Paranasal Implants and Rhinoplasty (21 Yo) - Risaralda, Columbia

Hi, I'm a 21 yo man and the past january 13 i had...

Hi, I'm a 21 yo man and the past january 13 i had orthognathic surgery, got paranal implants on both sides of my midface (MEDPOR implants), i wasn't happy about how my profile face looked like, so i decided to do this surgery along with a rhinoplasty (both functional and aesthetic). The surgery went well and the post op it's going ok aswell, i'm very happy with the change of my profile face, i think the surgeon really listened me, he did an awesome work on me, BUT... my front face has now undereye circles wich i didn't had before, i didn't consider how the implants would affect the appearance of my front face, and i'm seeing it.

I know i have to wait up to 3 months to heal and really get to see wich the final results are, but i can realize now, that there is not much swelling at this point (12 days after surgery), and i'm worried that the undereye circles are now a new feature on me.

If they stay, would it be reshaping (making the implants smaller) a solution to get the undereye circles less prominent?... What do you suggest?

Ps: My implants were introduced through my upper lip, i've seen they can also be placed directly through the nose....

In case of reshaping, is it possible to do it through the nose instead of my mouth again?

Thanks, I look forward to your responses.
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Amazing. How bad was the swelling and pain for the paransal implants?
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I wouldn't have bothered with lip augmentation you look less masculine now.
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Can I asks who did your surgery? And why did you choose paranasal implants?
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Wow.  You must be one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen, both before and after surgery.  But about your concerns, I can definitely see swelling, and both mild swelling and bruising are normal after this surgery.  In fact, in your picture, the under-eye looks slightly bruised.  Give it another couple of weeks to see if the swelling diminishes and if it does and you see no change in the undereye, consult your surgeon as they may have some ideas.

I think your review may be more properly placed in rhinoplasty, though, since your complications are a result of the rhinoplasty.  What do you think?  Would you prefer to stay in jaw surgery, or would you like to be moved?  Thank you for reviewing!  And if you'd be willing to detail your experience with your jaw surgery, I'd be…well, extremely pleased.  :D
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