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Hi! I just recently had a breast reduction (3 days...

Hi! I just recently had a breast reduction (3 days post) and I am more than excited.

Like many women on this site, I began growing breast at a very young age--12 to be exact. By 6th grade, I was a 34 C while all of my friends were A cups or not even developing yet. Like many others, I began to become self conscious and resented the attention men (way too older) gave me.

Getting this procedure was always apart the plan for my life but many people tried to discourage me. They said I was too young and I should wait until after children. One day I woke up, went to work and decided this was my life and no one else so I called a plastic surgeon (April 2011) and got the ball rolling so to speak.

The anxiety I felt waiting for my insurance to approve and the actually surgery date to arrive was tough. I am a worry wart and who challenges all my anxiety into researching. As the date (9.7.11) I combed this site and others very similar to get other women's experiences and to figure out what to expect. I looked at so many before and after pictures if there was a FBI for boob watching I would be a the top of the most wanted list!

Finally I figured out how to let it go and wait for my surgery date and IT CAME!

I am 26 yrs old 122 pounds and 5'2 1/2. Here I am 3 days post surgery and I couldn't be happier with my decision. The doctor took 350 grams (I believe in total) I was too drugged up at my follow up to ask for clarification. Initially I was a size DD--which were beginning to barely fit so I imagine I was a DDD.

I wanted to be a large B or small C but the doctor told me I would probably be a large C. Which.... to be honest is not what I wanted. I communicated to my doctor my desired size but now I find myself obsessing over what size I will actually be. I know my beast will continuously change over the next year and I will not truly know my size until a year from now but can anyone tell me there story or give me advice to ease my anxiety over what size I will turn out to be?

After looking through once again, a "million" boob...

After looking through once again, a "million" boob pics trying to see the many different shapes of a "C" cup. I have decided to be happy with my result no matter what. Although, I may not be the size I originally wanted, I am DEF not the size I was before. :-)

It has be a fairly slow and fast process. I have been laying around for the most part tho I am beginning to go stir crazy. BUT as the doctor ordered, I will continue to move about taking caution but resting still the same.

So today was a much better day. I have been off of...

So today was a much better day. I have been off of my Oxy for the past two days. I only use my volume to help me sleep as sleeping on ur back can only be but so comfortable after a while.

I lounged a lot today then decided to run errands after going stir crazy. I may have over done it tho. I drove, did light grocery shopping, cooked for a friend, cleaned, and walked the dog. I was exhausted by the end of this ordeal.

My breast held up ok. I did hit them on the checkout counter at the grocery store and laughed so hard at my friend they began to tingle. But what I am most worried about is this yellowish discharge that is coming mainly from my right T junction. It doesn't hurt or smell. It's kinda itchy tho. I read another woman's profile and she said her yellow discharge was from wound separation so I am nervous now. I have a meeting with my PS for my one week follow up. I will post the results tomorrowl

UPDATE! My follow up appt went great! The doc...


My follow up appt went great! The doc said I am healing very nicely! The yellowish discharge wasn't wound separation! It was just a leak bw my stitch so in other words its just my body healing my wounds. He took off the tape you see in the pics above and told me to use Johnson (less adhesive) and tape up my anchor scar every night for two weeks to keep them moist which helps them heal. So today marks day two of pealing and reapply tape every night after my shower.

Yesterday marked my first week post surgery and I'm so excited! It feels like longer and I kinda wish it was. I'm ready to be healed and back to my old self! Nevertheless, I'm patient so..

Wednesday I went back to work and boy am I tiring easily! My boobs get sore too by the end of the day since I spend most of my time walking up and down the halls of a preschool. It's only been two days back at work and I came home and slept from 5-7 and now I'm in the bed ready to get some sleep so NIGHT!

So it has been two weeks this Tuesday and I am...

So it has been two weeks this Tuesday and I am hearing really well! However, on Friday I noticed a greenish blue bruise developing on near the crease of my right breast. It is tender to touch and feels like a rock is in there when I lay in certain positions.

Has anymore experienced this??

UPDATE ON DISCOLORATION I went to the doctor on...


I went to the doctor on Tuesday 9-27-11 and he said my discoloration was hyper-pigmentation from the surgery and everything was fine. :-D

Also, I thought he would take out my stitches but he said they would dissolve. But they are still here 3 weeks later.

How long did it take yours to dissolve?
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What size do you eventually end up at, My doctor wants to put me at a D, but I really would like it if he can take me down to a Full C, or small C, cause I have been dealing with D's all my life and its to much to bare
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Would love A year later follow up. I am 2 wk post op and looking for answers.
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If u dont mind me asking where did u get this done? who did it? and how much did it cost u?
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who was your doctor? i have a couple of consultations scheduled but i have not found any reviews on the doctors here in richmond. thanks!
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I cracked up over that FBI boob researching comment! Your results are great!!
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@ Itty Bitty Committee, I was wondering if you could tell me more about the whple insurance process that you went through (information that u provided to get approved) and the company u had coverage with.
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That could be an internal stitch.  Keep an eye on it and have the doctor check it the next time you are in.  

I had bruises appear out of no where for the first month.  I think that is just all part of the healing process.  

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I didn't experience that, but if there's anything greenish in color, I would call the Dr--just to make sure there isn't any fluid/infection in there. Better to be safe than sorry :)
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Thanks Kimmers25 I will update soon bc they are looking better and better!
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You are loooking great!

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Thanks! Since we are def about the same size and weight it makes me feel better knowing your size fits your frame. I am sorry to hear about your scar separation. I hope it heals very soon.

Thanks again!

"C cup all the way!"
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Im 22 and also was a DD and went down to a C . Im still in recovery mode, it hasn't even been a month yet but don't worry a C isn't so bad as it seems. I weight 126 and 5'2 also so I can relate. Unfortunately my process will be a bit longer as I have gotten two wound separations under each breast at the T-Junction but by the looks of my research it seems to be common on young women with very tight skin... Good luck with everything , C cup all the way ! hahaha
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Thanks so much for your support. I figure if I focus so much on what I may not get (B cup) then I won't be grateful for what I do have (smaller breast! that aren't DDD!)
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You're right, it's your life! I hope your breasts go down to a small C, just how you want, but a solid/larger C will look nice, too. Way better than a DDD, and way better on your back and shoulders. Thanks so much for sharing your story and photos here on RealSelf!

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