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Hello, I write from Croatia . Please don't look at...

Hello, I write from Croatia . Please don't look at my english errors ! I found this page a few days ago and I am very glad that something like this exist. I am 42 years old and have big boobies probably the last 30 years.. With two children they became even more bigger. For the last 10 years I dreamed about making the surgery but never enough courage to do it - untill now. I am in a good period of life and decided to change it into more better life..... My size is 40K at 160 cm of hight is very very big. Last friday was at the clinic and got the date 25.2.2014. Unfortunately , the PS will make the free nipple graft because they are big and the risk of non duing that way is too big.
Hooray for you! My surgery date is February 27, so we'll be healing together.
I am very nervous jet, reading reviews with good and bad results. Maybe is better not to read anything .....
Welcome to the community.  We will all be here to support you through your journey.  I am excited for you and can't wait until you are on the other side of this.  You will feel like a new woman soon.

Have you done any shopping for your post op supplies?  

Make sure to jump into the Breast Reduction Forums.  You will love it over there.

3 weeks to go...

I have 3 more weeks to wait !! I am very nervous, have sleeping problems but in a positive way .... My concerns are about my blood pressure. It is normal at home but when I see a doctor it goes high - and on the day of surgery I will be very nervouse for sure.I asked if I can take a pill to calm down the morning of the surgery but they told me not to take anything because of the anestesia. Did someone of you have this type of problem? Here some new pic.
Your English is great, welcome. It is very natural to be excited and nervous. You will be fine.

2 weeks to go...

Waiting.... it looks so long , every day is a month ... I did my blood work and EKG . Fibrinogen is a little bit high , I'll see tomorow what my doctor says . I hope it will be no problems because of that. New bras ready, Scagel , pijamas with front buttons ....
So exciting, I hope you will be as happy as me and have a good recovery.
Thanks, I go to one of 3 best PS in my country hoping that all goes well and that I will have a good recovery. This is very important for me because I work in tourism and from 1.4. it starts and I will have to work more than now.
It will be so much weight loss on your front that i can hardly imagine how good you will feel after the surgery! I had mine reduced from a EU 80G and now with swelling i am a D. It was great that i did it and i am really thrilled with my results. I am sure you won't regret it :)


I had a lot of problems last 2 days. My PS called me on mondy ( 8 days before surgery) that he will not do the surgery because of my slightly high Fibrinogen . I had to do the blood test once more ( drive 1 hour to give blood) - and the results were the same. The specialist for blood ( transfusiologist) told me and wrote to the PS that my value of Fibrinogen (5 , normal 2-4) is not a contraindication for the surgery. Afer that I went again to my PS( another 2 hours trip) and after consultation with the anestesiologist they agree to do the surgery but I have to give myself iniections of heparine one day before and 5 days after surgery. I never did that but ... O.K. if this is the price.. All this happend 1 day before I had to go to business trip ... The result is that I am now on that business trip till thursday , I will do the surgery on 25.2. and I am exhausted ....... And my mum was so happy when I told her that maybe the surgery will be suspended - she is VERY afraid for me - and she would like that I don't do the surgery.
Give me strenght .......... !!!
That is a LOT of running around! But worth it - I'll be thinking of you.
You must be exhausted. Glad your surgery can go ahead, not long to go now :)

Tomorow is the big day

One day to go. Tomorow at this time I will be on the "table"...
After all the issues with blood, yes or no ... madly nervouse - today I feel very calm , I do my housework , depilations ... Today I gave myself the second heparine iniections and I have to say that is a piece of cake, I was worried for nothing. See you on the other side !!
Best of luck tomorrow. I had boobs like yours once and I am so happy I don't have them anymore.
I hope , I will be happy too - tomorrow !
Good luck tomorrow... I'm getting ready to have mine today!!! I look forward to healing with you.

on the other side !

Hi girls ! I did it , I am happy with a little bit of pain mostly because they made me lipo under arms. I have the drains and it is a little uncomfortable . And now , you cannot belive it - the PS took off 5 kg ( about 10 pounds), the difference is great and I cannot stop looking at the mirror.
Wow, that is a big reduction, life will be so much better. I had lipo and it does cause bruising and swelling but helps with a better overall result. Did you stay in hospital overnight? What sort of dressings do you have on and when can you shower? Just take it easy, no lifting or stretching! A pillow under the knees really helps with sleeping on your back :)

my new boobs

Congratulations on making it safely to the smaller side. Good luck with the healing - you look so much smaller - you must feel fabulous.
you look great

six days after

Today is the 6-th day after surgery. I have no pain exept the lipo area under my arms. I am happy with the size They should be more rounder but there is time for all.
Here are some pictures .
Congrats on the new you! The girls look great x
That is great, I had the same experience, a bit tender from the lip but after 5 weeks it has pretty well gone
I feel very happy !
dr Zambelli

Very professional .

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