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During consult, I informed doc that I had...

During consult, I informed doc that I had fibromyalgia and sjogrens disease. Doc was gracious enough to tell me about all of my possible options, based on my individual situation (pain). Six weeks later, during the procedure staff was wonderful. They both had experienced the procedure, and could give me actual insight to possible discomforts and other feelings. Nurse informed me that it would be a very cold suction sensation, that will last about 7 mins, then numbness should kick in... my numbness kicked in at about 8-9 mins. Some of the mild discomfort occurred during the procedure, I related to sensitivity from fibromyalgia, but still not bad at all.
Had the procedure done on a Friday afternoon, just in case something didn't go well. Before I left, the nurse informed me that I may experience some cramping, soreness, and swelling that would resolve in about 1-2 weeks. She also informed me that I probably would not begin to see any results before week 12 ... I drove home on my own thinking "ok, this is not too bad". Because of my fibromyalgia, doc gave me script for lidocaine patches and pain med. Pharmacist was unable to fill lidocaine patch with insurance, due to pre-authorization needed, and would cost $170 for 20 patches, so I just filled pain med since I wasn't feeling any real pain, and thought I would just wait on insurance to process patches. That night I noticed that my abdomen was swollen, love handles red, and I was numb, yet sore, feeling as if I had experienced a good workout. I took one pain pill just in case,and was able to tolerate discomfort first 2 days and night .... HOWEVER going into day 3, I started to experience this onset of severe sharp, stabbing, burning, beesting-like pain, along with extreme tingling and itching that interfered with my sleep... took pain med, without any relief. Went to work that Monday, and experienced some difficulty with working.. pain med still not working. Later that night, awkward sensations increased, and I was up all night on Monday night trying to figure out what to do (felt like I was experiencing the hebee jebees)... Decided that I would just purchase the lidocaine patches, regardless the cost... had already invested $2300. However I found a coupon on line for the patches, and ended up only paying $71 for 20 patches... Because pain med and NSAIDs did not work today (Tuesday... 3 days post procedure), I was sure patches would. I applied 3 to the abdomen 4 hrs ago, max number that could be applied, and sensations are still excruciating... HOWEVER, NOT YET DISCOURAGED. Still have upper abdomen to do... Remaining focused on the end result.. I will admit, this is by far the worse PAIN I have EVER experienced in my life...The nerves in my abdomen are doing back flips, and trying to send an invitation to the rest of my body ... KEEPING HOPE ALIVE
I had my upper and lower abs done on the dec 13 and I followed the advice if someone I here and have worn compression cami and used curicaine cream (available at walgreens in first aid aisle). Maybe it might help! What exactly did you have done?
Hey CTRNGirl... I had cool sculpting done to lower abd and love handles.. thanks for the advise... already tried compression cami, and can't stand the pressure/pain.. I will try curicane cream today.. added benadryl last night to my vicodin, aleve, and lidocaine patches... itching eased up, which improved the constant burning sensation, I only had intermittent sharp pains on last night that lasted at about 10-15 min intervals.... if it is the inflammation process as all have been sayn, I probably need a stronger antinflammory agent... will discuss with my provider... have u seen any improvement since having your procedure... what did you have?
No changes, still swollen some too. I will add to my page today. So sorry you have gone through this, hang in there...hoping for you it stops soon!!
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