Reduction complete, just waiting on this healing process...hoping my healing is normal!

I've thought about a reduction for many years but...

I've thought about a reduction for many years but the thought always frightened me. I have always felt defined by my chest the girl with the big boobs. I have always had a low self esteem and felt they were my only asset according to how others saw me. I have had headaches, back pain, shoulder pain since I was 15. I have finally decided that it's time, but I have fears that he'll take too much, that maybe I'll feel worse about myself and then parts of me think I'll feel better in every way. I just want to fit into normal tops, be able to buy a bra in the store, wear strapless if I choose.

The thing that drives me crazy is people will look at me and say you don't look big or like you need a reduction yet I'm in a 36fff? Maybe because they are so saggy, I'm 5'4 150lbs and still trying to lose 20 more lbs. I am going to be 33 in August and my chest sags like I'm 70, its crazy.

So I'm just wanting perky, normal breasts and I'm excited as well as scared to how it will turn out. Surgery is July 9.
This site is helping my anxiety.


Thanks for sharing your story tkkd. This site is wonderful for encouragment and information. What I have found from my own experience, as well as from what I have read from other women, is that most who have an issue with their post op size wish they were smaller. Of course there are some who feel too small, but that is certainly the minority. I'll be thinking of you as you go through this next week. It is totally normal to be alternatingly excited and nervous. Just stick with us and we will encourge you through!
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Thank you so much for the encouragement. I went to see the dr yesterday and he did his drawings on me so reality is starting to set in. I am having more trouble sleeping, just ready to get this done with and start healing. I took pictures, so I'll have to post soon.

I will be anxious to see your pictures. Sleeplessness does seem to be a problem leading up to the grand finale, but don't will have plenty of time to sleep during surgery and recovery!

Well I am 1 day post op, I was scared to take off...

Well I am 1 day post op, I was scared to take off my bandages today to take a shower. I wasn't sure how they turned out, so I was afraid to look. I think they look good, but part of me thinks that they are too small now? My husband assures me they are not. I know that they will keep changing until completely healed...but I was wondering if they are going to look even smaller and if you all think they look too small??? I guess for me it's really hard to get used to for now, I'm hoping that as time goes by I'll be used to them and perfectly happy. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to comment!!!


Not too small at all. I think they suit your frame really well! They look nice and even, too. Just wait til they drop and soften. Mine look at least a cup size bigger now (at 3 mo) than they did the first week. It only gets better. :-)
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You look AMAZING! I remember the first time I saw my new girls..and I had a split second panic attack.But..I learned VERY quickly that they were exactly what I wanted.
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Yeah it's really scary when you make a big change, especially when it was a part of my identity. I'm hoping I'll get used to them soon and be relieved. I guess it will just take some time.

Day 2 post op, was a little more sore today and...

Day 2 post op, was a little more sore today and still no sleep. Decided to get out of the house, but found it was more tiring then I would have thought. I'm going to take it easy the rest of the night, I added a few additional photos.


Hi there,
Here's some things that helped me sleep after surgery:
1. taking tylenol pm before bed
2. Sleeping on the couch with a big cushion under my knees and slightly propped up so I could lean a little on the back of the couch
3. Melatonin 30 mins before bedtime
4. limited tv and computer in the evenings

Hope those help! You are looking great.
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Thank you for the advice, Dr gave me a script for ambien also, so I will try your advice with the pillow and couch as well. How long before you started feeling good again?
By around day 4 I was feeling much better, but part of that was the narcotics. They can give you a false sense of energy, so be careful with those. I was on antibiotics which messed my stomach up, so that made week two kind of tough, but without those, you can expect to feel better each day for the first two weeks. The third week, your nerves will start regenerating, and that can be kind of uncomfortable! So it's good to be prepared for a little lull that week.

Post op day 4, after taking an ambien last night I...

Post op day 4, after taking an ambien last night I was hopeful I'd get some much needed rest, started out on a wedge pillow to stay elevated on my bed and realized I was not getting tired or comfortable. I was however, physically exhausted. I came out and got in my recliner and fell asleep for a few hours, still hoping to sleep more. The pain is sometimes not bad and others I can just feel my breasts getting tight and hot and extremely uncomfortable. I'm trying to only take one of my pain pills when it gets really bad, if it's tolerable I go for just the ibuprofen. I still feel very dazed and dizzy when I get up and walk around. I removed the scopolamine patch yesterday and I kept wondering why my pupils were so dilated and read on another persons page it was from the patch. I hated the way it made me feel. I kind of feel zombie like, I just want to be able to get around like I used hard to try to relax! I still feel like my new breasts are too small for me, but I'm hoping that will change over time. I'm so thankful for this site, it has helped me so much.


Well today I got my stitches out, nipples look pretty gnarly but he says they are healing as they should. Now I just have to put dressings on nipples only once a day for a week. I will post new pictures tomorrow after I take my dressings off. What a relief to not have to dress everything! I visited work today and went to the mall, it felt so good to get out and to drive!
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I think your new boobs are amazing! You look fantastic. Congratulations! I imagine it's hard to see your new breasts as "yours", but they really do look fantastic on your frame.

Hope you're getting more sleep...
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Thank you, you are very sweet. I'm starting to get used to them lol.

Well I'm 10 days post op, got my stitches out Tues...

Well I'm 10 days post op, got my stitches out Tues and since have had to change dressings once a day on my nipples. I have to say my nipples scare me right now, but my PS swears they look just as they should right now. He says they will eventually have a layer slough off as part of this healing process and that's why they look this way right now. I called about them being dark and they said it's normal, so any imput from you guys on my pics would be great. My nipples were completely removed and placed back on, so this is supposed to be the process. Would love to hear from anyone else who went through this. Thanks!


You first few days sound exactly like mine. I had a BR with Fng on 4/1 and i and wondering about the nipple shedding process.
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tkkd1507: I love your outcome - They are beautiful! They seem the perfect size from my perspective. We are pretty similar looking (although I'm 20lbs heavier) and its actually what I am aiming for - 34G now and hope to be a middle C (not scheduled yet). Yours look perfectly perportioned for your size and nice and perky - great cleavage. Hope you are doing well, enjoying the freedom and bra/clothes shopping, and would love to see/hear of your progess. Take care.
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U probably wont have feeling because of the loss of the main blood supply
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