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For several years, I had been dealing with severe...

For several years, I had been dealing with severe melisma. I was very excited to learn that Richmond Dermatology and Laser Center in Richmond, Virginia offered the new Fraxel Dual. In September 2011, I had my first treatment with only the "dual" portion of the laser. My skin looked great - for about two weeks. Then, the melisma and redness returned. The aesthetician during my first procedure seemed knowledgeable and sincere. She expressed several times how important it was to not go deep with the original Fraxel Restore become of prolonged redness.

When I returned to the clinic months later, I learned that a new aesthetician had replaced the original. She believed that another treatment would help with all the blotches and redness that had returned after my first Fraxel. So, in October 2012, I had my second treatment. I should have stopped her as she was reluctant to share with me setting information and acted as if it was a surprise. She insisted that I needed both of the Restore lasers - 1550 and 1924. Well, here I am almost a year out and my skin is getting worse and worse. There are little bumps all over the treated area and the redness and pigmentation persist. I returned to the laser center and was told that I would have to set up an appointment with the dermatologist - separate from the laser office. I did. The dermatologist wasn't helpful stating only that "our intent is not to ruin your skin." She sent me on my way with some cream designed for dandruff and a prescription for finacea.

About a week later, I went to a different dermatologist who stated that the Fraxel had removed the top layer of skin, exposing the sweat glands and creating a condition called sebaceous hyperplasia. She said that there is no treatment for this condition but did recommend another Fraxel treatment - this time at her office.

Needless to say, I'm devastated. My skin was a mess before Fraxel. Now it's even worse. Should a doctor read this and have thoughts about a course of action, I would be grateful.
Sorry to hear about the damage you received from fraxel. I had 4 ipl photofacials which completely destroyed my skin, and my face, the 4th caused the worst damage but I did notice some skin change prior to having my face blasted. I had never had acne just skin pigment issues. Anyway, I wanted to comment on how you have skin bumps. Like i said, I had never had acne just an occasional hormonal pimple but after ipl damaged my skin, anywhere I had scarring, I had skin bumps too. For months, I couldn't figure out how to get rid of them. I changed to natural makeup, I use gentle organic soaps, use coconut oil, and I use a humidifier in my room but nothing really helped. Until I started using Castor oil, which is amazing for the purposes of healing! The Castor oil really made a huge difference, most of my bumps had disappeared. But not entirely so my search continued until I came across zinc oxide. So i purchased a zinc oxide cream which also has mineral oil and white petrolatum, it is a diaper rash cream. Putting this stuff on your face seems counterintuitive but for me it really worked. I put it on at night and the next morning my bumps were gone. Used it on my husbands pimples too same thing. My bumps weren't just annoying to look at but they were incredibly itchy. I am not a dermatologist just a victim to these ridiculous lasers. I'm still suffering from fatloss which I hope to get corrected one day. Hopefully you'll find the answers your looking for....good luck!
Thank you very much for sharing this information. I am willing to try anything. It's been a year and there's been no improvement. And, on top of that, the hyperpigmentation that I initially treated has returned full force. Rrrrrgggghhh! Again, thank you for taking the time to share. I'm so happy for you that you found something that improved your skin. Fingers crossed.
Definitely look up castor oil packs or just clean your face and apply a generous amount of Castor oil, leave it heavy for a while, then shower and let the steam in the shower heat your face a bit. This helps it to soak in and lock in the moister. It may make the skins bit dry but this is taken care of with moisturizer. Don't give up it takes sometime for the Castor oil to do its magic. I still have scarring but there has been improvement. I have increase in the amount of hyper pigmentation to its totally ridiculous. I notice anywhere I have the microscarring that's where the pigmentation is darkened or lightened. I'm hoping with time and a lot of castor oil that the pigment will return to normal. There's a girl that healed a burn on her leg with castor oil she has before and after pictures, which are pretty amazing. I suggest you google it, it definitely give me hope just to see the pictures and the healing of here skin! The zinc oxide is super easy just apply and leave it and that pretty much works over night. If you notice that you're having issue with hypo pigmentation try fresh ginger. Put it on the spot twice a day for a few minutes and go on about your day it starts to bring the normal pigment back to skin after a few weeks. I just started taking Gelatin to see if that would help tighten the skin and heal it even more. I would love to hear how you do after trying some of this hopefully it works for you!
Mary at the Richmond Dermatology and Laser Center

Terrible experience - only concerned with making promises but no compassion after an unsuccessful treatment.

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