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I stared my liver shrinking diet today. I read and...

I stared my liver shrinking diet today. I read and read and read and hope I am doing the right thing. My surgery is on December 5th. I am in Virginia and my Doctor is Dr. Bautista. I am having headaces maybe not eating or doint the right thing but following my book I am doing the right thing. Maybe after dinner I'll feel better. I think anxiety might be playing a part.
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So far all the steps I have done have been great, informative. I meet my doctor tomorrow November 22.

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Good luck. I am sure all will go great. One thing I highly recommend is if they give you a little breathing machine to use at home to ward off pneumonia use it religiously. I guess I was not rigorous enough at doing it because I did get pneumonia but it was not the fault of the Dr or hospital, just me. That and just go with the process they tell you as you graduate from one stage to the next. It will all go great. Looking forward to hearing about your progress. :)
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I don't know how I did this but I have the wrong Doctor listed here. how do I fix this
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Hi there, welcome!

Wow, your big days is going to be here before you know it! It's completely normal to have doubts and be nervous. I was the same way, right up until the moment they put me to sleep. I knew I needed the surgery, but it's a big, life-long decision that you're making. In the end I just closed my eyes, told myself when I wake up it will be over and I can start getting on with the rest of my life!

You'll do great, you've already taken the first steps and that takes a lot of courage!

The headaches are most likely just your body going into Ketosis, because you're cutting out carbs and reducing your liver. They should go away in a few days, once your body gets used to the new program it's on.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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Thanks for the information. My Dr. Said I was having withdraws from caffinee. I guess I should have cut back little by little before my pre opt liver shrinking diet. Maybe done some 1/2 regular 1/2 cafeene free then more and more before total caffeen freem. Lessons learned. I feel better with that now. I also can't drink coffee w/ out vanilla cream even though I was using sugar free that still shouldn't be using so I figured a plan. I have these French vanilla protein shakes by equate. they are the extra protein shakes and I took one of them and I use that for my vanillla cream in my caffeen free coffee as a treat. works great.
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Ahh yes, caffeine withdrawl can be a pain to get through, but its' worth it. They don't like you having it post-op because it's a diuretic. Good thinking on the protein though!

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Good thinking. I too use the vanilla unjury in my coffee. it's a protein powder and works just as well as the creamer I used to use, but it gives me extra protein. I'm 7 weeks out of surgery now and have lost 37lbs. It's an experience to say the least, but just take it day by day and you'll be fine! Good luck!
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