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I have thought about getting a tummy tuck for the...

I have thought about getting a tummy tuck for the past 6 months or so. I have been up and down in weight since my late teens and since September 2011 I have been on a lifestyle change of healthy eating and working out. To date I have lost 38 pounds, and want to lose about another 35 before I get the tummy tuck. I went for my first consultation Thursday, June 28th at Athenx in Irvine. A friend is also considering it, so it is fun doing the research together as we start our journeys. I am also considering a Breast Augmentation.

When I was younger I never really thought of my breast as small. I was always a full B cup and it seemed to fit my frame alright. When I gained about 30 pounds and went to a full C, I realised how much more flattering I thought it was. When I gained 70 pounds and was a DD I thought, being heavy sucks, but I like the boobs! I have recently lost 38 pounds and would like to lose another 30-40. When I am at my goal I know those B size breasts will be back, so I am considering a BA to a C or D size cup.

You are motivated. Rooting hard for you!


Congrats on the weight loss, girl! We're honored that you're going to blog your journey here on RealSelf. Looking forward to hearing how the pound-shedding goes. What are you doing to lose the weight?


I am doing a boot camp three days a week and have a nutritionist. I feel so much better living a healthy lifestyle, and cannot wait for my body to truly show my hard work off!

Yesterday I had my second consultation for my PS....

Yesterday I had my second consultation for my PS. It was at, the Riverside office. I liked the doctor and he was really informative and actually had a nice personality, so it was easy to talk to him and ask him questions without feeling awkward. The friend that went with me the first time couldn't make this appointment (and honestly I do not think she is ready to get her stuff done soon) so I brought a friend that had a BA and TT a few years back. She was great, she asked a lot of things I didn't think of and also even haggled a bit on the price for me!
The Dr said I need a Breast Lift, which I am not surprised about, and figured I might. He also suggested Lipo under the bra line and around my upper back. Also I will be doing the flanks. He also suggested I do fat transfer to my butt. Sounds good to me!
The good news is he said I don't need to lose the rest of my goal to have surgery. So if I am close in December, but not exact, at least I don't have to worry about beating myself up about it. More good news it I am down a few pounds from my consult last month, so I am heading in the right direction. Even though December is months away, I really want a date so I have something to work towards.
I plan on going to one more consult to compare, but right now I am feeling pretty confident that this will be my place.

I met with a friend last night who had a TT two...

I met with a friend last night who had a TT two years ago. It was nice hearing about her experience. I told her about this website and she was amazed, she wishes she would have had something like this then. I am so thankful for finding this site and reading everyone’s reviews and comments.

Tomorrow I am having LASIK, I have a review on here for that also, and am super excited about that also. This the year for a new ME!

I called today and scheduled another consult for the 17th of this month. This will be my 3rd consult and hopefully my last. I really liked the last PS so we will see if this one is even better, or just confirms that I want to go with the second one. This is the website of the place I am going to check out next.

I hope to have my surgery the first week of December. I will update after I visit the 3rd PS.
Thanks SoontoBflat :)
I'm doing a 5K at Disneyland this month and another race in November. Great minds think a like!
Ive really enjoyed reading your journey. Thanks for taking a peak into mine as well. Any advice is totally appreciated!
Hey you!!! Than you so much for all of your sweet posts on my profile!!! Keep up the awesome work with your weight loss that's great! Yeah and don't stress about how fast it's coming off - as long as you continue with your great habits - it'll come! Also - if there is a race or challenge (like warrior dash or something) in your area in November - that'll help with motivation because I tell - the closer I got - the less motivated I got. For me it all started after I was told I couldn't do my trained for 13 mile Touch Mudder Challenge and then I just got lazy with running thinking "it's all getting cut off anyway" LOL. So I was up 6 before surgery - blech!

ANYHOW (I get long winded and off track a bit lol) - I am so glad you're doing your research and visiting a few PSs!!! For me - this was SO key!!! Sounds like this last Doc wants to give you the works! how exciting!!! I am so glad you're having such a great "Me" Year! I am MAYBE a small C (I'm fine with them and they're perky but a D would be nice =) ) and a bit jealous of all these breasts I'm seeing so if you can afford - you do it girl! =) We just wern't in a place to do the whole shabang so maybe later.....WAY later! LOL! I figure now with a flat belly - my boobs look bigger so at least I have that! =D Good Luck with everything and I look forward to following you in your journey!

Yesterday my sister in law came over and we looked...

Yesterday my sister in law came over and we looked at the website for the PS that I have an appointment with tomorrow, well I guess I should say HAD an appointment with. I didn’t think this PS’s pictures were as nice as my second consult, but I thought it was maybe just me using rose colored glasses since I liked the second PS personality so much. My sister confirmed it, the 3rd PS pictures are not that good. If that’s his “best” work, then I don’t need to go and even meet him. My friend mentioned a place in Temecula (not to far from me, maybe 40 minutes) that she went to for a BA a few years back. I might have a consult there in the next few weeks, or I might decide why keep looking when I love the second PS so much. Oh, decisions, decisions. On a happy note, I am down a few more pounds. YIPPIE!
I am so excited! I have an appointment on Monday to schedule my procedures. I cannot wait! I will post my surgery date and pre op date on Monday.
Great job on the weightloss so far! Keep up the awesome work! Good luck finding a surgeon. It is a tough to find the right surgeon, but it sounds like you are doing your research and meeting a few. Good luck with everything!

Skipping mommy makeover and just getting breast lift and augmentation

The more I debated I decided not to get a tummy tuck and am just getting a breast lift and augmentation. My surgery date is 10/17/14
Best wishes.. can't wait to see pictures :) getting a mommy makeover is the best thing I ever did
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