17 Year Old Rhinoplasty/septoplasty - Riverside, CA

Every since I was small I have always suffered...

Every since I was small I have always suffered with an ugly nose and I hated it, I've been asked if I broke it or hit it but I was just unfortunately born with it. I never realized that I had trouble breathing until a year ago, as a result I had X-rays done which revealed that I have a deviated septum. As said I am 17 and I've been wanting this procedure since I was 15 but I had to wait. I went to two doctors before and one of them wanted me to have the surgery the following week after seeing him for the first time which I thought was sketchy so I looked up reviews and I cancelled the surgery, then I went to another doctor that wanted me to have the surgery while during school, I personally do not want to miss school as it is my last and most important year so I tried to schedule it earlier but there were not available spots. Finally I decided to go with dr. Hardesty he had an opening available and was so kind and he knows what he was doing. He made me feel comfortable, safe and secure also he was recommended by a family member. So today I had my pre op appointment where they told me all the info and how to prepare and I couldn't be more excited, I am nervous but the whole staff and Dr. hardesty made me feel super comfortable about it. He prescribed me an anti nausea patch (I was afraid of getting nausea) and sleeping aid so I can sleep comfortably at night along with all the usual pain medications and supplements. Surgery is in less than 2 weeks , so excited!!

A little update

Though I'd add more pictures, I'm 5 days away! I'm more excited than nervous. I noticed many here had to buy bromelain and arnica, my doctor is awesome because he provided them for me. I start taking the bromelain in two days, I looked on the list provided in the comments and it has been very helpful I'm going shopping tomorrow for supplies. I cleaned my room but I still have to disinfect everything top to bottom. The only thing I'm worried about is no Air conditioning, inland empire during summer=nasty heat and I don't have air conditioning in my room only in the living room but I know by then I wouldn't care if it's hot or not , I would be so happy because of my new nose! Ahaha


so excited and nervous at the same time! It's tomorrow at 6am!! Wooooo let's do this!

Back home

Surgery went well I'm falling in and out of sleep lol woooo will update more later

surgery and what went down

So yesterday I woke up and got into these new cute pjs I bought to feel as comfortable as possible and on the way there I took anti-anxiety medication (they gave me the green light for it) started to feel relaxed and oozy when we got there and my mom filled out paperwork for me. So they called me back had me change clothes and they made me wear anti blood clot stockings or something and then they put this heating blanket on me. Then I had to pee in a cup, I'm assuming that's the pregnancy test? But yeah, The nurse put the IV in and it wasn't too bad, then I met all the nurses and staff that would be in the operating room with my doctor. They explained what they were going to do, my doctor prayed with my mom and I and by that point my mom had to go. So then they gave me this steroid that was suppose to help ease my stomach during surgery and stuff.They were all really kind and at one point I was like "I love the show scrubs" and they laughed ahahah. So after that a nurse wheeled me in the operating room and that's when I started getting a little nervous but was still okay. They moved me to another bed and and the anesthesiologist said he was going to inject something in my IV that wasn't the anestia yet, which by me knocking out soon after I'm pretty sure it was and he just didn't want to scare me ahahah. My mom said I was gone for almost 3 hours and I woke up in the recovery room and all I remember saying was That was feeling sick so they gave me meds in my IV again then after about half an hour when I was fully awake they said I could go home and I was wheeled into a wheel chair to the car. The rest of the day was a blur since I kept falling asleep I've never slept so much lol or pee I'm still peeing like crazy dunno why. I didn't start eating untill about 4 hours after I got home and it was light. Started to feel pain so I took my meds and that night I started to swell but it's pretty controllable at this point. Apple sauce is my BFF and so is water and 7 up and soup tastes so good. I've been bleeding a lot and I hope it stops cause I'm getting those nasty crusties. I can already notice the difference and I'm so happy and glad with my doctor and staff, top notch! I have a checkup on Thursday

Day 2

Pretty much the same as yesterday except I'm not as drowsy anymore, I'm walking around and eating a lot more. The bleeding had stopped a little but my eyes have gotten a bit swollen, what I have learned from this is to be patient ahah but so far I'm definetly loving my nose right now, so worth it.

Day 3/4

I think day three was the hardest for me I was dealing with the same thing so it was just a boring cycle. But I did go to my first post op appointment and they said everything is going well and I get my splinters off in Tuesday and my cast and tubes out next thurs, can't wait I'm so bored being in bed ahahah this morning I woke up with a lot of pain but it has gone away now, feeling more like myself :)



I feel completely normal now it only feels like I have a stuffy nose, and my throat still hurts from the tube but I do everything I would normally do in the day, I have showered twice and I stopped taking the

day 5 cont

my review got cut off ahaha anywho i stopped taking the pain meds and switched to regular telynol because my nose doesnt hurt as bad anymore. My bruising is going away and so is my swelling. Ive been drinking tons of water and have lost weight hahaha. My nose is looking so good right now I cant wait to take the cast off. Already have plans to go see a movie the day i get the cast off ahah. Im dying to go somewhere. My doctor was amazing, definitely recommend to anyone. The only thing that's bad though is that ive been sneezing .

Pictures for day 5

Sorry about me falling off the face of the earth ahah

I've been so busy and finally have time to update I got my cast taken off two days ago and stitches taken off 4 days ago along with the tube in my nose. I would have updated but the day I got my stitches and tubes taken out my blood pressure got really low and I fainted while at the doctors office, I'm okay and everything is fine now :) now onto the cast! I got it off Thursday and it hurt my nose was so sore and sensitive and I didn't want the doctor to touch it at all Hahah I liked what I saw but didn't love the side view cause I had this little bump fortunately It when away I'm pretty sure it was just swelling but yeah I still have the sticky glue on my nose and I have to keep it taped as much as possible so the residue stays at least for awhile, my nose isn't perfect right now but it is way better than before and I know it is very swollen! I went out for the first time without my cast or tape yesterday and I felt so confident and loved it! I also got contacts so I could see!! The whole tape glasses on the forehead didn't work for me and I didn't find cheek rests so I settled for contacts :) I'll include pictures of everything, thanks for following! And sorry for my lack of updates!

More Pictures from today

I ice my nose a little when I have the tape off I out an ice cube in a napkin and I just dab very lightly I don't know if that's okay Haha but I just want my swelling to go down

17 days post op

I'm doing great! My nose is still swollen especially at the tip but even then I love it. My scar is more noticeable though :/ like an x by my nostrils :/ I hope it fades a little. No one ever told me about the horrible boogies you get ahaha but I have had phlem and nasties but it's tolerable my nose is still healing on the inside.

Almost 5 weeks post op and back in school

I'm back in school! My nose is healing well!! No more nasty boogies! It's still sensitive to touch and I've been breaking out on my nose which has never happened to me, I think it's because when I exfoliate my face I'm very gentle on my nose because it's sensitive, and I don't scrub it well enough. Swelling is still there especially at the end of the day, don't forget to tape ever! I'm scared to excerise but I really want to ahaha but yeah I'm loving my nose and slowly getting used to it. I sleep normal now, and I can blow my nose a little and I'm very happy!!! I have another post op apointment the 26 before my last one which is in October :) a week of discomfort and very little pain is definetly worth the confidence boost, I feel pretty for the first time in my life, this is life changing I love it!


I love how my nose fits my face sometimes I wish I had Jessica alba's nose or some other famous celebrity, but their noses fit their faces and my nose fits my face. It's really neat to think how each person ( no matter if it's fake or not) had a nose specifically made for them. Yes, I showed my doctor pictures of noses I wanted and he did come close, but I knew it wasnt going to be exactly like theirs. I love how my surgeon specifically made a nose for me and one that goes well with the rest of my face, it's great! What my point is, I think a lot of people expect to come out looking like celebrities. That's not the case, you come out looking like a better version of yourself which is way better. I love my nose and I'm so thankful and thank you all for the kind words!
Riverside Plastic Surgeon

Very welcoming and made me feel safe and secure about having the surgery. I am very excited and I know he will do a great job, staff is excellent!! They all know what they're doing. My nose looks so beautiful so far and he was always enthusiastic and warm. I don't know of many doctors caring about their patients like he has cared. Talented at what he does and very kind. He made sure my experience was as painless as possible and made sure I was okay! I am so thankful!!! If I decide to do more procedures in the future I'm definetly going to him, I already have recommended family members and will recommend friends! The best doctor!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Aw yay results look sooo nice and natural congratulations babe I hope you love it !
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Thank you! Your nose looks so good too!!!
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Your results are so perfect and natural. You look stunning!
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Oh geeze you're so sweet!!!! Thank you thank you! :) I read you had your second consultation!!! So excited for you!!
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Stunning results! Happy for you!! :)
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Thank you so much!!! :,)
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Any update? :) so curious as to how your recovery is going.do you still love the results and has it changed in shape or size? Thanks my surgery is this week!! Sooo nervous :(
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Sorry I suck at updates!!! I definitely do still love the results! My nose has gotten smaller since because of the swelling but it's stayed it's shape! :) WOOO! That's so exciting!!! Goodluck!!! Don't be nervous doctors know what they're doing :)
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You look amazing!! Thanks for your post it really helped me make my decision. :)
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No problem! I'm glad to help! :) I'm so excited for you!
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Congrats on your new nose :)! Enjoy every minute of it. Boogies are worth it.
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Thank you! And yes they are :)
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It looks so natural. :)
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(Accidentally hit post on my phone too soon, whoops.) I love it and it fits you perfectly, congratulations!! My scar is very red and gnarly looking too, but I'm sure time and scar cremes will make it disappear. My friend had a rhino ~6 years ago and it's nearly impossible to see his scar. :)
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Ahaha I've had that happen to me to, but thank you so much!! Yeah my scar was red and now it's more like my skin color but darker ahaha Oh wow that's great! Definetly going to buy some scar cream, might I add your nose looks so fantastic! Especially right after getting your cast off! I'm so happy for you and it only gets better from there on out!! :)
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Your nose looks great!!!
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Thank you!! :)
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O after reading your reviews I scheduled a consult and for the same procedure my price is way higher :( I'm soo bummed.. Ws the 7000 including hospital fees? I really want to do it but wasn't expecting that..
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Oh geeze :/ I'm so sorry ,but yes it included the hospital fees honestly 7000 to me was pretty pricey, I know he wasn't in my insurance's network but I would double check that's why I paid full price. I'm not sure if they raised their prices because my price was set for over a year. I went to my first apointment may 2013 but I chose to wait because of the price and I found two other doctors that were cheaper but they wanted to do the procedure later and I didn't feel like waiting so I called them June 2014 saying I wanted it for sure and they said okay it was the same price so I chose to pay instead of waiting. I think they can get you some money back though like a rebate for the septoplasty. My insurance approved it with the other two doctors (just the septoplasty) and we told them that and they said we can try to get you some if not all back. So I'm in the process of trying to get some money back ahaha I know he's pricey but I thought he was worth it. I also recommend Dr. Gupta I know he's in riverside and with him my surgery would have been 4,000 but his surgery dates didn't work with me :/ he was funny and knew what he was talking about and explained to me everything, you should look into him too!
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* Dr. Subhas Gupta, MD
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And if you have any questions feel free to ask :)
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I'm going going to ask about about that as soon as they open!! Lol mine is almost 10 grand :( Maybe because my nose is thick idk.. Haha but it sucks being so pricey..I also didn't have the best experience with the girl that checked me in..so rude and I waited over an hour and saw 6 people that came in after me go in and leave before I was even called in. the dr seems very nice but rushed. I'm so nervous but he did an awesome job with you so I really want to stick with him.when you get a chance post more pictures..:) how do you feel now? Still painful? Thank you :)
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Oh wow :/ you should ask why the price is so high because I'm curious too that is so much money! I'm sorry you had that experience! I wish it could be different especially for the first apointment, not a good first impression ahah I know he went on a mission trip to Vietnam and barely came back Monday, so he didn't have any new patients during that time so he's probably seeing all of them right now which may be a reason why he's rushed idk. And while he was gone the other doctor told me that they were running super late one time because he wasn't there. And most likely the patients that went in before you are already post op (if they have an enormous chest, I guarantee you they're post op ahaha) and they don't see hardesty they see a nurse/sidekick doctor (lol) for like check ups and stuff. I've had 4 post op appointments so far and I've noticed that I go in first and they're rather quick. I haven't seen hardesty since my first post op apointment which was 2 days after my surgery but I think that's because he left, I see dr Debra (I think is her name), but even my most recent one Which was on Tuesday he was there and I didn't see him. I honestly love my nose now! I think he did a great job not only on the outside but also the inside I haven't posted pictures but my nostrils are so cute and I can breathe!!!!! Ahaha it's not painful at all anymore, just sore sometimes. It's been 2 and a half weeks and I'm still scared to do anything ahaha it's very sensitive to touch and the only thing that sucks is the phlem I have so much phlem I've been spitting out so gross! The only way I can get the boogers out is by doing the irrigation with the rubber needles he gives you. I'm still sneezing out my mouth, my nose is still a little swollen and the tape hurts when you try to take it off so you have to be gentle. It's a big responsibility even after a week or two, you really have to take care of it for months. I feel great now though, I'm not afraid of people seeing my profile and I'm just very very happy :) I'll post pictures soon! Probably later today! :)
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It looks fantastic!!! :)
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Thank you so much!
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