Endoscopic Brow Lift and CO2 Laser Resurfacing - Riverside, CA

I am 41. I would often hear "what's wrong?" when...

I am 41. I would often hear "what's wrong?" when I felt happy. I also had some acne scarring from off and on during life, but predominantly cystic breakouts when I was pregnant. I will update. So far this is by far easier than I had read about. I may have forgotten some (meds and a helpful mama didn't hurt ;) I also simultaneously had a mini tummy tuck to kind of "refresh" one I had prior to my pregnancy (yes, brilliant) So far I see instant results. I am sure pinkness and a little swelling are making the skin look better then it may in it's final state, but the eyes, YES. Not much swelling and practically no bruising. I can actually see better peripherally since day 1. My right brow was lower. Not sure how that will pan out yet



3 hours post op

1 day post

4 days post

4 days post brow lift and laser. Skin all flaked off. Just redness that's mostly subsided. I was able to put mineral makeup on and totally look normal

4 days after

All skin has peeled, just red. Giving myself a breather from headband

4 days post no makeup

Day 2

Tight, but Aquaphor bearable. Doc did it around an 11 day back to work plan. I realize he could have gone way more aggressive. I looked normal with makeup on day 5 :(

5 days after

Not too shabby I think for blasting my face and a brow lift! I'll post more as I think there is still swelling. My skin looks so good. Icepick type scrs still present, but softer. I want to be sure I stay on a good regimin. Clueless where to start, but thinking gentle cleanser, Obagi Clear and some type of retin A

Day 5 with light makeup and hat over bandage

Easy overall recovery

I feel like I looked maybe 8-10 years ago. Just refreshed. Happy :)
Dr. Gupta

LOVE him and his staff

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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Were you out for the brow lift? Also would you mind telling us what the cost was. I had the co2 in April and going for another in Oct.
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Did you have to be put out for the brow lift? Also would you mind telling us what the cost was. Thanks. I had the c02 in April and going back for another in Oct.
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Wow after only 5 days your skin looks incredible, what makeup do you use? I am only 2 days post and I feel like this redness is never leaving!! Any tips? When did all the skin finally peel away?
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Can I get your dr's info. Your results look amazing!
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How much was just the co2 laser treeatment including anethesia and operation room?
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Looks so painful ... I want to get this done but nervous about the pain..., your skin looks amazing
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Thank you ! I peeled quickly, like within 4 days and was kind of bummed. It's still working though. Peeled some more last night. I hope it continues as I still have some little pit type scars. Honestly the pain was soooo minimal. More annoying than anything
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Your skin is glowing, you look wonderful!!
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Welcome to the community, thank you for sharing your story with us! Hormones can cause havoc on our skin. Would love if you could share some before and after pictures with us :) Hope you are doing well, keep us posted. 
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