I Got Ripped off by a Doctor for Botox, Saw No Results.

I went to a plastic surgeon about six months ago...

I went to a plastic surgeon about six months ago for a consultation for a rhinoplasty and after meeting with him, I decided I didn't feel comfortable letting him perform the surgery because he was cold and wanted to lift my nose up like a pig nose. The women that worked there had very bad breast augmentation as well and I took that as a sign that he is not very good. So a few weeks ago I remembered I spent $225.00 on a consultation fee to this guy and I felt like I wasted my money. I was looking into Botox and thought Botox is pretty simple, so if I go to him I could use my the consultation fee toward it. I called and asked if I could and was told yes. I made an appointment and drove an hour to the office and when I got there I was told I couldn’t use the fee I paid and Botox was $20.00/unit. The doctor came in with 4 or 5 other training doctors (without my prior consent) and asked me what I wanted. He said I needed about 25-30 units.(I wanted to raise my brows a little, Im only 20) I was really put on the spot so I shelled out an extra $500 bucks which now I strongly regret. After paying, the doctor comes back with the 4 or 5 other training doctors again without my prior consent and I felt like a monkey at a zoo. They were all gawking at me and the doctor was explaining what he was doing what he was doing it like I wasn't really there. Over all it was a terrible and embarrassing experience. I felt like a subject or a training tool instead of a patient. The doctor's bedisde mannor was very uncaring and inattentive. On top of all that I see NO results with the Botox. I look exactly the same. I will probably get Botox again but definitely not from this guy.
Hi again Steph0 - I see you have already had the rhinoplasty and you are thrilled with the results. Excellent! Very happy for you.
Hi Steph0 - I feel terrible for you that you had such a confronting experience. The doctor does not seem very ethical and it appears that he took advantage of your young age to use your appointment for a training session for other doctors. I think that is unacceptable. As to your results (or lack of results) with botox, perhaps that is because of your age? Not many people have visible wrinkles or a dropped browline at 20. I don't want to tell you what to do because you are an adult and it is your life. It is entirely up to you whether you have botox again, but I would suggest that you read some of the "not worth it" reviews about botox on this website (including mine) before you let anyone near your face again. It really worries me that you describe botox as a "pretty simple" procedure. It isn't. It is marketed to consumers as simple, safe and effective but, believe me, a lot can go wrong and doctors do not adequately warn people of the risks before administering botox. Botox can change the whole shape of your face and wreck your skin, for example. Have you ever wondered why celebrities end up looking so weird after using botox? Now that I have experienced my own bad botox result, I know why they look so weird. I look bizarre now too. I wish you the best of luck with your rhinoplasty (if you decide to go ahead with it) and I hope that you give some serious consideration to all the potential negative outcomes of botox before any future treatment. I have been waiting and hoping for 44 weeks for my horror botox result to go away and it has been the worst ten months of my life. I am 37 and I am devastated. I can only imagine how I would have felt if this had happened to me when I was 20. Best wishes to you. Cheers, K
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Terrible experience. I felt like a subject or a training tool instead of a patient. The doctor's bedisde mannor very uncaring and inattentive. Saw no results,botox very overpriced,doesnt seem to be a skilled doctor, unprofessional,rude.

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