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I've now had 6 Smoothbeam treatments. This...

I've now had 6 Smoothbeam treatments. This machine works. I haven't had a cyst since the second treatment. Now I'm going to go back every 2-3 months. The same settings were used (14/40), and the last two times have resulted in crescent shaped burns. The last treatment caused more than the prior. No scars so far...There has been no change in my skin care regiment, and I'm confident the tech is not to blame. The office did a test, and found the DCD was inconsistent. The machine was last serviced in December. I'm convinced it needs to be serviced more frequently, and more extensively. For starters, a problem with the calibration, handpiece/connector, DCD spray and/or metering device (or whatever controls the output) will obviously result in unnecessary side effects, such as the one I experienced. Based on the large number of side effects reported by patients on various websites, I have to assume there are still a lot of bugs that need to be worked out in this machine. Unfortunately, unless there is an obvious malfunction, or someone has a negative reaction, there is no way to tell there is a problem with it.


DCD is Candela's trademark name for cryogen spray. It stands for Dynamic Cooling Device.
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Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear about the burns. I'm so glad they haven't resulted in scarring. What does DCD stand for?

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It's been a month since my 6th and last Smoothbeam...

It's been a month since my 6th and last Smoothbeam treatment. I haven't had a cyst in months. The crescent-shaped burns due to the machine malfunctioning (confirmed) are healing, and now I will insist on test spots an hour or so before each treatment. I'm concerned they will scar, but it's too early to tell. Smoothbeam works at the settings I specified in my earlier post. The machine can malfunction fairly easily and it's important that it is tested frequently, especially after it is moved from room to room. The tech must pay close attention to skin response, and keep the handpiece perpendicular. I do not work for Candela, and honestly, I'm not a fan of what I know of their business practices. Regardless, Smoothbeam is a miracle cure for cystic acne. I believe machine malfunctions, tech errors, the cost of the unit and service contract, price of treatments, and excessive need for maintainence have stopped it from gaining the recognition it deserves. I found out a few weeks ago they stopped making it. I called Candela and they no longer make a laser that uses the same wavelength (1450nm), and I can't find one that does. Please let me know if you find one.



I am wondering how your results are now? Also where did you tend to break out? Did the place where you went insist on you using a certain skin care line? Thanks so much!
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Thanks for your update. It was very informative. I can definitely understand why the company would have stopped making that laser if they couldn't make it more stable, so to speak. I'm glad your burns are healing up, and hope that continues to go well.

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