Four weeks post op!!

Hello everyone! My name is Nakeisha I am 24 years...

Hello everyone! My name is Nakeisha I am 24 years old from VA. I have suffered with big breast all my life like most of you. But they seem to have gotten bigger since i had my daughter in 2008. I am currently a size 34 K. But as I said before i believe i am getting bigger. I have been so emotional over the last past weeks when i started noticing that my breast had started spilling from the to of my bra, and that when i take my bra off the weight and soreness i would feel would be unbearable. For the last past few weeks i have been doing a lot of research in reductions. And i am nervous. When i was 5 months pregnant i noticed a growth in my right breast. Turned out to be a cist which was not cancer!!! (God is Good). Went to the doc and i actually had two that were growing at such a rapid rate because of my pregnancy hormones, so i had them removed. Now it seems as though the right breast is bigger than the left, it is very heavy and always sore and uncomfortable. I was told that I was the perfect candidate for a reduction, but if i plan on having more children i should wait... :(

The last few weeks i have been really emotional, and looking at the before and after of some of you all have made me even more emotional seeing how it has changed your life. I most definitely want to have more children, and i want to breast feed and do all of those motherly things but i NEED this reductions sooon... like NOW! I'm nervous now about the process. I hear you have to have prior documentation and other things to prove that reduction was the last option. But I am hoping that if some one just look at one of these things and try to lift one up they will feel my pain... Literally. Keep me in your prayers ladies as I travel this journey.

HEY Nakiesha just checking in on ya progress have you found a doc yet whats going on stay in touch god bless....
he nakiesha how are you girl just stopping in checking on ya girl i put i am 24 girl i am 34 hehehehehehe.....girl everyday i am praying for a sooner surgery i just think 5 months is a long time away but if thats what the lord say thats what i gotta do but its all good at least a i have a date im really praying for you to get approved to girl i know the feeling girlie... well stay in touch god bless.....
thank you mshill and i will im having trouble with my camera. i am hopeing and praying i get approved to is it a long process or is is something that will take months to happen?

Hello ladies! soo i have made progress! last...

hello ladies! soo i have made progress! last friday i went to see a surgeon for a consult. And before me even opening my robe he told me that he could already tell that i had a problem and that insurance will definitely approve me!!!! I almost broke down into tears. As a Matter of fact he was so sure that before i left the office he wanted me to set a date for my surgery.It will probably be some time in october. But before I do all of that of course, i have to under go 6 weeks of PT... for insurance purposes. i am sooo happy words cant explain. My husband is very supportive and so is the rest of my family! I go back for another visit in 4 weeks. Tommorrow is my first day of PT. Im just so excited! more updates to come! So far so good.


A free nipple graft is where they actually remove the nipple, which takes it away from the blood supply and nerves. The more tissue that is removed the more likely it is to need a graft. I was an H cup and was only able to go down to a DD. I did not need a FNG, though I would have liked to be much smaller than I am. Being a K, I'm sure your doctor does not feel he would be able to take you down very much without doing the FNG. He will not be limited in the amount of tissue he can remove because of that fact.

The picture immediately after surgery are a little scarey, but it does get less horrifying rather quickly. I didn't show mine to my husband until they were well past the Frankenboobie stage. He is a bit squeemish anyway and I thought I would spare him from that image.

Good luck with the PT! I hope you are able to get some relief!
thank you all for the encouragement.. PT yesterday went well, she was really nice and really seemed like it actually might relieve some of my pain until i have my surgery. these weeks and months are going to ease by so slow. my husband is reserching and getting a little discouraged when he sees some of the pics you all post of after the surgery. my surgeon told me that because of my breast size, he would have to skin graph my nipple of so i wound lose the color. Kind of nervous about that. Have any of you all had that surgery or know anything about it and how is it different.
Hey know!!!! thats wonderful wow and my sugery is in Nov we can keep each other encouraged until then well im happy to hear the news keep us posted godbless

Hello everyone, Quick Update: I am almost...

Hello everyone,

Quick Update: I am almost finished with my pt went to see PS today and he to pics and will submit my case to insurance by the end of the week. I Have already set my date for my reduction ... Oct 10! im excited but scared at the same time. This is a major surgery. he told me i could go back to work on the second week just no lifting or patient care because i am a nurse. He told me that He was looking at the measurements and he does not believe he will have to do the Nipple graph. which i was happy about but now im just worried that my nipple will die. ugh i don't want that to happen. But i guess i have to trust em. So like i said i am just waiting on insurance to approve me.
Have you heard anything on insurance yet? Prayers it will all work out!!

Fingers crossed that the insurance will come through!

Hello Everyone! Quick update last day of pt was...

Hello Everyone!

Quick update last day of pt was Wednesday. It was bitter sweet. I was happy to no have to spend the money and getting cloeser to getting my surgery approved but she was so great. Its times like this when you meet great people that you wish your were a millionaire so you could drop them some money just to show your appreciation. but any who i havent heard anything form my PS office yet it will probebly take a while but im so ready already! lol. Other than that nothing else to exciting going on with me. Just waiting...... Hope everyone is doing well and their recovery's and all KIT. Be blessed. PS... any other advice anyone can give me about the surgery, as far as...ANYTHING please feel free to let me know. the good and the bad. i line as mych feedback as i can get.
Im excited and nervous all at the same time
Hello I'm 19 and going through this whole thing right with you! Waiting for insurance right now and it's killing me, just want to know already! My ps also told me she was sure I would get approved, but you never know. Anyway good luck with everything! Keep us updated! :)
Hi there!! If you go post on the July boards the ladies will tell you anything and everything! I am set for Aug 30! Praying you get a date soon!! I feel your pain! I am a 40Ksize but stuff in a 40H!! No fun at all!! Prayers!!
i havent still waiting thank you so much for prayers.

Hi Ladies!! Question: I havent heard anything...

Hi Ladies!!

Question: I havent heard anything from my PS about my insurance approving me... How long does this process take!! im getting so discouraged feeling like i went through all this for nothing. How You all have to wait for approval? Need my spirits lifted a little starting to feel like im going to be let down.

Call both your PS and the insurance company to see if they have received the paperwork and to see if there is anything else they might need to get the process moving forward. Good luck!

I got approved!!!!! So excited! One month away....

I got approved!!!!! So excited! One month away. Nervous and excited all at the same time. Just ready for a new me. I feel blessed.
Thank you!

HOORAY! So happy that you finally have an answer! Congratulations and good luck!

Hey ladies. So i am lime four weeks away and im...

Hey ladies.
So i am lime four weeks away and im soo excited. I got my guideline paper in the mail but it didnt say anything about a post surgery bra.? Should i buy kne anyway? And how do youkknow what size to buy if u dont know how low the ps will take you??. My pre op is on the 26 so i hope that goes well. Just got diagnosed with pneumonia on monday. Takkng antibiotics should be clear by next monday. What things should i get to prepare for my surgery? Healing creams soaps ect. Hope everyone is healing well. Have a happy hump day!
I'm super excited for you! I couldn't imagine having a K! I'm DDD and I am sooooo sick of them. They don't fit me and I'm sick of the constant pressure on my neck. Congrats on being approved and getting the date! Good luck to you and wish me luck too! Got my first consultation at a doctors in Richmond too

I used antibacterial Safegard body soap for the two weeks prior to surgery and for months afterward. I don't know how much it helped, but I do know that I didn't have even a hint of infection and I live on a farm with a houseful of boys and dogs and do know that it could only have helped me. Maybe you can ask your doc what he recommends for bra size when you go to your pre-op appt. I used an ACE bandage for awhile because it was so easy to adjust the compression. I had the 6" kind and it worked wonderfully. Good luck.
Thank you so much!

Hello ladies!! So today was my preop and i...

Hello ladies!!
So today was my preop and i actually didnt have to do any blood work or anything. The only thing they want to see is a chest xray because i had pneumonia. But thats it! I am sooo extremely excited. Soo ready for this. Went to the mall with my husband today and found my self in victroria secreats just looking around like im going to be able to fut some of these soon!!! Its a crazy feeling!!! Anyway hope everyone ia soing well and healing great be blessed!
MsNinaj: I had my preop yesterday too! It was fantastic - he really made me feel comfortable and put me at ease about going through this! SO excited. I'm Oct 19th. So we're on a similar track. Can't wait to hear how everything goes for you. I'll be thinking of you!!! We're almost there!!!! Auuggggghhh
Congrats girl glad everything is going well keep me posted on ur recovery i will do the same!
I'll be praying for you! I'm 24 years old as well and just had a breast reduction on Friday. I can tell you this, my wisdom teeth extraction was worse than my breast reduction. Best of luck. Can't wait to hear how everything went and see updated pics! You'll be SO glad you did this. It will change your life.

Hey ladies, I am so nervous! But im ready to get...

Hey ladies,
I am so nervous! But im ready to get it done. My fear i have been having is what if my ps doesnt take me down to a small enough size. Or what if i have trouble healing? Or what if i look worse after then i did before. All these things worry me... Idk what to do about my bad thoughts i just keep praying and put my faith in god that he wouldnt bring me this farr to leave me unsatsfied. So i just try to stay positive:( any way keep me i ur prayers as i get closer to the other side of this journey.
Good luck MsNinaj!
Good luck today.....thinking of you.
Sorry tomorrow!!!

Hi ladies... On my way to the hospital... Feel...

Hi ladies...
On my way to the hospital... Feel like im about to be sick... So scared at this point... Prayed all night. Hope i made the right decision :/
Dont worry u will be fine!!! Let us know when ur feeling up to updating us. Best wishes!
Praying for you! All is well!

Hi ladies, 2days post op!!!!!! I made it...

Hi ladies,

2days post op!!!!!! I made it over!!!! Feeling a little better this morning. Thing im struggleing with now is extream sorness!!!! My arms are sore from being strapped down on the table for 5 hours. And of course my breast are sore. My breast are small!! I was so scared they wouldnt be but they are! PS Said he wands to see me in one week. Drains came out yesterday. Left side was ok right side hurt like crap and bleed. Like crazy. Im happy with the way i look riight now even though im very swollen. I took bath last night couldnt stand in the shower. Percocet still my bf at this point. Everything liquid sesms like its running through me. Hubby has been sooo helpful with everything. Not alot of sleep though. This back sleeping thing is not fun. So back is sore too.Um alot more to share but getting tired. Wil be back soon thank you for your prayers... I really needed the support. Happy healling to everyone!!!
It gets better everyday. My prayers are with you!
Congratulations! Hope you are able to get some rest and are less sore soon.
good luck happy and healthy healing. keep us posted...

Hello lovely ladies! This is day number 5 post...

Hello lovely ladies!

This is day number 5 post op!!!! I soo excited that i did this. This has open up a new life for me... So guess what can wear now????SPORTS BRAS!! I am the sports bra queen!!! I have never in my grown up life been able to wear a sports bra properly . I would always us it as a way to make my big breast look smooth or something. I cannot wait ro go shopping to load up on sports bras! One thing i was doing was using alot of gause to pad my self but i found out that less is better! I love my profile now. I see i have alot to work on in the gym but at least now i can work out!!! Gosh im so excited but i do have a few concerns. My breast we leaking a yellowish discharge yesterday.... After my daughter nudge me in it. It hurt for a while n stopped. Not a lot of discharge though and it didnt have a odor. And the itching!!!! Omg they itch so bad! What do i do about the itching! And last but not least the sensativity my headlights are on ulta beam all the time!! Gosh i have never felt this because my breast were so large they had no feeling. This is new for me excited to see whats in store once they heal!
Mine are hyper sensitive too! Nipples look like sore fingers!

Hello everyone! Hope all is well! Im doing...

Hello everyone!

Hope all is well! Im doing great. Sleeping on my side now with little pain. Still some soreness. Mad the mistake today and picked my niece up at church. Hurt myseld then to top it off someone hugged me sureing greeting so tight i thought my boobs would pop. I got home an rested and the pain went away. Right boob seems bigger than my left. Hubby says they are both the same size... TO DAMN SMALL!!! Hes silly. He know i look good!!! Im happy but feel they could be smaller. Maybe if i lose a lol weight they might get smaller. I hope . cant wait to get back in zumba class i miss the gym. Still have steri strips on just a few on each side. Tried to upload picks but dunno how lol. Tty all soon!
Congrats on your surgery! I am a 34k so i can definitely understand what you were working cant wait till the 12th for my surgery! keep us updated on your recovery.. It is very helpful:)
Wow I'm so happy to hear your happiness!! Sounds great. Congratulations!!!

Hello ladies!!! So almost three weeks post ill....

Hello ladies!!!

So almost three weeks post ill. Just checking in. Last week Ps took out some stiches. He said everything looked well. But I have an issue. Looks like they are getting bigger. Might just be all in my head but it seems like they are. I hate sleeping in a bra! Want to know how long did u wait before u stopped wearing one to bed? Andwhat was the most comfortable bra wore after surgery. I bought the Genie bra and its the worst thing ever. It makes my incisions so sore. I love the walmart brand sports bras. How long before u wear a bra with underwire? Happy healing everyone!
I have the Walmart bras and they r my favorites. I took pics of my bras on my page. Hope ur doing well!!

Hello ladies, So I was so anxious to see what...

Hello ladies,

So I was so anxious to see what size I was that I went to the store that I buy my bras from and ask then to fit me. She told me I was a 34 g... Which is 4sizes small than what I was, but still not where I wanted to be. This has gotten me down all week. But then I began to just thank God for bringing me this far. Never thought iwould even have the surgery. So I'm no longerin pain, no longer big shirts. Everything is portion to my body. So nevertheless I'm greatful. Please tell me I am not by myself on this.
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