Getting Implants B Cup to DD - Rochester Hills, MI

Went in for a consult and my breasts are very even...

Went in for a consult and my breasts are very even. He took measurments and recommended silicone implants above the muscle since I have enough breast tissue. I'm just afraid that he may be conservative and may not give me the size I want. I have a pre-op appointment this wednesday October 30th and my surgery scheduled Nov. 1st. I'm SO excited. I have been wanting implants for about 2 years now. I have had appointments before with other surgeons but had always cancelled because I was so afraid. I've decided to finally get it done. Wish me luck. I'm thinking 400-525cc's?
under the muscle otherwise they look like ... hard to explain but ask others
I'm having a similar size to you above the muscle too I'm having it done the day after you let me know how it goes x
I will let you know how it goes. Having concerns answered by my surgeon makes things so much better. Originally we were planning on a moderte profile implant but after showing him about 7 photos of the look I want to achieve he recommended a moderate plus. This is still tbd. I'll know exact details on Wednesday. I'm sooo looking forward to Friday! I will update you for sure!! :)))

The look I want!

These are the bff's I am going for! What do you thin?

Another before photo! With a favorite bra!

I started using Dial-gold antibacterial soap today. This is recommended atleast one week before surgery. Also, I stopped taking my multi-vitamin. Also recommended, take birth control a fre hours AFTER your surgery. Don't take it before. Obviously consult yout doctor prior to stopping any of your meds.

Beaumont hospital called today to update my health records. The lady was asking me questions about allergies, current meds, complications in the past, etc. After I answered "no" to everything.... She asked if I needed to tell her anything she may have missed... I replied that she gave me anxiety from all of the questions HAHA. She started laughing and said that I was a very healthy 27 year old! Ofcourse I blushed and felt great!

On a side note...I'm going to miss all of my beautiful bra's from VS :( although... It sure makes me happy knowing I can go shopping for new ones soon. Yay!

Here are some recovery items you may want to have on hand. Will you have anyone helping you the first few days post op? It can be challenging to even open a pill bottle. Let us know how your appointment goes on Wednesday and what your final profile and size will be on Friday!!

Thank you for the tips! The straws was a good one! I will for sure post an update on Friday.
Good luck!

600CC Implant Sizer Photo

Just got back from the PS's office. I was there for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. I tried on different sizes, 450cc 500cc 575cc. I really liked the 575cc implant and thought it looked perfect. The doctors assistant was awesome in guiding me. She was very helpful and makes you feel comfortable. When the doctor peeked in to see what profile implant he would recommend. He went with a high profile implant. Since it only comes in increments of 50cc's he decided that a 600cc silicone implant would look better than a 550.

I'm very excited but also VERY nervous. Will it be too big, will my body accept it, will I look good with them after the procedure?? So many questions and the only way to know is until after the procedure! I hate the unknown!!! 2 more days to go!!!!
I think the 600 HP will look awesome on you! That's the same size I chose! I have been going back in forth, wondering if I should go a tad bigger or a tad smaller. But at the end of the day I still think 600 is a great option! Can't wait to to hear how it goes and see the results! Good luck sweetheart!
I think it is going to look great too! I'm nervous but looking forward to it!!!! Ughh the anticipation is killing me over her. Ahhhh! 1 more day!

1 More Day !!!!!

So this is actually going to happen! One more day!!!!!! I picked up all my prescriptions yesterday. I got home and opened all of the pill bottles since I'm thinking it may be hard to do so after surgery.

My family will be home and my friends have all offered to be with me... I am very independent though and prefer to do things on my own without bothering anyone else (that personality trait is a whole other novel).

I also got my laptop ready since I will be in bed all day after the procedure.

The clothing I will be wearing to the hospital have all been washed and are clean.

The morning of the procedure, I plan on, putting new bed sheets, cleaning my room in its entirety and before I leave to spray disinfectant all over. I am very careful about my well being (and men LOL another novel for later)!

AHHHHH!! Tomorrow can't come soon enough. I'll post another picture tonight of my baby lady friends tonight. I'm sad to part with them and it is going to be tough....
13 more hours....
The doc has chosen over the muscle and a high profile implant. He seems super smart and honest. Just wanted to update you!!!! Wish me luck!

The day is finally here!

I must have woken up every 2 hours from all of the excitement/nervousness! Last night I continued to search 600cc implants. Some photos I viewed are small and some were huge! It is so confusing. Implants are definetely not a one size fits all!

It is too late now. I've already picked my size. 3 hours until my procedure!!!! I start heading to the surgery center in 1 hour!!!

Got it done! (Photo)

My day started like this;

Slept on and off all night. Ofcourse!! I do that the day before a vacation as well so typical behavior lol. Finally decided to get out of bed at 8. I took a shower, straightened my hair, changed my bed sheets, and disinfected my room.

My brothers gf, who I love with all my heart came to pick me up at around 9:30! She was just as excited as I was.

We arrived to the hospital at 10, she picked up Starbucks (it smelled amazing but of course I could not have any) checked in, and actually didn't go in to the procedure until 12:45. It took about an hour.

When I woke up in the recovery room, I just remembered this emotion of sadness came over me as soon as I woke up and I just broke down and cried. I'm not sure why I did that lol but one of the sweet nurses asked me if I wanted a tissue and I couldn't say no since I just couldn't stop crying....

The Dr. came to check up on me and asked how I was doing and I replied "I don't know why I am crying, I can't stop." Haha.. I don't remember what happened after that!

My experience at the hospital was amazing! The staff was all so friendly and sweet from beginning to end. That made things so much better.

I am now resting in bed, I feel barely any pain, I had a cup of soup, took my pain meds, 1 antibiotic, and have been drinking a ton of water.

I have watched 2 movies so far... Crazy Beautiful and English Patient. Oldies but goodies! I'm staying in the theme of romance and thinking about watching PS, I love you, next. I haven't had a relaxing day/weekend like this probably since last December and I love it!

Hope you enjoyed the update and photo!

BTW- I aplogize for all typos on my updates! I use my cell phone to do so!

So I left the hospital around 2:30, picked up soup
cant wait my ba was a mth ago and i did above the musel as well and i love mine they feel better and i had 450 cc in each and first week was the hardest but now its smooth sailing i am in a 38 dd and very happy with it glad i didnt do 500 cc it would have been too big i used a heating pack for my back and slept sitting up for 1 week now i sleep anyway keeps us up dated very excited to see your progress and i had gel silcon placed if i helped i am happy so happy healing get rest take it slow and if you take your pain pills around the same time it will help
I love your look. Very sexy. I am sleeping upright and I just woke up. Thank you for the support. I'm taking it easy as well! Happy healing! Keep me posted!
Omg yayay!! Can't wait to see your results:D

On my way to take the wrap off!

I'm so nervous! I feel as if the be gigantic but I'm also taking into consideration that they are wrapped so darn tightly and they are bigger than what they may actually look right now!

I'm can barely wait!!!

Wrap off- photo

I don't know if this is too good to be true buy I feel great still! I'm adding a photo with the bra the surgeon recommends is worn for about 10 days! It is very comfortable so far. I love how they look so far. They are flat because of the bandage wrap but will plump up and round off as they continue to heal!
Happy healing.. your looking great so far! (:
Thank you! They are swollen and I can't wait until they start taking shape!! :)
Yikes! I so agree with taking medal especially stuff like the strong pain killers they prescribe. Lol OMG! They look so round instead of boxy for only being one day post op(in ur last pic) they look great! It must be difficult not going to the gym for 2 whole months!!

1 day Post-op Photo

Have been in bed since yesterday. Feeling good just a little sore under my armpits and chest. I feel like I had a 7 hour workout!

My chest feels very tight, and it hurts to get in and out of bed. My mouth also feels very dry from the anesthesia still and I'm continuing to drink a ton of water!
Thanksso much for the feedback!! What really determines "enough best tissue " to go above muscle?? I'm an amazing cup but my Tata's went to a full Body when I nursed my kids. Do you know?
You are welcome!!! I was told that I'm still young and my breasts are still firm and not droopy. There may be more of a detailed answer and I think that may be a great question to ask one of the doctors on this site if it has not already been asked!! Also, if it is over the muscle amd you do not have enough breast tissue, it will look unatural and you may even be able to feel the firmness of the implant. To me, picking over and under the muscle was as importants as picking my size! Let me know if you have more questions :)) I would check with your PS for sure!! I'm on day 2 and I'm still sore! I'll post pictures up in a bit.
i did over the muscle and it has been a mth and i love mine i healed faster and looks more natural to me happy healing

600CC silicone gel- over the muscle!

So far so good!!! I am 2 days post-op and feeling great! I'm very impressed with the PS work so far. I'm also a fast healer (knock on wood) and I see my breasts taking shape already! No regrets so far! They look beautiful! Took a full shower today and did great. I moved around a little slow because it was the first time my breasts were without a supportive bra. They felt heavy.. I weighed myself and it looks like they weigh about 3 pounds combined LOL.
You have had the best set I have seen in the 2 months I have looked at this site. Most everyone goes under the muscle. U went above and yours are incredible!! Decisions ....decisions
Thank you so much! I actually am really happy you said that. Who doesn't love an amazing compliment! I'm so happy I went with 600cc. The day before the procedure, I was secretly freaking out. I thought they were going to be big. Now that I got them done, I love the size. They haven't even started moving yet becuase they are still so firm! I'm excited to see the progess in a few months. I'll continue to post pictures. :) Thank you again for the wonderful compliment!!!
Wow, stupid auto correct really messed that last one up!! Amazing cup?? Goodness! I meant A cup! And breast not best, lol angry... thank you, I will definitely ask the PS about it, and you're right, there is a topic on that on this site that I found about under/over :) thanks again, and please tell me how the pain/recovery is going!! Are you one that has a "high pain tolerance"? Thank you!

2 day post-op

Back to work tomorrow! I have so much to do and with my luck, I'm going to have to juggle laptops or something, haha. I'm planning on taking it easy but sometimes, I don't really have a choice and I hope tomorrow won't be one of those days! The 45 minute drive is actually what I'm NOT looking for... Ugh! Last post for the day until tomorrow!
I couldn't type anymore, not sure what happened!  Anyways, I had a larger implant put in my right to even out my breasts & I am still uneven.  Did u post any before pictures?? I'm curious hour your natural breast looked to have achieved your finished results!
Your breasts look very nice! I wish mine were bigger......but what can ya do?! Too late! Yours are so perfectly natural round looking, where as I feel mine look good but look like fake balls if I raise my arms! My left is still bigger & I had a bigger implant put in my 
Lol well they don't look too high at all! And they continue to progress so nicely so quickly. Yikes how's wearing the same bra for ten days?? Or can u wash it? Lol Me either! I'm excited to see more pics

Before Photo- per request!!

chrisb1725 this is for you!
What are your stats? height and weight? pre-op cup size?
I'm 5'5 and 140 pounds... I am trying to lose an additional 20 pounds. I have an hour glass figure and very proportional all over... Pre-op I was a 34B although I'm sure at times I was a small C.
LookingGood I love my 600 cc too :)  

Day 3 Post-Op Photo

I'm back to work and feeling good. I need to get used to the additional weight of these ladies.

They feel a little a softer and I can actually squeeze them still a little firm though! No further updates :)
Where'd you get that cute bby blue bra in ur before pic?? You had a great before and an amazing after!!!!
Looking great!

Congratulations! You look great! I can't believe you're back at work already. How was the drive? Hopefully no major challenges. I bet you're exhausted to say the least. Rest when you can!

Rochester Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Seemed very nice and honest. I also got botox done and he seemed to do a good job. I've had botox done before and it was much less than what he charged me but since I was going for a breast augmentation consult I figured I would just get my Botox done there to save time.

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