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Now at 4 weeks Post Cool Sculpting for the SECOND time....Ridgewood, NJ

First off, i have read most reviews on here before...

First off, i have read most reviews on here before having my procedure done, and happy to say that in my experience i have had a great experience! The only thing that i felt was uncomfortable was the first maybe 5 minutes of the applicator on my lower abdomen. I noticed that when i was tensed up, like anyone would be when the machine sucks your skin in, it was uncomfortable, then when i tried to relax my stomach it felt so much better very quickly. ther est of the experience was fine. Everyone talked about the tech or doctor massaging the area after they remove the machine. My doctor did not do that, and the area flattened out pretty quickly painless. not sure if that was important step missed, but from what others said it was painful to have that area massaged out. Maybe that is why my doctor did not do it. I have no bruising on my stomach at all or redness. i also had flanks done on both sides. The doctor had a little trouble having the machine be able to suck the area in. He told me that if i was any thinner i would not be a candidate. yet, it was his suggestion to do these areas with my stomach. Go figure that one.

anyway, the first side done, went the full hour and then the machine actually slipped off. i am hoping that the suction was not lost during the hour of the procedure. on the other side, half way through the procedure, the doctor checked my machine, and it reported on it that there was a problem with the gel pad.....so, the machine was stopped, new gel pad placed on, and did the procedure for about 40 minutes. we really don't know how much time was lost in there. My suggestion is to have someone check that machine very often, or look up at it and see what's going on. I expressed my fears that these little problems with the machine may not give me the results that i am looking for. The doctor did respond to me saying that if there was a problem and the results were not optimal he would of course, do the procedure again. He said he, of course, wants me to be happy. WE'll see. I will post pics when i get to one month out, then two, and three. Hoping for some great results. I was told i was a great candidate. i am at my optimal weight, am toned and fit, exercise, and try to eat right. I am 5'4' and weigh 118 lbs. I have had three children, the youngest being 19 months. i don't think there was any way my stomach after the thirs was going to go back quite as nicely as it did after the first two. i do wear two piece bathing suits now, and dont think i look terrible, but would just like to be back to the way it used to look pre-babies. I am a bit of a perfectionist, but know this would not give the result of a tummy tuck or liposuction with a tummy tuck. i figured i would try this first, and maybe would never have to go those routes! I will keep all posted!!! I will post one before pic and more to follow!

Just n update....i am now 2 weeks post procedure.....

Just n update....i am now 2 weeks post procedure.....i will tell you that the worst days of pain or i should say the only days of severe pain...were day 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.....on day 10 the pain went away completely! I was so thrilled!! I was just about to call my doctor to get a prescription. I think it see,s that everyone deals with this pain on a different level....because out of all the reviews i never read that the pain only lasted 5 days, but it did for me. not sure if i am crazy, but i am starting to see results already!! will post updated pics at the one month mark!

Oh, and i also had a lot of itching during that 5...

Oh, and i also had a lot of itching during that 5 day period....but that went away as well at that 5 day mark.....

Well, it's 4 week post procedure, and i am...

Well, it's 4 week post procedure, and i am starting to see some results!! Just in the last week or so, i definitely see a difference in the size of the areas i had done!! My bathing suit definitely is looking better, and i feel better in my clothes! Not a huge difference yet, but definitely one that i can notice.....i am excited to see what is in store for me in these next 4 weeks ahead! I will post new pics at my 8 week mark!! :)

Ok, so my results ended there, and really when i...

Ok, so my results ended there, and really when i really looked, weghed myself, and measured, i didn't see any results!!! My doctor's office agreed and had no problem doing it again for me.....they wanted to see some good results and see me happy! That i applaud them for, understanding that a few things went wrong the first time and realizing it may not have worked. They really gave me no problem at all. So, i went back 4 weeks ago and had it done a second time, all the same areas. Only we used the small applicator on my stomach because i wanted to see more results a little higher up on my stomach area. I will post pics now of 4 weeks out post the second procedure. I am starting to see a really good difference, but i look at myself every day, so i am hoping for some unbiased opinions!!! Please tell me what you all thhink! It's only 4 weeks, i know, but I do see a difference. The pain was much more manageable this time aroundm but i was armed with the lidoderm patch!!
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Hi there, welcome!

I can definitely see some changes in the 4 week post-op pics. Have your results progressed any now it's been another month or so since your procedure?

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Still the same result...definitely lost a good amount in my stomach, not sure about the flanks. The only problem now, is the indent in my mid stomach area....looks like it was where the one applicator for the upper met the lower applicator for the lower....we are currently trying to figure out what to do with that! I think i would have waited till this was perfected a little bit more. I really feel like a guinneau pig in the dr.'s office....they dont have enough studies of actual patients to know what to do if problems arise...and they actually tell you that!!!! So, i'm supposed to go in and meet the higher up Dr. who i was told knows more about this technology!!! Not sure what to think right now....i do like the percentage of fat broken down in my stomach area, dont like the indent in my profile of my stomach, and don't like that the dr. actually admitted he doesn't see much of a change in my flanks. Not so sure this was worth it....i told them if i would have known they were so vague in the knowledge of this i would not have done it!! I would have saved the money and put it into a tummy tuck!!
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