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First Time Getting Zapped, Nervous and Unsettling Feeling - Richmond, VA

So ive been getting tattooed for many years, im 25...

so ive been getting tattooed for many years, im 25 now and have accumulated many tats. if i could remove every tattoo on my body i would in a instant, so much changes from 18-25.. and what the general population thinks is good tattooing really isn't, and i just recently understood what good art is.unfortunately i started my new sleeve with a artist i thought was good, but not so muich, i am extremely lucky i realized to stop only 4 hours into the sleeve, and no color has been added, just black and grey wash, with really no dense black just all shading, so i think i should be good to cover up in 1-2 sessions. the tattoo is only a few months old, and looks like its right at the top begging to be taken out..i havnt been depressed in years and now am from this whole process, its quite a strange feeling. im going to a tattooer who knows how to use the laser and its only 250 a session for 2 big pieces, any way ill post pics when its done saturday.

Pictures of before

Here's the art error zapped. What so you think of the tatoo, easily lasered on the color?

Pics of tattoo

Tattoo pics. What's my chances of cover up in 2 sessions. ?

Pics won't post from iPhone


Pic lasered tomorrow


First session over !

So I went today and I told him y other tattoo was only 6 weeks d and he denies my money and said we have to wait, that's honest and I like that. So we just zapped Buddha. It took 10 mins from start to finish Kay constant laser we took no breaks and used ice pack or anything. The pain was INTENSE but the reward ad short duration makes it bearable.anyway my arm is now swollen 6 hours later but really have minimal to no pain, a slight sun burn tingle at the most. Does it get more painful?i will use bandages and acquaphor until it heals. He said for touch ups he only likes layering every 3-4 months. Please let me know what you think 5 hours after first session. He said this one looks like it will get amazing results from the way it was lightly shaded and really not to bold of lines and minimal dense black.


The typos are ridiculous, a combination of my iPhone and excitement, I apologize!

Is this it?

Also, will I see more results as the weeks go on and as it heals? Or is this what I get, I hope it's not just this !

Before and after pics next to each other

Before and after 1st

One week

So this is a one week pic. There's very tiny blisters in some spots but no pain! Nice recovery.what do you think on progress?

New 2 weeks after

2 weeks post 1st laser. It's almost healed but now looks like it's recovering from a bad sunburn as the skins peeling. Is this normal? PEase some insight on the pic thanks!

8 weeks post zap

8 week pictures. Got my second session tomorrow :-) stoked. What do you think of the progress if any? I think I see some !

8 weeks

8 weeks 1 session

Pics not working


Next to each other

Pre laser and 8 weeks after 1 session with q

1st on pegoda

Second on Buddha 1st I pegoda. Little blisters. No pain.dont see any fading like the Buddha did the fest session right after.

2nd day

Second day after 2nd session. Don't see results like the 1st session :-/

One week post laser

So the tower is the first time being zapped.its 7 days after, it blistered up bad in dense black areas. I let it heal naturally no ointments or anything.it healed beautifully now last stages.it actually looks like a layer of ink is being peeled off, you can see in the pic, very happy with results, anyone ever experienced this?heres before and after photo, let me know your opinions :)

Starting leg sleeve :-) happy

Also just today I finally got accepted by a artist I love to start a new project with I've been on a waiting list for.i will be starting on my leg to take my mind off my arm and let it take the time it neads to laser off properly :-) I'm going with a African animal themed sleeve. Here is a pic of my artist and a idea of what mine will look like :-) In such good spirits! It helps with healing !

Anyone had this

So this time , the tattoo blistered, they went away, than it blistered again and now it's peeling its final phase. Anyone seen this ?

Lotus 10 days post

This is my lotus 10 days the first laser session.it is still peeling so it will only get lighter. Seeing amazing results. Inside by pollen shading almos all gone. Please some input

Healed pics

So I'm two weeks post 2 session on Buddha. And 2 weeks post 1st session on lotus an pagoda. Please let me know if you see fading. I may go to bigger laser the one I'm using I found it is a table top one I didn't know there's a variance I q yag

Start 1..2

Tattoo and post first and second progress pics.good to see progress with these frames.

Nice frame progress shot

Good way to inspect progress. See any?

What laser

I'm going to a new laser as mines a table top.what is the best brand. I see one place with "quanta c plus c" one with "medlite q switch" are these god? Thanks

New laser and clinic

So I got a crazy blak Friday special its 100$ for my entire arm using a medlite. It's a big upgrade from the tabletop laser I'm currently using for 300 a session.i saw great progress on that so I'm very exits for this one. Is the medlite a good laser? Thanks

New tattoo :)

So I started my leg sleeve while I remove my arm to take t mind off it and not to rush it. It will consist of all big cats, a tribute to the beautiful creatures who will be extint soon. Let me know if you like it :)


so i finally got a appt for 2 weeks with a new medlite laser, i am so excited and cant wait too see the results, after 10 weeks of rest it should be great!

Got another new tattoo while waiting ;)

Got another cat to my big cat leg sleeve :-). One of the best in the world dmitry vision..10 hour session! Have my laser sessio end of this month! This keeps my mind off it in meantime.

Pic and tattoo

Little resemble :)

Thirsday is another session

so this coming thursday i go to a new place with a top of the line medlite and am getting my entire arm lasered... excited for the results and pre-payed for 5 visits so its even better ?

better picture

better picture


Just had full arm zapped with medlite! It's super swollen will post pics when redness resides

Please help

So got zapped last night. Now have bruising and swelling like I have not had prior 2 sessions. Has anyone has bruising like this ? Under bicep is location

First laser on leg

Had 1 session on this 5 days Ago. Happy with the results so far:) thoughts ?

One session down

Almost all the shading is gone from just one session only 1 week after. I know everyone reacts differently to laser im just happy my skin takes it well and fades nice. Thoughts ?also you must eat healthy and drink loads of water ! No alcohol !

One week post first session

A picture of my tattoo vs one week post 1 session.very pleased with results th shading is pretty much gone

Fresh and 3rd sessio

Just had my third session. This pic is 2 weeks post. What are your thoughts. See any progress. Good or bad for 3 sessions. I wish it was better

2vs3 session

Here's 2 sessions vs after my 3rd session. I think I see some fading do you ?

2 weeks post second picture

So this is the 2 weeks after my 2nd session and the left is before any laser. I wish the results were better. Do you see any fading ? This dense black will be tough :-/

progression through three sessions

heres a picture i made to show the pictures throughout my journey from original tattoo to after three sessions, im so happy with the results, you see any fading?

One session

One session on this , all shading pretty much knocked out , very happy with results

1 session :)

Professional pic after one session

Session 4

Tech really turned it up this time. This is 3 days after.hoping I see good fading after it heals ! Looks gnarly

new tattoo!

had laser last week will get pics up its still not healed.. and yesterday had a session with the world class dmitry vision and got a clouded leopard to add to my cat sleeve! thoughts?? have to keep your mind of flaser and always have things to look forward to in life!

Leg sleeve progression !

Here's my progress in my leg. Thoughts :) my arm will be healed still scans to post...

Professional of my new tattoo

New tattoo 8 hours by dmitry vision.!

3 weeks post session

so its 3 weeks after my last session. This will be the 4th for the buddha, the 3rd for the pagoda flower, and birds, and the 2nd for the jackalope and stay gold.By far the bestfading is on the jackalope in my leg, not sure why, but its amazing.I'm really disappointed with the fading in my arm specifically the pagoda, it just does not want to fade, also the buddha, i may have to cancel or postpone my trip to ukraine for my sleeve, or jut do my leg, anyway heres the pictures from last session. I did scab up and now have pinkish color skin in spots, should i postpone next session?

Here is begging and post pictures so you can compare them...

pictures so you can compare next to each other, i wish my buddha and pagoda faded like my jackalope and stay gold, but it is what it is, do you see fading?? thanks anyone
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Encouraging results!
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Great progress! I see lots of fading in the buddha and pagoda, too. Getting there!
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Wow your results are really amazing! Seeing progress like yours makes me more optimistic that I'll be rid of my tattoo eventually.
  • Reply
The detail on those leg tats is insane.
  • Reply
Seriously..looks like a painting!
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Beautiful cats :)
  • Reply
wow! the clouded leopard is beautiful!
  • Reply
man, I love that jack rabbit. but if its gotta go, its gotta go. youre crushing it with the progress tho..
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Perfect, how many weeks post treatment is this picture (sorry if I missed it noted somewhere)
  • Reply
I think about 8!
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It looks awesome! I'm thrilled for you and your progress!
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It looks so good! When's your next treatment? I talked to Mike two days ago! I think I am going to head up there around the middle of March. I leave for the Dominican the first week, so I definitely don't want to start anything too soon. I actually want to give both lasers a try.
  • Reply
They only have one the medlite in aware of. I'm also going up mid march :) thanks to the kind words !
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Awesome! I've had one treatment with a pico on my leg, but I have one on my stomach (a cover up) ugh that I want to fade for a better cover up lol.
  • Reply
So awesome! I sent mike an email because I'm also interested in lightening up a cover up on my stomach for another cover up... Ha. Him and I should be chatting this week!
  • Reply
That's awesome. Tell him you know Brandon !
  • Reply
I will--thank you!!!
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yes GO! is awesome. mike is a great dude who makes himself available to the tattoo community. ive talked to him a bunch online this past year and hes really helped me out a lot to better understand the process. also, gotta love the way one treatment knocks out the shading.
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You are having great results, thank you for keeping us updated :)
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Great to read your story , I liked the sleeve but ur new tattoo wowh ?! Mine is a cover up freehand mess ! Your results look great I'm hoping to see some difference next week when healing starts did notice some yellow ink on my bandage this morning thankfully !!
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Thank your:) wish you the best
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Thank you iv a long road to travel ;()
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Those results are amazing. Yeah, I had that bruising also. I had a pretty large area zapped, and the inside of my arm swelled up and bruised pretty bad.
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Thank you! I think it's a combination of a great laser ,and me just having skin that responds amazing to it, thanks !
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What kind of laser was used on your most recent session?
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