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Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Upper Eyelid - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I just turned 40 and decided to finally have a TT as a birthday gift

I just turned 40 and decided to finally have a TT as a birthday gift. I'm a mother of two, 9 and 11 years old. I gained a lot of weight on both pregnancies. I lost all the pounds I`ve gained, but couln't get rid of the extra fat on my belly and my thighs. I don't recognized myself in the mirror and always wanted to have the surgery, but was afraid. Now, I`m having it and I am sooo excited. I

Two days pos op

It has been two days now and ny feelings are all mixed up, I am in a lot of pain, i guess is because of a coughing that is persisting this morning and I feel awful. My hubby has been a real angel, by my side and restless. I am taking my pain killers and antibiotic, but the coughing hurts a lot. I haven't seen myself without the garment yet, but my doctor said that it looks great and she took it of almost 3 lbs of fat out of my thighs and 1 lbs of skin of my belly. My eyelids are very swollen and red, tomorrow I'll go for my 1st review. I hope to take some pics, so I can post to you guys.

Emotional roller coaster, 4 days po

Today my back is just killing me, I guess I under estimate this surgery recovery...I am trying to figure it out how I will manage to stay sitting and watching life around me. I am a very active person and I'm feeling helpless, cryied a lot this morning but now, after a good shower I am in less pain. It's going to be a loooong Sunday....It's beautiful out there, sunny and warm...

4 days PO pictures

Feeling better each day!

I'm feeling much better today, off of pain meds, still taking the antibiotic twice a day, will keep taking until Thursday, day that doc will start taking of belly stiches. Today is a cold day here in Rio de Janeiro, our winter is very mild, but I don't like it anyways. I don't know if I mentioned before, but here in Brazil, the surgeons made us wear a contetion board inside the CG, it's a hard board that doesn't allowed the stomach to fold, helping the healing process. But it is soooo unconfortable!
I can't stand up straight yet, so my back hurts a lot. I'm wondering when I'll be able to do it.
I hope you all are doing great and healing well!

PO Anatomical Boards

Dear tt friends,

I mentioned to some of you that my dr made me wear a contention board inside my CG for at least 15 days po. She says that after her patientesstart wearing these, se never had a seroma case anymore. She is a very experienced ps and I trust her very much. I am wearing the board on my tummy and on my outter thighs, were I had 1.5 lts of fat liposucked. Because of the boards I have minimal bruising and pain on the area, so I recommend to all of you. Feels like a cast, that holds my tummy in place, doens't allowed to fold. I guess that makes me feel secure. I'm on the 10th day po, so I got use to it, I only had the drain for 24 hours. Happy healing to all of you!

Nice Sunday! 11th day post op

It gets better each day. My tummy is swelling as expected as well as my thighs. I guess my incision and bb look all right but I can wait to see the final results. Today I took some more pics. Happy healing to you all!

Recent eyelids pics

I am doing pretty good, a little sore still, the on off swellig as expected. Eating very healthy, drinking lots of water and full of energy! Can't stand to be around the house anymore. I wish I could walk at the beach today! lol. I'll go back to work on Monday and I hope I'll keep feeling as good as I feel today. Happy healing to all of you!

Recent pics

One year post tummy tuck and going for a lipo

I am very happy with my results so far, my stomach is flat, I've been dieting and exercising a lot, but I am not total satisfied with my thighs shape, so I'll have a second lipo in a month. My doctor said it should come out the way I wanted this time.
I don't think she sucked all the fat that I had, she is a very conservative doctor and it was probably because of all the other procedures I had together, the eyelid and tummy.
Mause ramalho

My doctor`s name is Mause Ramalho. I know her for a long time, she is great and seems very suportive. The surgery is scheduled for July 3rd. I hope she will do a great job and will give me my dreamed waist line!

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You don't need to be afraid of scars on eyelids...I've had mine done twice and the scars fade to nothing in a fairly short time, so give it time! I can't even see any scars on my eyelids and can't see them on any of my friends/family who have had it done...don't stress about it!
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Hi Chris, thank you for your good advice. I will get more relaxed from now on. I guess it may be just lack of activity...lol! I'll focus on something else!
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You look great! I can't believe someone else had the same procedures as me (combining TT, lipo and eyelids). I am so glad I did it and am feeling better everyday. I totally related to your day 4! I am very impressed with how quickly you were able come off pain meds. Best of luck with your continued healing.
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Thank you for your kind comments. It has been such a journey lol..Netheir I can believe that I was able to manage it all! But I wouldn't have the time to do it in separate. I went under general anestesia, so I thought, what the heck! Let's do it! Didn't think, just did it! Lol... But I'm glad I was brave, because I like the redult so far. What bothers me the most at this stage is the scar on my eyelids, I am so afraid of them not disapearing...I am trying not to look in the mirror every 30 min. I got to be very patient. I'll go back to work on Monday, I am very anxious about it! I 'll update today's pics later. Happy healing!
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Wow your pics are looking good, you will look absolutely amazing within a short time. You looked great before the op so you must be excited that the outcome will be even better. Good luck healing as it takes time and patience but you will get there.
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Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate. Recovery has been pretty difficult and I agree with you, takes time and I got to be very patient and focus on a long term result. I'll keep posting.
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Definitely, I was getting worried that I had stopped healing but its surprising how each week makes a little difference and before you know it you are looking and feeling a million times better :)
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Good luck today!!!
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Thank you for your support. Today is the 4th day po and I am feeling a little better each day. I hope to start to feel like myself soon!
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Your pictures look AMAZING!!
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Thank you for your support. I'll try to take more pics tomorrow after my shower.
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You have an awesome pre-op shape so your going to look amazing. Congrats. Looking forward to updates!!
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I'm glad to read your words, thanks for your support. I can'R wait for July 3rd! I will write updates.
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Thank you for your support! I think I couldn't make it without all the tips and encouragement I got here!
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I wish you the absolute best of luck and recovery for your surgery. You have a very nice shape, Im sure your results will be outstanding. Can't wait to see the after pics!
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Thank you for all your support, I really need it! I am trying to keep myself busy and not worried. Fro now on I'll focus on the results.
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