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Finally Doing It - Just 4 Me -- TT, MR - Richmond, VA

Hello! I am so nervous about doing this, but I...

Hello! I am so nervous about doing this, but I have been visiting this site religiously for the last few months now, and I have been so encouraged and inspired by all of you lovely women, so I thought I would share my story, and hopefully give back some of what I have been given. I am 43 and I have 2 beautiful children. I am 5ft tall, and currently my weight fluctuates between 143 and 148. My goal weight is 135, which I am working on. When I became pregnant with my first child (at the age of 16), I was only 95lbs, and at the end of the 9 months I was 140. She was a big baby...8lbs/15oz, and boy did she do a bang-up job on my stomach. It has been a nightmare for me ever since. I call it the BEAST! The BEAST is mean and ugly and I hate her. It has controlled so many aspects of my life, and I am over it. I have taken back control, and the BEAST MUST GO!!! My oldest is all grown up now, and my youngest is in college. Now it is time to do something just for me, and I am sooooo excited! I have the full support of my children, and my long-term boyfriend of 12 years. Even though I am excited, I am very, VERY nervous, and I need your help. I keep going back and forth with myself...am I doing the right thing? should I really be spending this money? am I crazy for doing this?...and on, and on it goes. BUT, in my heart, I feel that this is so right for me, and I am NOT changing my mind. I met with a wonderful doctor and immediately felt comfortable with him and his staff. The hardest part now is waiting 90 more days!! I will post some before pics as soon as my daughter helps me load them...lol! Thanks for listening!

Let me introduce you to the 'Beast'

Hello ladies...I joined this site a little over a week ago, and have been really struggling with releasing the beast as I have been hiding her for the last 26 years. However, I feel it only fair that I share with all of you brave ladies, as I have been truly motivated by reading your stories. So here goes!! The first pic is just to show that I only buy and wear clothes that I feel will contain her.....I can't wait until I can actually wear a pair of jeans with my shirt tucked in and cute belt!! The Beast Must GO!!


HAPPY MONDAY MY TT SISTERS!! I just paid the surgeons fee...the surgical center fee was paid last month. I am THRILLED!! 60 days from today, I will be on the flat side. I pray for continued healing for all who have made it to the other side....I will see you there soon! Now its time for my workout! Gotta go... :-)


I can't believe I posted my first review 45 days ago stating how hard it was gonna be to wait '90' more days, and here I am with only 45 days to go!! I am preparing myself physically and mentally! You ladies continue to encourage me everyday, and I am glad to be sharing my journey with you all. To everyone who has already joined the flat side, I hope for continued healing and fabulous results. For those that are still waiting to join the flat side, get ready, because our time is fast approaching!

It's Time!!

I can't believe how fast time has gone! Today is the day that I join the flat side!! On my way to the surgery center!

On the flat side now!!

Surgery went really well. I'm now in full on recovery mode. I haven't seen my tummy yet, but I just know its great. Everyone at the surgical center was extremely nice and professional and thorough. I will post pics as soon as I can. Thank you Real and all you beautiful ladies for sharing your stories and for your encouragement! God bless!

3 Days Post Op....

.... and I'm doing surprisingly well. I have a really great support system and I'm taking full advantage of it. The pain is not as bad as I had expected, but I do feel sore. My stomach is very tight and I'm having some swelling. I started getting my appetite back yesterday, and I've been trying to eat healthy.....fruit, vegetables, protein. I took my first shower today and it felt great!! Even though my stomach is swollen, it looks great!! It's really surreal and I'm so grateful.


I had my post op today and my drains were removed!! Sooo happy about that. My doc is happy with my progress thus far and how everything is healing. I'm continuing to follow instructions and will not over do it. My pain is minimal.....mostly my back.

The New Me.....


Don't know what happened....

I tried to upload a few pics but it didn't happen..... not sure why. I will try it again later.

A new me....take 2!

A few pics.... I'm overwhelming ecstatic!!

OMG!!! Is anyone else having issues....

.... loading pics? It says it's processing but the pics never load. Any suggestions?




.....I was able to upload some pics!! It may not be evident in the photos, but I am still experiencing swelling. I am amazed at my results. I didn't go in it expecting perfection, because we are not meant to be perfect, but for me, what I see now when I look in the mirror is perfection!! This includes my scar and stretchmarks.....it's all perfect!! I LOVE what I see now when I look in the mirror.
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Your results look awesome. Can you post some updated pics of your scar. I am still in The deciding phase and since seeing your doctor's work I might be staying in the states which I would like to do.
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What awesome results! Thank you for sharing your story. Do you have updated pictures?
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Thank you! !! I've been meaning to post some. ...I will do it soon. I'm 7 months post op and I LOVE the way I look and feel. Best thing I ever did for myself!
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i am excited for you i went today for my last visit before my surgery in two weeks so nervous. how long did it take for you to feel comfortable walking riding and returning to work
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Congratulations! ! You are gonna do great! This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am 6 months post and I feel great. ...and I look Fabulous! ! :) Healing is gradual and you have to be patient with yourself. I went back to work after 2 weeks but I worked from home for 2 weeks so I didnt go back to the office until 4 weeks post. You will be able to walk around fairly quickly but really most importantly listen to your body. Please keep me posted on your progress.
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U look awsome girl!!!! Congrats on your body. :)))))
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wondering how you are doing. Hope everything is going well. Would love to know your progress!!!
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Hi there! My recovery is going extremely well! I think the worse thing that happened is one day I sneezed!! OMG.... that was painful because of my muscles being so tight but I survived...lol! I'm still not back to full pre surgery activities but I feel good. I will post a new update with some new photos soon. Are you excited? Yours will be here before you know it.
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U look amazing!!! Congrats
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Thank you soo much! :)
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Yet! You got them uploaded! You look awesome- definitely be soooo happy- you deserve that!! I've got stretch marks too, trust me- it means nothing to me. Not when I see the whole picture, new bb and all.
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Thanks Ruebix! It's still all so surreal.
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So happy for you and your results look great. I hope you continue to have a great recovery.
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Thank you so much!
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I loved your story, thanks for sharing it. Can't wait to see your "afters" when you get them loaded up. Glad you are recovering beautifully. Your descriptions with your pics are funny. You have put a lighthearted spin on something so scarey and nerve wracking! Thank you.
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Thank you! And good luck to you....I'm looking forward to your updates and pray that everything goes well with your surgery and your recovery.
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Hi girly! Search for Kimmers - I think she is the community manager and if you tell her your problem with loading pics, she'll help you get them up.
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Thanks! I just sent her a message.
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Kimmers is great! Goodluck! :)
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Can't wait to see the new you
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I'm not sure what the problem is. .... I've loaded pics before. ...hopefully Kimmers can help. .... I'm excited to share my results with you all! Soon I hope...
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Congrat's x
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Thank you! So happy! :)
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I am happy to hear you are having a great recovery.
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I honestly can't believe how far I've progressed in just a week's time. I had thought the worst but it's turning out to be just the opposite.
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