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Smartxide Dot Laser (Age 58)

I had the SmartXide dot laser done on 7-6-10. I...

I had the SmartXide dot laser done on 7-6-10. I was given 1 Demerol and 2 Xanax before the procedure and a numbing cream was put on my face. I had the face and neck done. I could feel it but the pain was not that bad. My doctor said I was the best patient he has EVER had. I did not move at all. I tried to stay calm and not move so he could do a great job. My boyfriend stayed in the room and watched and he said he was able to turn the power up on the areas with wrinkles because I was so calm.

Day 1 I looked pretty bad pretty quickly. My face was just bloody all over. I slept almost entirely for the day of the procedure and the day after. Day 2 I was pretty much out of it and my boyfriend took care of me by cleaning my face and patting it and making sure I kept the Aquaphor on it all the time. Day 3 I finally woke up and I was able to clean my own face and keep the Aquaphor on it. It started peeling (coming off on the gauze pad as I patted it) on day 3 and by about day 5 or 6 almost all of the crusty skin was off leaving behind red, sunburned appearance skin.

I had a follow-up visit 1 week after the procedure. He said it looked great. I was told to not use the Aquaphor any more and to switch to a good face moisturizer, which I did. I went to the store and bought Neutrogena brand with SPF 50 and UVA/UVB protection. I keep it on all the time.

Today is day 15 and my skin looks wonderful. It is still red but not as bright. I have been putting a mineral-type make-up on it ever so slightly to take some of the red away. I had some pretty bad, what I call criss-crossed, wrinkles on my cheeks and they are absolutely gone. My skin looks so even and nice and is just wonderful. I cannot say enough about it. My doctor was excellent.

I am very happy with my results and they say the best is yet to come when the collagen starts producting itself, which does not even begin until 1 month after the procedure and goes on for quite a few months with tightening, etc. I highly recommend this procedure. I am 58 and this easily took 15 years off my face. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

All I can say is the better patient you are, the better job they can do. If they use a higher power with the laser, you will have better results. My doctor is a dermatologist. He said most people are not still and even cry with this procedure. Good luck to all.


Has anyone had the dot smartxide laser several years ago and can give me feedback on how their skin looks now. I had a very deep fraxel repair two years ago and it looked great for a while. After a few months, everything went downhill. My skin is so loose now. I have horrible pigmentation problems, but the worst, it created tiny lines all on my upper lip along with deep scar like track marks around my mouth. I have been obsessed with my skin and I look 15 years older. I want to do the smartxide laser to correct some damage. Does anyone have any feedback? Thanks.
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I have had 3 SmartXide treatments to help with acne scars. My last treatment was over a year ago. It changed my life for the better. My acne scars are very much improved. It also helped with pigment issues I had after 5 fraxel treatments Ihad done several years earlier. I strongly believe that results are strongly correlated to the skill of the technician (doctor) doing the treatment. The SmartXide laser is just a tool. Technique, ability and judgement are key in my opinion to a good result. I am happy STKA has had a good result and feel bad for you Cathy that you are not getting the results you are looking for.
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I Am so happy that your results were great. I have had 2 smartxide dots and 1 more to go. I took a package of 3. I am not so happy with mine. I am on day 7 of my second one. I see no difference at all. My skin is pretty when it first peels and is pink but then in a few hours it goes back to its normal color and looks the same as before i had the procedure done. So disappointed i could just cry. I am 40 and just knew this would help with fine wrinkles and my pour size. Oh well so glad it helped for you.
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Ronnie Dawood, M.D., MPH (Sublime Medical)

This procedure takes many years off your face with very little down time and pain. Plus, the cost is much less than a face lift. This is the best thing I have done for myself.

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