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Ready for my Makeover but SCARED!

Hey ladies of REALSELF, I'm so glad I found this...

Hey ladies of REALSELF, I'm so glad I found this website and to read all of your experiences. Anyways, I'm 24 will be 25 March 5'6 155lbs as of now. I have 2 kids a 4 year old daughter and a 6 month old son! I have always been 115-118lb and after I had my first child in Dec. 2008 c-section, I ended up being 200lbs :( I worked out etc got down to 160 and it wouldn't buge at all so I became depressed wouldnt and wont let my fiance see me naked and I have been considering the tummy tuck a year after my daughter was born. Then come July 2012 another c-section I have a little boy and my weight went back up to 240lbs (ahhhhhhh) So, August 2012 I started really working out eating low carb diet and went from 236lbs to 155lbs as of now so aug 2012 to feb 2013 I have lost 81lbs In 6 1/2 MOnths!! I still want to get down another 5 more lbs but my goal really is to be 140 at least. Now, my tummy aka FLAP is just there and it really bothers me TMI for a min but my sex life went to crap do to me being uncomfortable with the looks of my tummy. My fiance has been supportive to a extent because he says he loves me no matter what and it doesnt bother him of corse not but he said if this is what i want then to do it. I had my consult with Dr.Stephen Chen about 2 weeks ago and I really liked him he really listened and explianed his-self. By the way Dr. Chen was my second consult first one just acted like i was just another money maker for him . I havent schduled anything yet due to me being scared and nervous plus I'm so afraid of going to sleep and surgery period!!! I have a 6month old and a 4yr old that i have to think about as well but i know god will be with me whenever i decide to go through with it. My procedure will consist of Tummy tuck , Lipo of flanks, abdoman, and mid-back. So any advice or input from REALSELF will be helpful b/c Im full of anxiety. I just want to be HAPPY and have my sex life back with my fiance i know TMI and just to enjoy my kids without me being so down in dumps about my tummy!!


Congratulations on the weight loss! It is soo difficult. I think you are a beautiful lady and I look forward to seeing your after photos! Smart to do it while you're still so young.
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Did u decide on a date? Mine is n 4 weeks eek! I'm pretty scared.
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No I havent made a date yet. My sons 1st b-day is in july so Im trying to figure out if i want to do it before and also i could be ready for summer or do it after??? idk

So I still haven't decided on a date yet for...

So I still haven't decided on a date yet for surgery! I was looking for opinions to help me out not scare me even more. This is what is happening My mother and my best friend ever is againist it all the way however my mother is stuck in btw. I just talked to my mom she cleans houses for a living its her own bussiness since 1988 and she works alone. Well lady she cleans for my mom decided to tell her yesterday that I want surgery done and the lady started telling my mother how she got it done and got a severe infection and ended up in hospitol almost dying from it and she is a nurse at MCV hospitol well my first response back to my mother was she most likely got it from the place she got surgery/not cleaning/sanitizing well herself or smoker but then after i argued about that in back of my mind Im like okay this isnt going as planned I have money to put up right now for surgery but have not touched it yet for anything because Im so in btw its not even funny I still have a million questions to ask to get weight off my shoulders and get re-assured Yes I know its for me and I really want it but I look to my mom 100% and I feel undecided at this point. Anyways, My best friend on the other note is very very againist it and believes my body now is what I need to live with b/c I have had 2 kids and that I need to learn to love it and not get surgery done at all. Also she saying its not worth it etc etc. I love her to death she is a bigger gal and has alwasy been big and she is so positive and confident so she doesnt believe in any kind of surgery at all to fix something god has choose to make us look like after kids etc. and my best friend does not HAVE ANY KIDS YET! so any opinions on tummy tuck experiences please leave them with me or private message me......THANKS


I'm 3 weeks po and I can tell you I had all the same fears. I also had a cesection and isn't it funny how we didn't or at least I didn't worry about infections with that . I will be honest this procedure is more painful then a cesection and most Dr do muscle repair once they are inside of you if you need it. It would be foolish not to . I can't say that my muscle repair added to the pain or not . I had a full anchor BL and tt. Your story is so close to mine I was 240 and worked my a&$ off and got down to 155 i did this in 8 months .I'm also 5'6 :). Im 35 so you are so lucky to do this at such a young age! Anyway they pump you with such strong antibiotics that invention is so rare . My doctor doesn't even send you home with any, he also doesn't have you put on topical antibiotics. So that shows you how rare it is. My PS is one of the top PS in Philadelphia . I say do it soon cause I can't imagine wearing this stupid binder in the summer. Also the swelling everyone talks about is no joke I feel I looked better in clothes before the surgery which is beyond words frustrating . I know I must be patient so I keep saying as long as I'm not as swelled in the summer I'll be happy. Even though I'm totally spongebob it is nice to just walk around my room with boy shorts on and not be ashamed if my body infront of my husband of 16 yrs. don't worry about the anesthesia it's so safe these days. Here's what you'll need to get through this get the medical lift recliner I got it from a medical supply co it was $195.00 for the whole month. I thought I'd be fine without it because I had a cesection. I was wrong wrong wrong that and the to toilet seat riser I couldn't live without. I also bought the generic icy hot patches and placed them on my back before going to sleep last night. I woke up feeling so much better . Good luck you can't be over prepared for this surgery. I packed a clear container with everything I needed I even put a small flashlight . Here's what I have/ had multi vit ,halls, MOM, thermometer , colace, Chapstick, hand sanitizer .gas X ,Benadryl ( to help me sleep),suppositories, tissues ,arnica. antibacterial wipes, bromelain, and all pain meds. Stay on top of your pain meds !!!! Don't not try to be superwomen ! The clear container helps so you can see everything . Everything I listed I have used and needed especially the gas X Alot of Water bottles and 1 bottle of prune juice. Good luck and remember day 1,2 ,3 are the worst after that it gets better i think if I would've had the chair lift from the beginning my my first days would have been easier. It allows you to get up at your own pace and brings you to almost a standing position, also a memory foam pillow for behind your back helps alot. Lots of pillows ( keep your feet elevated at night ) to prevent blood clots also ask the hospital before you leave for surgical stockings to wear during the day. Eating Kiwi helps 3 a day. Pineapple for the swelling be prepared I'm so look like spongebob right now and I'm watching my sodium .You have alot of down time as you can see by the book I'm writing to you .lol book the date you'll be happy you did :)
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thank you so much pink1111.. Im going to call my PS tomorrow and see about scheduling... So my son will be 1 yr old july 21st and My fiance bday is July 7th and wants to go to nags head will I be ready/ almost swell free by then if I were to do it april??
Everyone is different some say 6 weeks they see improvement and some much longer. But I think you'll have a handle on things meaning you'll know what swells you up. Some people swell very little and some alot. The swelling is just annoying and a bumper but look at it this way you already have a man that loved you with hanging skin so I'm sure a little bit of swelling you will still feel sexy :) . I think because I had the breast lift and I have to wear a sports bra it makes my stomach look more puffy . Cause I can't distract the eyes with the girls ; ). Even with the tummy tuck I still have some stretch marks so I'm going to my tattoo guy to book a session in Aug to cover my scar and stretch marks. Put it in the back of your mind by saying to yourself I can back out at anytime of I want that's what I did and just panicked and cried the night before. Lol So I took 2 magical blue pills and all was well.
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Dr. Chen is very personable and he treated me like an indvidual not just someone else he has to work on. I heard of and about Dr. Chen through sister in-law and I did some research then went ahead and made a consult and I'm glad I did. yALL LADIES HAVE INSPIRED me that im not the only one!

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