Considering Fraxel For My Acne Scars - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I've been having acne for +10 years and...

I've been having acne for +10 years and refused "Roaccutane" treatment (because of its possible side effects)and I don't remember taking any kind of treatment(except for promising facial cleansers) and found Neutrogena (old product) to be the best but maybe not a complete solution. I'm now 28 years old and Thanks to Allah that I rarely get acne for the last 12 - 18 months. I'm left now with many acne scars on my face which I'm considering treating them with Fraxel Laser. I took an appointment with very famous Dr. Hiba Injibar to find out what could be done to my acne scars.

31/1/2012 I described my situation to Dr....


I described my situation to Dr. Injibar and she was very honest and professional. Here are some of the outcomes:

- 100% treatment of my acne scars is not possible

- Acne scars can be improved by 50%, 60%, 30%... it depends

- In my situation, acne scars are not deep in general so results can be better

- Deep acne scars can be first raised toward the surface using some simple procedure before starting Fraxel treatment so they can be better improved

- Possibly there will be four (4) Fraxel Treatment Sessions

5/2/2012 I had a simple operation which...


I had a simple operation which should be performed before starting the Fraxel laser treatment. The purpose of the operation is to elevate deep acne scars so that they match roughly the surrounding skin, in order for those scars to be better improved using Fraxel laser. Some information about the operation:

- My cheeks were anesthetized first using a needle

- Operation was performed using a special needle used to cut tissues underneath deep acne scar

- Operation took maybe less than 20 minutes (I didn't have many deep acne scars)

- Operation wasn't very painful

After operation:

- There was little temporary bleeding

- Almost no pain in my cheeks

- Little swelling on my cheeks and blue spots should be expected

12/2/2012 I had my FIRST TREATMENT SESSION....


I had my FIRST TREATMENT SESSION. Here are some information about it:

- I had numbing cream on my cheeks for like 1 hour before starting laser treatment


- I believe I had 3 passes on each side

- It wasn't very painful

- Total time was like 10 minutes

After operation:

- I feel burn in my cheeks but not very painful

- I have noticed that pores on my cheeks got little bit enlarged

- I have to put sunscreen on my cheeks every like 5 hours

- I have also to put moisturizing cream (Castalia) on my cheeks 3 times a day

- Swelling, red color, and skin peeling should be expected in the coming days

- I don't want to sound over-excited but I think I have already noticed some improvement in my cheeks :)

4/3/2012 I had my SECOND TREATMENT SESSION....


I had my SECOND TREATMENT SESSION. Details are similar to the First Treatment Session, except for the following:

- I had many more passes on each side

- It was more painful

Dr. Hiba Injibar

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Hi Zaub! What is the name of the clinic? and how much is the cost of fraxel per session in riyals? Looking forward for your reply.
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How much is the cost of fraxel per session in SR? Thanks

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Hi Mr Zaub,,, may i know how much does it cost every session for the treatment in Saudi Riyal. thnz
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Hello Everyone,
I did my first session in February, and I just completed my session two days ago, I have to say, I noticed a huge improvement after my first session, my scars are almost to completely gone. I didn't have the indepth scars, I mainly had the small pink scars and its almost gone, I'm very satisfied with this procedure, my doctor recommended 3 sessions for me and at this point the 3rd session is really a maintenance because its all gone! I'm verrry happppy!!!!

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Hi! Are you also from Riyadh? What is the name of the clinic and how much does it cost?
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glad to hear that you could do more then 6! that way there will be better results! I personaly cant wait to see the results myself as i have been dealing with the scars for a very long time.
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I did 7 sessions till now but over a 2 years period. First year 4 sessions, second year 2 sessions, and this year 1 session and my doctor wants me to do a final session. You will keep seeing improvement for a year. My face is so much better. I have still a little scarring left but much better than before. I know they will not go completely away, but they are about 60% better I would say. I just started using a gel on the scars that was recommended to me by someone I know that used it and seen major results. It is called Dermonu from eternelle
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Sorry i posted before finishing. I started using dermonu 10 days ago. My friend said to use it for 3 months. It is just a gel, no side effects, so I amusing it and will let you know in few weeks if I see any results.
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Thanks for your informative reply :)
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Salam ZAUB,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I have acne scars as well and still researching for the best option before I go for any treatment. How are you doing now ? What do you think so far and how long it has been since your last procedure ?

Also you said you had needling first ? what's the name of the procedure ?

I would really appreciate your help. Also where's the doctor based ? I live in UAE

Thanks again for sharing. May Allah bless you.
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Please tell me from where you have don this treatment hospital Name 7 Doctor Name Omair Khalid
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Please tell me from where you have done the treatment Hospital Name & Doctor Name Omair
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hey guys, i just had 4 sessions and the last one was 2 days ago so far I havent noticed that much of a difference. Maybe coz i look at my face everday? lol. Some friends noticed a little difference now. I wanted to do more but doc said 4 should be enough or 5 but after a 6 weeks period. The question is how many times can you do it, is there a limit?
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Hi Alexx, personally I never heard about more than 6 sessions.. but what I can confirm to you is that you need to wait for sometime (maybe 3 months) after the last session in order to see the final result. My pics may not show it clearly.. but I have noticed till now major improvement in the depth of acne scars.. but minor improvement in red spots.. buy certainly I'm satisfied and I will wait for 3 months after last session to see how effective was the treatment... Good luck
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hi there, thanks for your reply. I guess i will have to wait for 3 months to see the final resuts of the 4 sessions i did. Im hoping i would get to do the 5th sessions early may as he said. But it is not for sure yet he got to do a check up 1st. Hopefully i get to do the 5th to get the best results. Good luck in ur next appointment
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Thanks :)
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Thanks for filling us in on how the 2nd session went. Sorry to hear it was more painful. :(

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You're welcome :)
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When are you going to have the second treatment?? From your pictures, I see some improvement, I hope that's not due to swelling. Good luck! :)
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Thanks :) I'm being prepared right now for the 2nd session
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salaam,,,,guys,,hw r u all???tell me that this treatment is really helpful for scars or not???i wanna take these sessions n from where i can get treatment???n what it costs???plzz inform mee...

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Salam.. I'm doing great! I can't tell you at this time how helpful is this treatment but certainly I'm very satisfied until now :) Where do you live?
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Hello Everyone
I'm happy to report that I too have noticed a difference in My skin! My skin is so much smoother and the small pink bumps in my skin are completely gone. My fiancée, family and friends have noticed the improvements and it only gets better :)
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x10 Like :)
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So what happened? Any update? I started fraxtional laser 2 years ago with 2 sessions ans then 2 other sessions last year. Definitely I see a big improvement, about 50% better. I just did another session 3 days ago as the doctor recommended I do 2 more sessions and said I will see further improvement. The advice I would give don't judge the results till 6 months to 1 year later because that is when you can actually see results.
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