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I am a 27 year old mother of a beautiful daughter....

I am a 27 year old mother of a beautiful daughter. I am excited and anxious about getting a new body. I initially just wanted a tummy tuck but now looking into a TT and BBL. I have my first consult with Dr Zemmel on 12/2/13 looking forward to what he will say and what he can do. Wish me luck.......

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new me


Good luck on your journey
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Thank you, I am sooo nervous but I sooooo ready at the same time. I am finally doing something for myself. After caring for others for so long.

soooo ready

So I have decided to lose 15 to 20 pounds before my surgery to help get the shape I want but I am considering a bbl. I am not sure if I should just get my tt first then consider a bbl. Or Can I get both done at the same time. I can't decide. Still doing my research . Any advice....please


I did my breast reduction first, and am planning my TT w/ muscle repair next. I'm 51, and was a bit nervous about going under for a long period. Plus, the shear logistics of getting up and down and moving. With the breast surgery, you have to be careful and not use your arms upper body much, and with TT you can't use the tummy muscles. So, I just think it's easier to do them separately, unless you have a LOT of help for the firsts two weeks (getting up and down etc). Just my two cents ;-)
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awww thanks for all the love and support. Its good to know I am not going through this journey alone.
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Just so excited for you! We have similar body types
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consultation day

Went for my consultation today with Dr. Z. Man was i nervous but excited at the same time. Dr. Z was running a little behind but it was worth the wait. He sat down and listen to everything i had to say, went over each procedure in depth. He explained what procedure fit best for me. And how he could help. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. I think i have found my doctor but I still want to look around. What do you all think??? A little help please


I think you know
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deep thought

Although I went to my initial consult with Dr. Z and love him and the staff. I still have been doing my research and looking into other surgeons. I keep coming across Dr. Duran and I am in love with her results. But on the other hand I am nervous about having surgery abroad and what ifs and maybes. Plus the cost is so so so much cheaper......what should I do, I need a little help pleeeease


I am having mine done overseas. It is a little daunting for sure. Do your research and go in 100% sure and prepared. As you see through reading reveiws here complications can happen anywhere..
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Midlothian Plastic Surgeon

So far so good. Called and Becky was so friendly. She got me scheduled to see Dr. Zemmel asap.

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