Mommy Makeover with Breast Lift, Deciding Whether to Get Implants or Not - Riverside, CA

I'm definitely getting a tummy tuck and breast...

I'm definitely getting a tummy tuck and breast lift, but I'm still undecided on augmentation. I wouldn't mind if my breasts were larger, but that's not really my main goal. The shape that small (considering 250 cc) implants would add would be nice. On the other hand, I want to look trim and I worry that larger breasts will make me look fatter. Currently a 36C (though after reading up on the internet, maybe I'm supposed to be a 34D). If you were on the fence about augmentation with your lift, what did you decide, and are you happy with it?
I just did the same thing with 250 implants under the muscle too, so far so good, I love the. The I is a whole nother thing,lol..I am 2.5 days post op

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Please let us know what you decided re: lift vs. lift and implants. I hope you're able to come to a decision you're at peace with.

Keep us updated throughout your journey and we'll be your own little support group :)

I did the tummy tuck and breast lift with no implants because the Dr said I had enough breast tissue to do so ( 36 D) plus I didn't want the worry of something foreign in my body plus the maintenance of having to eventually replace them. I was scared enough for this surgery. I just wAnted them back up where they belong and I'm so happy!!

I said yes to implants. Where to put the nipples?

I decided to go with the implants because the lifts I've seen for women with my breast shape don't necessarily make their breasts look full. I didn't want to go most of the way and then regret that I didn't go whole hog! I'm nervous because it seems like the risks of complications rise with implants. After reading other reviews on this site, I discussed the diameter of the implants with my surgeon and decided to go with 275 cc instead of 250 cc in order to get a larger diameter to accommodate the width of my chest better.

My surgeon asked what height I would like my nipples at, and I eyeballed it at about 5-6 cm above where they are now, maybe 1-2 cm above the crease. I'm feeling nervous about the decision because I was naked and it looked good, but I don't know if it might look too high in clothes. It's really hard to tell what it will look like in clothes. Obviously, I'm also a worry wort who obsesses about making decisions.
I am also from Riverside and Dr. Hardesty, Dr. Bennett's colleage is doing my surgery on the same day as you, July 11th! I am having a TT, BA with reduction, lift, and implants.

10 days post op, still laid up

I'm amazed reading reviews of women who are 10 days post op and back to work or cleaning the house. I'm very much still in the recliner for the most part. I can't stand up straight yet, so walks are short because my back starts to hurt in short order. My mom and husband have been taking care of me.

I feel ok, though. The biggest challenge of the past week was the constipation. On day 6, I took 3 colace, 1.5 doses of miralax, some junior mints, and brewed decaf, any one of which would normally do the trick. Day 7 I had to resort to an enema. I stopped taking the percoset, and that has certainly helped the situation.

I have little pain. I have one drain left, which is sore, and my thighs and love handles are tender from bruising - none of that is major. My tummy doesn't hurt, but definitely feels weird. Its as if there's a heavy board laying across my stomach. How long until that feels normal? My compression garment was hurting the bruises on my love handles, so I took it off a couple of days ago. I hope that doesn't lead to swelling.

I am posting some pics, though it's a little hard to see what's going on as I am still hunched.
Hi, I am having my mommy makeover surgery with Dr. Hardesty on Sept.27th. I was wondering how your recovery is going and are you happy with the results so far?
Hi Mommy2103! I promise it gets better. I went through that evil constipation thing too- it was about 7 days, and it was the only time I felt extremely upset with the surgery, because I felt like Colace was a joke and that's what they said to take. Some gals are instructed to take milk of magnesia from the get go. Aside from all that, I didn't really walk upright for about 19 days and I thought I had developed bad posture and a weird bow-legged gait. Even asked my doc if I was supposed to be trying to stand up straight and he said absolutely not, skin has to stretch out slowly and keep tension off the incision. I like how you described that it feels like a board on there- absolutely it does! My upper abdomen still gets like that, and I kind of savor it because I remember that doc put me together tightly. I wore my binder religiously until about two weeks ago (stopped at end of week 7) because it makes that tight feeling bearable. I squeezed back into the other night because i felt the hardness coming back. Some gals are placing t-shirt material at the sides if their binders and under their breasts so the binders/CG's don't hurt as badly. I had tummy lipo done last summer, and I always had to make sure anything I placed on my tummy was smooth so I didn't get dents from anything pressing on me. Some gals are instructed not to wear binders/CG's at all. You are looking fantastic, and I can't wait to see more of your pics!
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Dr. Bennett and her staff have been very kind and helpful.

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