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Hi! I am thinking about getting a Mini tummy tuck!...

Hi! I am thinking about getting a Mini tummy tuck! I am 24 years old, 5'3 125lbs. I have breast implants which I am so happy about! But there is more that needs fixing! From ages 15-22 I lost 70 pounds! My breasts were small and deflated (hence implants) now my tummy has some extra skin from losing the weight! My lower abs..!!! I am going to get a Mini TT with a little lipo on my abs! I am excited, and going to start saving up! What are you experiences with a Mini TT?


Here it is >.

My tummy covered

Here is me in a bathing suit

In clothes

What do you thiiiink

Tummy is flat but I have stretch marks and the skin.
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I did not have the procedure done but I have appointment with the same doctor (Dr. Pedy Ganchi) in Ridgewood. I hear that she is very good. What size are your breast and did Dr. Pedy do your breast implants?
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Dr Ganchi is amazing. Yes she did my breast implants. I love her!!! I am about a D now. I already consulted with her about my tummy tuck she is the only dr I trust. She's beautiful and doesn't amazing work!
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Does amazing work***
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I have appointment with her in two weeks...I can not wait to see what she have to say...I would like to hear what a woman doctor have to say
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I had appointment with her a month ago. She is awesome. I am going with her also. Kara's results show , that she is a great surgeon. yeah!!!! I am so excited!
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I had a mini TT a little over 2 wks ago w/lipo. However I've had 2 c-sections & hysterectomy which left me w/multiple scars. Have u had children yet? I'd hate to see anyone spend all that $$$$, it seems getting pregnant would stretch the tummy a lot. I am very happy w/my results tho, so glad I was able to get the mini! It is still a lot of pain-the lipo really adds to the pain! Very much worth it, pls keep is updated. You are beautiful!
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I haven't had any kids yet and it's only skin removal no muscle work or anything and a little lipo I'm really unhappy with my tummy and I don't really wanna wait ahhh lol but thank you you are very sweet
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Welcome to the community.   A mini tuck without muscle repair is definitely an easier recovery than with a full.  Have you had a couple of consults?

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I would imagine it is :) I went to one consult with my dr! I only trust her to do it
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