3.5 weeks PO and lovin it!

Soo...My surgery date is 4 days away! I am excited...

Soo...My surgery date is 4 days away! I am excited and nervous. My PS is Dr. Della Bennett. Its costing me $4850. Im glad my boyfriend is paying for half. I am 27 with 4 kids an have always been small chested. My youngest is almost 2 and its time for mommy to do something for her. Plus I want to look great when I get married (birdie said hes popping the ? Soon). I am 5'3 and 116 lbs. my chest size is 28. My pre op size is 32b/34a. I chose 450cc HP silicone under the muscle. I am counting down the days!! Of course I have the pre op jitters regarding size, complications etc. i even had a crazy vivid dream regarding my implants lol. I hope Mi have a recovery buddy, because I dont want to do this alone. If you are in the IE check out Dr. Della Bennett I absolutely love her. PM me so i can give u a referral and her contact info :)


Well you have me as a recovery buddy !!!! I'm getting nervous too. But can't wait . We can keep in touch
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Good luck I just had my surgery 2 days ago
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sweet!! post some pics =) hope you have a good recovery
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So there are 3 days left!!! Im searching for...

So there are 3 days left!!! Im searching for spprts bras but I have had no luck. I will be going to walmart tomorrow to search for the danskins everyones raving about. I hope they have some!!!! Started my antibruising meds today and increased my water intake, hoping that my post op goes smoothly. I hope they keep me as first on the surgery schedule! I dont want to wait forever!! I hired a mothers helper for my 2 year old for the says my man cant be there. My daughter is going to help as well....ny 2 year old will hopefully end up at her aunts next weekend so i can rest. Well see! Im so excited...it seems as the days are going slower and slower. I cant wait for ny call on monday for my surgery instructions and time!! Haha!!! Im non stop talking about boobs....most of my circle are supportive. Only a couple think im crazy!! Oh well!!! Ive been waiting forever for this!! 2.5 days left!!


Yes Miss chris!! We can!! Is yours the 19th?
Violet...urs look good! Congrats!

OMG!!! So tomorrow is the day I get the call and...

OMG!!! So tomorrow is the day I get the call and receive my scheduled surgry time and instructions!! I am excited. I am wondering what it is like waking up after anesthesia wears off. I have been under once before and I remember waking up scared and crying for my daughter! Wierd, I know! Then, the nurse in me kicked in and I started asking about my Blood pressure, pulse, pain meds etc...lol. I wouldnt shut up about my vitals lol. I am excited that surgery is in about 1.5 days! i promise to post my befores today, i've been busy. I am in school full time to further my career and have 4 kids. Most of my updates have been via my iPhone. I am making this one on a computer....much easier! To all the ladies havign surgery same day as me...we can be recovery buddies! :)


Sounds like you're ready to go. Good luck tomorrow and I'll be awaiting an update!

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I am on the same day. I have to be at the hospital at 6:20am surgery at 7:10am.
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You are lucky!! keep me updated! We will be healing buddies as well as miss cris :)

OMG!!! Only less than 24 hours til I have...

OMG!!! Only less than 24 hours til I have BOOOOBBBSS!!! I was in and out of sleep last night lol I had the pre surgery 'cold feet'. I kept asking myself if this was the right thing to do and if I chose the right size, if its too late to get a refund, etc. i also had a few crazy dreams. One of them the dr didnt order my implants. Another was that I kept getting pushed back later in the day, and my last one was that I was under GA but was awake and could feel everything!!! I have a little sniffle but its from my allergies. I am soooo anxiously waiting for the call from my surgery center to give me an exact surgery time!! Anticipation is killing me! I dont expect my boobs to look like twins, I expect them to look like sisters :) They were neer twins to begin with, but I do expect them to be similar. My biggest worry is the size I chose. I am hoping I didnt choose too big of a size ! I guess ill find out in about 2 months or so lol..well ill keep yall updated!!!! 1 more day woooohoooo!!

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I just got my call! My surgery is for 7am...i have...

I just got my call! My surgery is for 7am...i have to be there at 6am!! It has become real!! Omg!! NPO after 11am. Yikes!! Its become real!!!

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So I have officially been NPO for 24 minutes. I am...

So I have officially been NPO for 24 minutes. I am extremeely thirsty and wish I could have some water but I cant! Oh well, it is for the best. I definitely dont want aspiration pneumonia. I set a timer on my phone to wake me at 3 to apply my scopolamine patch. My last meal kinda sucked. I had a pizza, but changed my mind and opted for chicken fries and fruit/jello instead....blah!! I did my laundry and have my kids clothes all nice and neatly laid out for the rest of the week. I didnt straighten up. I left that for my sig. Other...its his days off and on his days off he does the housework and cooks. Pretty sweet deal right?! I was a bit bummed. My original ride for tomorrow post op had an 11 o clock meeting and couldnt make it at 10, but my 2 year olds babysitter said she can come pick me up. I offered her gas $$. So she has agreed to do so, there was no way I was reschesuling my surgery! Ive waited too long! LoL. Im going totey to get some rest. Granted it will be about 3 hours until my alarm goes off but its better than nothing...goodnight! I will have boobies in 8 hours:):)


How exciting for you!!!! Good luck!!!
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Thank u Ms Red :)
Good luck! You will be so happy you did this!
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Wow...so im up! I set my alarm for 3 ro pit the...

Wow...so im up! I set my alarm for 3 ro pit the scope patch on but my body woke up 8 min before the alarm, so O reser it for 4 so I can get more rest. I woke up extremely dry mouthed which is to be expected with scopolomine. I also woke up freaked out and questioning if I am doing te right thing. I dont think that will subside until i am at the surgery center but idk. I feel like I dont have my preop days organized well enough even though I do. I am now thinking positive thoughts, am going to get ready and head to the surgery center for surgery at 7!! To all the girls who have or had surgery today....see u on the other side! Good luck to you girls and happy healing! :)

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OK so I wish that I could have had an antianxiety...

OK so I wish that I could have had an antianxiety before this morning....my anxiety is through the roof!! I am trying non pharmaceutical alternative methods which is liatening to music. I have pandora set to beethoven :) I love classical music. It is calming and helps me focus. Im not looking forward to the anesthesia. I am going to request that they put vaseline on my lips prior to putting the tube in. I dont want chapped lips afterwards lol. Im going to try and sneak a pic while in the surgery center before they make me put my belongings in the locker. :) My PS does bloodwork the day if surgery. I know i will be cleared! Im glad i ended my cycle 3 days ago, that would have sucked to be bleeding on the table! One less worry there and during the healing process. Ok...i will try to post at the surgery center!!

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My girls are here!! Im in some pain. It is mostly...

My girls are here!! Im in some pain. It is mostly pressure and its annoying. I get a little burning sensation here and there. Ive made about 4 calls to my PS office and they are soooo jelpful! Tomorrow I can remove the bandages and shower. Im excited to see em!! I will update later.


Glad everything went well!! I can't believe tomorrow ill be in the same position!!
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I hope everything went well today! I had my surgery on Friday and I'm also an RN. I found another girl on here with the same surgery date as me who is a nurse too. We've both discovered that the nurse in us fears the worst every time we get a sharp pain. Lol. Feel free to message me with any questions. I'm no expert but we can trade tips!
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Lop omg!! Yes i feated the worse. You know i assessed everything while i was still awake. Lol from IV insertion til I knocked out. The ted hose are horrible to wear! I can see why patients hate it! As soon as I woke up I started to ask a million and one questions! I wanted to know my pule while I was under and any other pertinent information. My PS was very kind and reassuring to me. I got some tip from my CRNA on how to continue on my journey to being a CRNA! That was cool. Yes, us as nurses physch ourselves out lol because weve seen the good the ugly and the bad! We are more keen to the reality of possibilities during surgery. How are you healing? Is one of your boobs a little smaller than the other? I start massages tonight....dreading it! I habe timers set for my meds. I habe about 7 pillows propping me up so i can sleep in my bed and not the couch lol. I cant wait until the D&F! My PS was cool enough to give me her cell numbers should I have any questions. She also called me around an hour ago to check on me. Shes a great woman!! :) happy healing girl!!!

My girls are here now! Painfully excited. I have...

My girls are here now! Painfully excited. I have morning boob every time i wake up to take my meds. Any suggestion how to alleviate it?


Does your PS have you doing any ROM exercises yet?
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Nope not yet :(
IF you're cleared to do some, I found those helpful for dealing with morning boob. Make sure not to do anything that your PS doesn't want you doing though - it's not worth doing something that could compromise your results just to get a little relief from a temporary pain-in-the boob. In the meantime, I felt like I didn't have as much of a problem with morning boob if I slept more upright than if I was more reclined. I took my Tylenol when I'd wake up (as long as it had been at least 6hrs since the last dose). Ice also seemed to help. Hang in there - you'll be feeling better before you know it!

Hey ladies!! I am now post op day 2 well 3 if u...

Hey ladies!! I am now post op day 2 well 3 if u count the surgery date. I apologize for lack of updates lol between the Percocets, antibiotics and flexeril I've been in and out of sleep. I will tell u about my surgery. I set my alarm for 3am that night so that i could wake up and put my scope patch on. As I was doing it I again questioned myself if I should do it. I had to reassure myself that it is okay for me to do. So I went back to sleep and woke up at 445. I took public transportation to the surgery center and the bus stop is literally in front of the surgery center. I got there about 30 minutes early and no one was there so I walked to the hospital and sat in their ER until it got closer to six. I then walked to the surgery center at 550 and I got upset as I was passing the hospital kitchen because they were making bacon and I was starving and NPO uhhh! The doors opened right at 6 and I was the first patient of the day. They had me sign some paperwork. After about a 10 minute wait the nurses brought me to the PReop area to prep me for surgery. Me and the nurses had fun talking. We shAred our stories as nurses..always fun! They had me pee in a cup and hand it to them to check for pregnancy. Of course it was negative so onto the next step. They well I put ted hose on and this helps prevent DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis aka blood clots. After the ted hose were on they put boots on me that alternated inflation and deflation on my legs (i forgot what it's called grt). Anywho once that was done they put this thin blue sheet on me and hooked it up to an air hose that kept me warm, and they put a warm blanket after that. I asked them why they did that and they said because i will be exposed during surgery and the OR is always cold so they do it to keep me warm lol. My PS came and marked me for surgery and asked if I had any last minute questions. She brought a student doctor as well so we chatted up a bit while I was being marked. After they were done with that and my PS opened the curtain, the CRNA came and spoke to me (he was suuuuper hot! ) lol we started conversation and first thing I asked him was if he was an anesthesiologist or CRNA. Once he told me he was a CRNA i told him thats what I am going to school to do! He referred me to a specific school with a reputable name...Kaiser! After we got done talking he told me he would give me versed and he did. I remember being wheeled to the ER and as I was passing I saw the surgery team getting prepped for surgery but it was all in slow motion. Then I was under.....I woke up in te PACU to the nicest nurses. They told me my doctor had come to see/talk to me before her next surgery but that I was asleep. The pain/ pressure was almost instantaneously about a 7/10. They have me more meds and I was done. My ride came and i went home.

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POD 2....OMG yesterday was hell!! I was in pain...

POD 2....OMG yesterday was hell!! I was in pain literally all day! I had my med timers on And that was effective even though it forced me to wake up every 2 hours! I was prescribed ambien but have never taken it. So I will hold off on those. I couldn't get out of bed yesterday because the pain was excruciating! Every time I fell asleep and woke up I woke up with morning boob. My PS gave me the OK to start massages which is always nice...but they hurt and im not sure if I am doing them correctly but I do feel some minimizing in pain afterwards. I kept icing it as instructed. I also got up late last night to walk around. It hurt a little bit mostly it made my incision site burn, which my PS said was normal. My significant other has helped me tremendously! I love him to pieces for that!!!

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So I just got done with my first post op visit. I...

So I just got done with my first post op visit. I have some new boob accessories lol they gave me a T bra and one of those compression straps! She showed me how to properly massage And that hurt sooo bad! But I gotta do it! The t bra is so i dont get the Unabomber... Dont mind wearing it :) otherwise everything looks great ! I got to c the girls for the first time! They're big n perky but still need to drop n i cant wait for that! Im typing this semi sedated on Percocets so excuse any typos. All these new accessories tightened my chest even more!

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So I officially have the best surgeon ever! I came...

So I officially have the best surgeon ever! I came home from my post op appt to a beautiful floral arrangement sent to me by my PS and office staff!! She gave me her cell should I have any questions or concerns! Glad I chose her! She truly cares about her patients and their well being !! I've been walking more today which is new. Haven't really had morning boob. Im going to start taking ibuprofen to see if it alleviates any of the discomfort that I do have. My boyfriend has been the best help waiting on me hand and foot but had to go to work today so it was just me. I was fine with that though :) my two year old hasn't tried to jump on me like she did yesterday lol. She has just been blowing me kisses from afar. So cute!! Incision sites burn a little but thats it! Il continue on my progress towards healing . It's massage time!! Happy healing to my healing buddies and good luck to those who have BAs 2mrw!!


I can already tell you are going to have amazing results. Your before is such a perfect way to start. You will probably have tons of swelling and stretching but over all I think it will be worth it!
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how sweet of your PS. hope everything is going well with ur recovery.
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I know what you mean about the little ones jumping on you. I get so nervous every time my 3 year old comes in my bed that she going to hit my boob. My husband Gos back to work tomorrow too. I will be all alone with my 3 year old hubby will get the older ones off to school before he leaves. Thank god because mornings are hard . That darn morning boob .happy healing
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I am post op day 5 , and overall I feel great! I...

I am post op day 5 , and overall I feel great! I woke up with morning boob but its tolerable and nothing a massage can't handle. I've cut back majorly on my Percocets so I've been using ibuprofen instead. I have no shirts that will conceal my thong bra so i get to go shirt shopping today yay!! I am bloated though and haven't gone poo in 5 days so i will be picking up a laxative or stool softener as well today...I've just been gassy. My appetite is back but my mouth is still dry. I have to increase my water intake. It no longer hurts for me to breathe so I am happy about that as well. My 2 year old is with her aunt all weekend so i can do some stuff today. I walked a lot yesterday (car shopping) and i was a tad bit sore afterwards but not extremely sore! I cant wait til my boobies 'drop and fluff'....I need to get some thank u cards for my PS and everyone who has helped me. I also plan on geting Starbucks cards to put in them (groupon has a 10$ Starbucks card for 5$). I hope my healing buddies are doing well!! Oh yea...I slept through the whole night practically! Woo hoo only woke wen my timer went off to take meds! Happy healing to my healing buddies and good luck to the ladies with upcoming BA's :)

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I think I overdid myself today. I went car...

I think I overdid myself today. I went car shopping and walked the mall. I went to VS for kicks and goggles to see what size I am measuring right now and she measured me to be a 32D. She handed me a 32D bra and it was too small! So she handed me a 34D and it fit a little better. I can only imagine what size I will be when my girls drop! I wasn't expecting that big!! I saw one of my surgeons office staff in the mall and spoke to her a bit! She is so personable and bubbly! Lol she showed me how to use a table to massage my breasts....in front of everyone! They're having a 7 for $26 panty sale right now! I didnt get a bra but I did purchase a bralette. Im in the market for a car so I car shopped for awhile too. Car salesmen are annoying lol they follow you around even if u tell them you are just looking right now and not buying. But whatever!!! After my shopping I had to get dinner. I am making Cornish game hens. I realize I need to take it easy from now on because when I got home I was swollen and in pain!! My incision sites burn ouch! My muscles are not giving into these boobs! So i will have to force them! I will try to wear my strap all night...it just numbs me. I will increase my protein intake as well! Im a little disappointed at how high leftie and rightie are sitting :( I will add some pics! I see no difference from day of surgery til now. So that's a little depressing but i haven't lost hope! Oh yeah, I haven't had a bowel movement in 5 days so i started eating prunes!! I hope my healing buddies are doing well!!

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The thing bra had to go for a couple of hours!! It...

The thing bra had to go for a couple of hours!! It was em rubbing against my incision sites! I had placed about 4 gauze squares over my incision site to alleviate some of it, but it didnt work! I am now icing so i can put the thong bra back on


I saw a contraption like that on makemeheal.com I don't know if you want to spend more money but it might be more comfy??? A bow that's hilarious!!! I'm sorry that you are so uncomfortable :( but in the end it will be worth it! Have you tried miralax? It worked for me after one dose.
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Oh my - I had no idea what exactly you were talking about when you'd referred to your "thong bra"! That's quite a contraption! Is it even remotely comfortable?? Looking back, my pics from POD1 really weren't particularly different than those of POD 5. It was probably about 2wks before I started to really see some changes, and then each week thereafter. Hang in there and keep takin' it easy. It can be all too easy to overdo things!
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Hm it is not the least bit comfortable at all!! Im ready to top it off and burn it! It is itchy, tight super tight, and goes all the way up my sternum to where its easily seen! I wore a turtleneck today to cover it because a regular tshirt wasn't doing it. It's funny there is even a little white bow at the top if it. It's ridiculous!! At night i wear all 3bras...thing bra, compression strap, and surgical bra. I know I have to be patient, its just ugly uncomfortable and painful! And im bloated on top of that!! Lol

Im a week post op. I woke up with morning boob...

Im a week post op. I woke up with morning boob this morning! I wore my compression strap all night. Im shocked i was able to fall asleep with it on! The girls are still high riders right now. Massages will be my best friend today. Im finished with my antibiotics, i take only 2 Percocets a day and use ibuprofen the rest of the time. Im still on my muscle relaxer but its almost complete as well. I go back to class today. I wonder what my professors will say, if anything lol. My PS was kind enough to write me a Medical Leave of Absense note, so that I didnt get dropped from class. It doesn't say I had surgery nor does it elude to it! Pretty cool! I missed 2 tests im upset about but I can make em up:) 2 of my on campus friends know bout my new boobies and im sure they will have lots of questions. My incision sites are itchy!! Free. Don't want to scratch them at all! I will begin a multivitamin soon and start vit e rub. I heard bio oil works wonders...ill ask my PS if I can use that or mederma. I don't want a visible scar. Oh yea I got measured two days ago and I am measuring at a 32DD or a 34D!! And they haven't even dropped or fluffed yet!! They're going to be HUUGE! Im getting used to them on my body, i looked in the mirror today and said...I should have gone bigger..boobie greed! I know that I couldn't go any bigger. My chest is too small. Im already borderline symmastia. Any bigger and I would have uninoob for sure! Size wise I should have gone a little smaller for my frame like the PS wanted. She wanted me to go 400ccs And I chose 450. Well, I guess ill see the final result in a couple of months! I am just impatient ugh!! Hurry up and D&F already!! Have a great day ladies!! Happy healing to my healing buddies and to the girls getting augmented today!!!


Hm...yea but wearing a turtleneck in 70-80 degree Cali weather sucks! I was sweating like no other!!! I will get a pic of the bow lol
70-80deg?? I'm so jealous! We just got 13" of SNOW here yesterday, after it had been in the low 50s Saturday! Gotta love Illinois weather!

Today I woke up and no morning boob!!! Im...

Today I woke up and no morning boob!!! Im completely off the Percocets only taking ibuprofen :) We got a new car last night...well not new, its used but new to us..lol no more bussing it!! Anywho i forgot to take my muscle relaxer so gotta catch up to that. Im still wearing the thong bra, compression strap and surgical bra. My walmart doesn't carry the danskins everyone is raging about...boo! I ordered a sports bra off of amazon but it doesn't compress enough. My history class is cancelled all this week and my italian class is cancelled on wed and my speech class is cancelled thurs!!! Soo this would have been the perfect week to have surgery lolol well i just get another week off :) why am I complaining? My incision sites alternate between burning and itching...driving me nuts! I hope my fellow healing buddies are doing good!! Miss cris hang in there...it'll get better for u! Happy healing and to those scheduled for BA today good luck!!!


Awe thank you so much !!!!! I'm still keeping up on those muscle relaxers not to much relief yet hopefully soon. Glad to hear your feeling better.
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Lol I pooed!! Who gets excited to poo? Meeee! I was soooooooo bloated! I looked pregnant! That's how bloated I was! All good now. I ate a bunch of prunes...did the trick :) I've gotten over this thong bra...or should i say used to it. It is what it is. I do like the make me heal one though. It's more conspicuous. Im doing great today! Just waiting for Thelma and Louise to drop into place!!
Still warm here in sunny ca!!! I love this weather but im getting scared that summer will be triple digits.. :/

Day 8 post op and im not happy with my girls yet....

Day 8 post op and im not happy with my girls yet. I feel like theyre too big for my body. They have yet to drop or begin to! I should have gone with 400ccs instead of 450ccs i chose 450 cc due to losing some submuscuar and i didnt wanna go to small. I liked the sizers too. But mine look way bigger than the sizers did! I guess patience is all i can have. Hope everyone else has happy healing and good luck to the girls going tomorrow!!


Hi! Don't worry you will love them, I felt exactly the same my first week after surgery, I felt them do huge I didn't even want to see them in the mirror but little by little they are changing. I'm day 13 today and I absolutely love them. At my work no one has noticed anything because I used to wear very padded bras and I kinda look the sand now but now they are my girls there and not a padded bra. The top my breast is still swollen and look a bit fans because its too round but they still have to drop and change shape since I got HP implants. I got 300ccs HP under the muscle, I'm petite and the Dr didn't recommend to go bigger because I wanted a very natural look. Still if you look at my pics you could not believe the difference I got with only 300ccs. Take it easy, rest and pamper yourself. You are going to have mixed emoticons about the girls for few days but you will love them ;-) Big hug and happy healing!!!
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I totally know how you are feeling. I hoping I will like them once u drop. I still feel like u went too big too. Hopefully it will get better.
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You look great you look like you have dropped more than me . My skin is so stretched its shinny looking is yours like that?
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I had been feeling down about my boobies so I...

I had been feeling down about my boobies so I decided to try on some of my old swimsuits and I am glad I did! I am back in great spirits! Thelma and Louise are still riding high, but not all the way to my clavicle anymore i cant touch my chin to my chest and feel boob unless my pecs tense up. Otherwise there is about a finger or two space between my clavicle and boob. They're progressing downward t a snails pace. I am pleased with their appearance clothed. I called my PS to see when I can have an alcoholic beverage because we are going out on Saturday and I got the go ahead for Saturday! Now my only dilemma is what to wear. It will be my first time out in public without covering them so I want it to be flattering, not dramatizing or traumatizing lol Something cute flattering and sexy. I will go shopping tomorrow for the outfit. I hope all of my healing buddies are in good spirits! Im still in the thing bra eww but i haven't 2 week postop visit on Tuesday so maybe then it can be gone! My steri strips are starting to peel back and come off. They are itching like hell! I dont scratch them, I gently rub. Happy healing and to the ladies that had BAs today....welcome to the other side..the emotional roller coaster of recovery!!

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I have been slacking on wearing my band so today,...

I have been slacking on wearing my band so today, im pickin it up again. I looked at my naked boobs and saw that they are still really high. I hope they don't stay too high and drop nicely eventually. Im flip flopping on if i went too big. I know you ladies say bigger is better or when in doubt go big and i did that (450cc) but now im afraid I went too big for my body. For some reason since I got my BA i have gained some weight in my stomach. Maybe the lack of complete movement idk but as soon as I am cleared to hit the gym that is exactly what I will be doing. I did this to enhance myself lol but as one enhancement is successful I have to now work on my tummy. A tummy tuck will be the last resort. Ugh anyway, recovery is a roller coaster emotionally. I don't have the boobie blues just impatient! I hope all is well with you ladies! You all keep me encouraged! Check out my new pics. I texted them to all my friends and family too lol but I posted them here first haha! Toodles!!


Thank u. Yours look good for what u wanted! I've noticed that the smaller cc the faster they seem to heal and drop or is it just me? My muscles are 'tough' according to the nurse at my PS, hence the band for assistance. I called them today they told me to keep icing...sometimes i fall asleep with the ice on because my boobs are numb lol
I really hope so too!!
Ya I wish the skin would just stretch already hahaha I can't wait . Sleeping is hard though not comfy .

Easter is coming up...every year my bf's family...

Easter is coming up...every year my bf's family has a big gathering. Only his mom and his aunt know ive had work done. His step grandmother is really judgemental and for some reason has something against me. Im not looking forward to the gathering but idc what she says about my boobs! She has no problem talking behind my back with people while im in the same room as if I dont exist, so I can only imagine what she has to say lol. Whatever! She isn't gunna rain on my parade this time! Oh yeah, so my boyfriend has been the greatest throughout the whole recovery process. He's gone to work and come home and taken care of me n the kids. I've kind of been grumpy towards him. I feel really bad about that :( We are going on a dinner cruise next Saturday! We were going to go today, but its full so next weekend. Idk of any of u ladies have had this issue but since I have had surgery my stomach has gotten bloated. I've pooped but its still fat..wth?! So now I have to buy a top that covers te pudge lol. I think he has plans to propose next Saturday hes been asking crazy questions lately. Sooo well see! I slept on my back yesterday I was fine but woke up stiff for the first time in awhile. I will continue to sleep elevated because morning boob is no fun! I found a way to hide the thong bra! I looked cute yesterday and was pretty excited to not have to wear a zipped up jacket! I hope u ladies are doing well! Xoxo


Hope you had a great weekend. You look fantastic! Happy healing!!! XO
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Hi mermaid! I did have a good fun filled weekend!! How r u?
Feeling great! Weekend was good just rested a lot!. The pain I had under my right incision is gone so I can't be happier lol I keep doing the massages morning n evening and the girls are getting softer but I can't wait to start getting cute bras ;-)

I has my 2 week PO visit today...got good and bad...

I has my 2 week PO visit today...got good and bad news. Bad news is I have mondors cords one under each breast, so as a prophylactic measure she prescribed keflex again and 600 mg ibuprofen prn. Also, she says they haven't dropped much. That's annoying buuut she said to continue massage and its okay for me to massage vigorously. When asked about wearing the strap at night, i told the truth and said i had been slacking lol. So now i have to wear it religiously! The good news is no more thong bra! Cleavage looks good! Got the steri strips off today and she said my incisions are healing well! Although they are still itchy. I was given the green light for light cardio but must wear the surgical bra for another 4 weeks. I can't start rubbing any type of vit e or anything on them til next week. Bummer. Also i met a cool girl who was telling me that she had her boobs done a year ago and she developed scar tissue around her implant, had it removed and then bottomed out on the same breast. Our PS did all the revision work for her free of charge!! Now, i dont know ANY PS who don't charge to fix problems that may arise. I have a great, compassionate doctor. I love her! The mondors cord is painful. It's common with inframammary fold incisions. It goes away on its own over time. Hopefully soon because its painful! Im starting to watch what I eat as i am still bloated and i don't think that its going to go away on its own. I will be a gym rat! Abs abs abs!!! Oh, I've added some pictures. The red tank was 3/30 at an easter event. The pink sports bra is from JC Penney very comfy! Too bad i have to wait to wear it!! Cant wait for Thelma and Louise to drop :);) im excited! I bought some midriff tops as an workout motivation. They looked great on me other than the belly..and were on sale for $6 each!!! Couldnt resist.


Excited to see your progress! Glad you're happy with your results! I'm going for 455cc salline HP under! I am hoping to achieve a 34D at least really. I think I'll come out good! Keep us posted! Peace. Happy dropping and fluffing! ;D
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Hey girl!! I hope that 455 gets u there! When r u scheduled for BA? Soon? And thank u! Not D&F fast enough lol!!
In just 20 days! :D

I was going through my photos in my phone and ran...

I was going through my photos in my phone and ran across my Pre Op photos!!! They were depressing!! My right boob crease wasnt as defined as my left and my right boob had a different shape than my left!! Of course, I then looked at my 1 day and 1 week post op pics and decided to then take a 2 week post op pic...I am glad I did!!! I made a little collage of my progress thus far and I can tell they are dropping and changing shape!! One is dropping faster than the other but that is OK! I may start to wear the thing bra to sleep in though because my cleavage is super close (I hated that thing lol and now I might use it on my own smh). I am happy to actually notice a difference. I guess the massaging does work! My right breast is still asymmetrical to my left as far as shape goes but I am fine with that as they were sisters and not twins to begin with and I didnt ask my PS to correct the asymmetry. Im sooooo excited to actually see a change!!! Woohoo!!!! Happy healing and have a booberiffic day! Lol


Welcome Thelma and Lousie ! You gals look fantastic!  ;)

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hi how are you feeling? they look like they are really progressing! cant wait till i get to meet with Dr. bennett :)
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Hey girlie!!! I am excited for u! I actually just got off the phone with her! She gives u her cell for any questions u have and shes quick with responding!!! I absolutely love her!!!

I know I haven't been updating as frequently as...

I know I haven't been updating as frequently as normal, but that will change!!! So, i am 3.5 weeks po. I notice a change every week and i love that! My ps told me that as they change they'd look weird and she wasnt lying! They look different all the time lol i get upset that they get firm if i overwork myself, but I can only be upset at me..I should know my limits!! I woke up about 3 days ago with major boobie greed...I didnt think itd happen to me...but it did! I went and bought a dress for a sunset cruise we took and i loved how i looked in it (see pics!). He proposed during cruise...cutest thing ever!!! Love him! I feel as though my boobs are taking forever to drop. I wear the strap more frequently as i am accustomed to it now. We are friends lol. I find it weird that my right boob is numb and the nipple can not stand to be touched and is a little more painful. Also the mondors cord on the right side is more defined. On my left side under my armpit to the bottnof my bra is numb but my boob has full sensation. My scars don't look like i want but I am going to ask the ps about that. I am exhausted though...I will continue my update tomorrow!!


Thanks for the update and the new photos. Okay, I absolutely love your dress! Hope you try to take it easy and that the mondors cord heals quickly. Congratulations on the proposal too!  :)

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Aww thanks Beth :)
You look GREAT!!! OMG where is that black n white dress from!?!??
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Wooooow i haven't been on here in awhile!! Im...

Wooooow i haven't been on here in awhile!! Im doing very well! Loving the girls! I am seeing my ps every week for symmastia prevention but they are almost fully dropped. I get compliments on them ALL te time which is nice lol ppl say they don't look fake and im glad theyre not up to my chin anymore! I measure at a 32DD or a 34 almost too full D. Im happy with that...but I think I look more like a full D :) happy with that as well. I see my ps again on the 14th. They still don't yet feel like part of me but they're getting there!!! I hope evryone else is well!!


liking the 8th week post op pic.im worried i might get symmastia since its only one finger gap and i can push into the middle but im only 3 weeks though, i hope its just swelling. what was ur bwd?
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Mine was only one finger gap when I started and it still is. My bwd was 11. I think thas the number ur asking for? My band size is 32. Dont stress too much and see if u can get a t bra. It helps.
i'll ask him on tuesday about it , thank you. hope everything goes well in ur next appointment.

Wow its been 12 weeks!!

I love my girls! They have given me so much confidence :) I get compliments daily on them from those who know I've had it done its kind of funny. People who did out that I've had work done say they couldn't even tell and that my dr did amazingly well on them! Thats good to hear. I still have a small tiny tiny case of symmastia and may need to have it sutured to my chest wall. Im ok with that. It's so slight that it doesn't really bother me.


Congrats!!! You look great! I'm 3 weeks post op and I can't wait for them to drop! I got the HP silcone also under the muscle too :)
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Dr. Della Bennett

I am a nurse and my expectations of a surgeon are high. Her bedside manner, honesty, and empathy sold me. I did my research on her and she is highly recommended! Her rating are exceptional and so is her patient satisfaction. Dr. Bennett is very compassionate!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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