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Dysport put me in the ER twice. Had a horrible...

Dysport put me in the ER twice. Had a horrible reaction to it--extreme vertigo and inability to walk for 5 days due to lack of balance, nausea, weakness, severe headaches for weeks, earaches, squeezing in throat, blurry vision, flu like illness, numbness in one leg and severe low back pain. I will never touch the stuff again. I hear that it is more dangerous than Botox and there are more side effects.
Oh, it did a great job with my forehead wrinkles, but at this point I'd rather have my health. Cost me a fortune in medical bills and missed work.

PS= Plastic Surgeon. I have no allergy to dairy. I was injected with force--it hurt and usually I don't feel the injections. I did have an auto immune condition called Graves which is resolved.
I think the commonality is having an auto immune illness. I've several on here and so far it seems like that's it. I was diagnosed years ago but haven't had anything in years. As soon as I had the Dysport symptoms I thought 'this seems a million times worse than chronic fatigue/epstein barr. My guess is it triggers some kind of antibodies in immune suppressed individuals.
Perhaos but I wouldn't rule out the consumption of GMO's which are rampant in our diets--and why we have such a high incidence of auto immune illness and other spkies in disorders like autism since the mid 90's. Most of the population has had some sort of auto immune problem! I believe we should also look into how the dysport was injected. How much force was used and how deeply it was injected.
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