Perfector Non Surgical Facelift - Ringwood, Hampshire

I had 12 sessions to improve wrinkles and raise my...

I had 12 sessions to improve wrinkles and raise my eyebrows. The treatment increased the depth of the wrinkles and made my eyes look puffy. I would definitely not recommend it.

The therapist then tried to push me to buy the Nu Skin equipment which apparently works ( she said the same thing about Perfector!). She said that the anti aging business is big money! I'm sure it is but what about customer satisfaction?

hi Sharon, Thanks for replying. Not planning any treatments other than the occasional facial and don't think that surgery is for me. I think that a good facial will help my skin dryness and I'll put up with the wrinkles!

I'm really sorry to hear about your experience, Connie. I hadn't heard of Perfector before. Thanks for sharing your story.

Do you plan to try any other treatments or surgery?

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I had noticably more wrinkles and friends were worried that I looked really tired! I think that the beauty therapist wasn't experienced in doing it as it made my eyes terribly puffy. I truly don't think this treatment works.

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