After Effects of Silicone Injections in my Buttocks

I am very depress for the decision I made to have...

I am very depress for the decision I made to have silicone injections in my buttocks. I asked the person injecting me was this real silicone and she assured me it was. The procedure went fine until several months had expired and i notice my butt was firming up, so much that it feels like a rock. This result has left me as an intravert and now im scared to have a sexual relationship now because of the shame i have for the outcome of this silicone injection.

I thought these injections would enhance my appearance as I matured into the Transgender Life Style. I tried to find a doctor to confer with, however; I had no luck and I was introduce to the Black Market for this procedure. I will send a pic of the area, I need a email address.

tell me, is there anything i can do or meet with a doctor for extraction of this mess? If I have fatty tissue removed, can it be transfer to my buttocks area to soften me up? if something isn't done, i might lose my mind.

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I have no idea to which doctor I would approach.

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I'm sorry for your situation I also had these shots back in the 80s not thinking of the future guess what the future is here. My buttocks is twenty years old I found exercise is really great for it and even though there is no proven theory I have Endermologie treatments every 2 weeks it might have shifted like the dr say but my buttocks is nice and only 2 granulomas out of 6 left my massage therapist even has a different technique for the people with fillers in my case I had two rocks
Honestly it's 40 percent improvement in 5 treatments feels awesome and if you have circulatory problems good for that too
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Try a few things before you jump to getting it removed. Antibiodic, light steroids like a dose pack, then try Kenalog injections in the hard area.
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Hi Goinrealdeep,

I'm so sorry to hear about the problems you've had and I hope you're able to find a doctor who can help fix it. :(

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