Keloid Scars Revision on Left Shoulder and Arm - Richmond, VA

I went to the consultant with Dr.Zemmel for Breast...

I went to the consultant with Dr.Zemmel for Breast augmentation and while we were talking about my breasts his assistant noticed my scars on my left shoulder and arm so after my consultation I left his office with 2 price quotes, 1 for breast augmentation and the other one for scars revision. After thinking about it for a week I decided to scheduled both procedures with him. I had my BA first on 3/19 and I just has my scars revision today on 3/21 for my BA post-op check up. Everything went so well. F
I am in super minor pain and discomfort. Dr. Zemmel and his staffs are so professional, kind and they know how to make you feel welcome, comfortable and relax. I can't wait to go back for my 1 week check up and see my progress.

The glue came off!

It has been 2 weeks and 3 days since my scars revision and the glue finally came off!! Yayyy..
I am start using the silicone scar cream today. I know that I will always have some sort of scars there but now I just hope for the best and hope that the scar cream will do some magic trick and heal me with less visible scar as much as possible. ;D
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Keloid scars are the "devil" to deal with. It's so rotten, every attempt to remove causes another keloid to development. I found after surgery on my wrists that the best thing I could do was continue compression bandages as much as possible. It seemed to slightly restrain the growth of the Keloids. With the scars on the palmer side of my wrists (for carpal tunnel repair), within 6 months you could not distinguish them from the tendons and blood vessels in that area. It has been 20 yrs now and even when I point them out, most people cannot see them. I do not know if ANYTHING in this story will be helpful to others, but thought I'd share just in case. PS: be VERY careful not to compromise blood flow with your compression. (Maggie, PT)
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I had a terrible scare on my leg... Please what can I do to rid it off ?
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I will suggest you to consult with the PS in your area. Good luck.
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I agree. You need a PS. Don't wait until years have gone by, because that kind of thing can affect your feelings of self-worth (which is silly -- but we all cannot help feeling our appearance matters, and to some degree, it does.) So you do not want to permit such a worry to hinder you as you move forward. If it is too expensive, see if you PS will permit a monthly payment. AND THEN PAY IT!@!!! They have at least 14 years specialized education after high school (my dgtr is a trauma surgeon, not a PS) and have to give up so so much to learn to help us. (Including sleep, building a family, buying a house, some even delay marriage.) And then when people do not pay, it is like a slap in the face. Good luck to you! You're going to love having the scar gone!! Maggie, PT
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Scars are treated successfully with Silicone, Corticosteroids & Antihistamines. We work with experienced compounding pharmacists that can custom make a scar gel for you. It requires a Dr. prescription. Most, but not all prescription drug plans will cover the gel. You would be notified prior to the pharmacist making the custom gel if your insurance would cover it, hence no monetary risk. If you'd like more info please feel free to contact Allan at
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Thank you for posting pics of your scar. Did the doctor say anything about your chances of getting bad scars with your Breast Augmentation? I have a pretty bad scar on my chest below my neck and am worried that I will get a scar like that for my BA too. Do you have any silicone sheeting or cream or anything that you are also supposed to use?
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No problem at all. The keloid scars were my biggest concern when I decided to do BA because of the bad keloid scars on my shoulder that I had in the past when I still young and still growing. At my BA consultation I mentioned my scars concerns to my PS and he told me that the breast crease area has much less tension than my shoulder so the scar should heal a lot better there and I shouldn't develop any keloid scars there while healing and the scars that I will have will be more likely to be just a line on each sides that will tuck in under the breast right perfectly in the crease area. He also looked at my keloid scars on my shoulder and upper arm. He said after the scars revision the upper arm one should have a really good result. But for the shoulder one he can't fully guarantee that it won't develop another keloid scar as it's in such a high tension area but he felt that it will look better than what I have now so I trusted him as I felt that he gave me his truly thoughts and he wasn't over promise. So I took a chance and hope for the best. FYI: After the scars revision I wore the arm sling for 5 days to kept my left arm from moving. I should have worn it longer but I can't stand it. Lol Now I am just 2 day and 2 weeks Post-Op on my BA and exactly 2 weeks Post on my scars revision. For my BA I had the inframammary incision and so far my scars look straight still a little red but over all they look pretty good and flat. I will be able to use the scar cream when the surgical glue peel off, normally it will peel off within 2-3 weeks so hopefully mine will peel off soon. At first I will just use the scar cream that my PS recommend and see how it goes then I will use the silicone sheet if needed later on. Right now I don't think that I will develop keloid scars on my scars revision nor on my creases. Yayyyy but my fingers still crossed! I think my PS technic of the way he cut, the knives and the type of stitches he used helps my scars to heal normal and flat and I hope that the scar cream will then helps fade them away! Now the glue is almost peel off so it make my incisions and scars revision look kind of funny, sticky and look like they're bruised as the clear glue now turned grey lol. So about a week from now at my 3 weeks mark I will post more update pics of my scars revision when the glue is totally off so you can see the new scars better. Hope this helps! Best of luck to you. xoxo
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Thanks for all the details. and your scars all ready look really good! My PS said the same thing about scars from the BA, that they shouldn't do the same thing as my chest. So, I will hope for the best. I would love to see pics of your BA scars too if you don't mind. I'm glad you're healing so well.
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Thank you! I will post my BA Scars as soon as the glue come off. It should not be long now since it will be 3 weeks post-op in 2 days. I will keep you posted. :)
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Let us know what you think of the final results.  
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Thank you! I know that it will be a long progression before the happy final results but I will keep update the new pictures when they're starting to change for the better (of course) :D
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Looking forward to it:)
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