Second Lower Facelift, Neck Plication & Juvederm Tomorrow - Richmond, VA

The cost includes the anaesthesiologist, post-op...

The cost includes the anaesthesiologist, post-op nursing care and juvederm. The surgery itself is about $7800 of the total cost.

Ten years ago I had a brow lift, neck plication, deep plane face lift and lower blepheroplasty performed by John Mannes of Marin County, California who did a sensational job for a cost of $12,000+/-. My recovery was very good but I had the usual numbness, tightness and greenish tinge.

It has taken me three years to find the right surgeon. Lots of research and interviews as this was a secondary procedure and I wanted a highly skilled surgeon due to the preexisting scar tissue, but I knew when I was ready to proceed.

Tomorrow I have the above described secondary procedures performed by Michael S. Godin, M.D. of Richmond, VA, double board certified & specializing in facial surgery. I am staying in a nearby hotel for 24 hours post-op with private nursing care.

I have had about ten weeks of pre-op preparation getting super healthy with ultimate life shakes, orgain shakes, vitamin C superdoses, lots of water, working out, staying away from second hand smoke and sick people, reducing sodium, etc., etc. Now I am dutifully taking my arnica montana, bromelian, more vitamin C, and eating pineapple and mango for more post op mojo magic.

I will get some pictures up.

Six hours post surgery. Surgery lasted about four...

Six hours post surgery. Surgery lasted about four hours. Back in my hotel within a half-hour. Nurse drove me. Immediately post-surgery my face was lopsided as the side done first had swollen, but six hours later the swelling is diminishing on my face. So do not be too alarmed when you see the immediate post op pictures. One of the eyes was taped shut and it was swollen open, but that subsided within a couple of hours.
I had twilight anaesthesia administered by an anaesthesiologist. (They said I was the most talkative patient under anaesthesia that they had ever seen.) No pain in my neck.

Taking my meds (antibiotics (cephalex), arnica montana and extra strength tylenol ),drinking my Orgain shakes and water. Tomorrow the nurse will change my dressing and show me how to put on the antibiotic ointment and cleanse the sutures hydrogen peroxide and water. I will head home tomorrow afternoon.

I am feeling quite good. Taking it easy. Face looks good. I will post more pictures showing what I looked like immediately after surgery with full habit and tomorrow after the head wrap is removed.
Richmond Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Godin is one of the best-kept secrets in the mid-Atlantic. Confident, professional and dedicated to your healthful, successful recovery from facial surgical procedure. His staff was wonderful and the after-care nurse a great match.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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I haven't posted recent pictures and should, but I am extremely happy with my results. I have the jawline of a teenager (sort of).:)
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Hi Eileen, I'm wondering what your opinion is 3 months after the surgery. Are you still happy with the results?
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Oh my, Eileen, I live only a mile from Dr.Goden and have used his facial treatment side of the practice for a peel..(Anne, she is great) but if i had known you'd be so close!
Glad it all worked out for you! Can't wait to see the upcoming weeks..

I am at 3.5 weeks out with my guy in Va Beach..have to leave town sometimes you know!

Do you live here? We need to compare stories, LOL I had twilight and chatted too...

Good luck, will be thinking about ya!
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Gracieva, the west-ender--Thanks for your comment. I will post more pictures next week as I think I will look much more presentable. Today I feel like I am being pulled in all different directions--a little lop-sided :S

I live in the mid-Peninsula, but am obviously in and out of Richmond.
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You are a pro Eiileen- I did not even see my husband the first week! I was wrong as he reminded me; I am 3 weeks and finally feel fab. with the swelling gone as I did have fat transfers which have worked out, but require attention, - massage, warm cloths, etc. nothing too bad...all is well as of now..
So glad Dr. Godin was a positive experience; I knew his (ex) wife from class and did not want to be involved, but had heard nothing but positives..good for you!!!!! I hope we can get together one day. We can PM later; but so glad to hear we have a Richmond star in PS!
Meanwhile, get some rest and heal quickly!
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Hi Pug--The twilight is iv and not intubation. It was used to reduce pain while the numbing was done. The surgery was performed with numbing medication.

I brought a wedge pillow with me to the hotel, but I had a terrible time sleeping as as I am a side sleeper (not good)and you MUST sleep on your back with your head elevated for weeks. At about 5 a.m. I rolled blankets under my knees, wedged myself in a cage of pillows and took my first vicodin as a sleeping pill.
The nurse will remove my dressing at 11:30 and instruct me on caring for the incisions, etc. The gauze dressing is very tight and a bit uncomfortabe. So, I will be glad to have that off, but I will have to continue wearing the ace bandage for a week to keep my chin up.

Then my husband and I will get in the car and drive home.
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Can't believe after 4 hrs of surgery, you were up and out of there in half hour. Good for you. That "twighlight sleep" is that thru an i.v. and no intubation needed? I've had twighlight sleep for colonoscopies and it was great. Happy to hear from you after surgery. Looking forward to your pictures and updates. Hope you feel well this morning!
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My goodness Eilleen you sure are chipper after having your surgery today! I love how you were the most talkative person during twilight sleep - do you remember anything? I was told I did not say a word and have absolutely no recall after "this will sting a bit".... I will be very anxious to read your updates and see how well you recover compared to me as you prepared a lot better than I did for sure. Very positive attitude you have - hah Ramones......"I saw her today - I saw her face" this showing our age or what! As my son says I'm still living in the 60s! So is the juvederm for around the mouth?
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I was mainly talking about the ps's classical guitar playing (he played his dvd--very good). I think they got the juvederm in around my mouth right after the iv was put in and before I started yammering and singing 'Needles and Pins'. I am feeling quite good. I no longer have the Ramones running through my head.
I will post more pictures. The dressing comes off tomorrow at noon.
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Good luck!! Can't wait to see your pictures.
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Good luck today, Eiileen! I hope your surgery goes well.

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Thanks! Pictures are up and hope they help.
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