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I have really enjoyed reading everyone's...

I have really enjoyed reading everyone's experiences. This site is what helped finally decide to go through with this procedure. I am 27, 5'2 and approximately 160 pounds. My current bra size is 36DDD or 36E. I have always had large breasts but they really got huge about 5 years ago. My mother had her reduction around that time and she said its the best thing that she ever did.

I started noticing upper back and shoulder pain and grooves from my bra straps and decided to look into getting rid of the girls. I did a lot of research on doctors in my area, this website and on the surgery itself. After corresponding with a few doctors I made an appointment for a consultation for January 6th. The appointment went well, the doctor asked me questions about what I wanted and answered all my questions and described the procedure in depth. He made me feel very comfortable. The office manager gathered my insurance info took pictures and let me know she would contact me as soon as the insurance company made a decision to cover the surgery. I waited about three weeks ad didn't hear anything. I emailed the office manager and she called the insurance company herself, I had a letter in the mail about 4 days later from UHC.

I walked into my apartment with jitters because I was so nervous! When I finally got the letter open I was beyond ecstatic, I was approved! I called my PS office the next day to schedule the surgery. My surgery is set for March 14th. I am soooo nervous! My mother will be staying with me for almost a week and besides the fact shes had this surgery, she's a nurse so that helps calm my nerves. Unfortunately, I'm a smoker, I didnt quit, but I have cut back. I know they say it slows down healing, but hopefully it won't be too bad. I am so ready to be pain free! I will try posting a before picture tonight. Any comments or advice please comment!

Thanks for the review, Amichelle! One week left...I'm super excited for you! Best of luck!
Sounds like we are pretty much the same size everywhere! I am 5'2" weigh about the same I was 36 ddd or 36 g, now I would say c/d I don't know yet they look small after carrying the triples around! I am 3 days post op, so far no regrets
I doubt I will regret it either! I'm sure they do look small compared to what they were. How many grams did the PS remove?

Had my pre admission testing today. I was so...

Had my pre admission testing today. I was so nervous my blood pressure was high! I hate needles but I made it. They checked later in the visit and it went down considerably Thank God... I can't believe I'm less than a week away. I have an appt with the PS tomorrow to discuss final results. I promise a before picture as soon as I can get to my laptop! Thanks for everyone's encouraging and reassuring words :-)

Ok so I just measured my self using some of the...

Ok so I just measured my self using some of the bra calculator websites, And one came back 34J and the other 34H. Apparently, I've been wearing the wrong size bra :-( Posted the before picture below
Congratulations on your approval. Good luck with the surgery. You will love the new you.
You are going to feel so much better when this is over. You will wonder what you were ever worried about!
Thanks girl, I'm nervous already.

So, I'm having surgery the day after tomorrow....

So, I'm having surgery the day after tomorrow... WOW! Time flew by! I did my pre surgery cleaning yesterday and had a pre surgery cocktail to calm my nerves. Hopefully I won't have a nervous breakdown!
Thanks everybody for your prayers and well wishes. I will keep you guys posted!
@darkandlovely I am definitely praying for your approval we all need this relief.
Hi Michelle, I hope that everything works out great during your procedure tomorrow and that you are at ease. I spoke to my insurance and they said that I will have an answer by tomorrow as to whether or not I am approved. Pray for me as I Pray for U :-)
Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly for you and I look forward to hearing how it all went. : )

I made it! Very sore and sleepy right now. I will...

I made it! Very sore and sleepy right now. I will give details later today or tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers and well wishes!!
WooHoo! Thanks for letting us know!
Glad to hear you made it through and are home! Looking forward to hearing how it went for you. : )

Sorry for the wait girls! I am doing pretty well...

Sorry for the wait girls! I am doing pretty well so far. I had to be at the hospital at 6:30 yesterday morning, they didnt take me back until about 9. I was out of surgery by about 12:30 and home around 2:30. The first day is the hardest especially if you have the drains. I was sore and limited in movement but no real pain just uncomfortable. I had the drains removed today and dressings changed at the PS office but for some reason was a little scared to look at them! I slept for a little whle this afternoon then after a lot of influence from my mom, I took a shower. I took off the bra and they look GREAT! They are pretty tight and a little bruised but I love them already... He he he. I will post an after picture as soon as I get to my laptop. BTW I have plenty of feeling in my nips! Lol

Wow. You look great. I am hoping I will get motivated again to take the step n
Congratulations! That is a whole lot of weight! 3 poounds would be about 1364 grams and 2.5 pounds is around 1136 grams. You look great! Thanks for the update!
Don't know grams, he told my mom he took approx 3lbs on one side and 2.5 lbs on the other!

Day 3 is done, and it is getting easier by the...

Day 3 is done, and it is getting easier by the day! I didn't really need any pain meds today just some Tylenol. I changed my bandages alone for the first time today which was interesting! I ended up sticking maxi pads to the bra itself! Lol. I went out and got a mani/pedi and did a little window shopping, I just needed to get out for a little while, the weather has been beautiful!

I did have to take a laxative :-( all of these meds have done a number on my digestive system. I've also been pretty bloated. I've barely ate a full meal because I always feel full (must be a part of the constipation) I do have one concern, while changing my bandages I noticed a few different colors on the old bandages. A little green red and light yellow, sounds crazy! Nothing smells weird, nothing is hot to the touch, and no pain or fever so I'm pretty sure there's no infection. And it is not a lot of drainage at all. Anybody else experience anything similar? All in all I'm beyond happy with the results and I wish I would have done it years ago! I've also been officially smoke free for 10 days now :-D and I do not have the desire to start again.

So many positives as a result of this surgery, I can't wait until I'm fully healed and start shopping for the summer dresses I love! That's all for now! Thanks for all the kind comments and feel free to ask me anything about my experience?
I've heard the surgical bras are uncomfortable, I'm sorry :( So my surgeon doesn't want me wearing the surgical bras, they said all I will need is something light to cover myself with, I guess after all these years of wearing these jumbo over the shoulder boulder holders I can't imagine letting the tatas fly free! lol. Honestly, it is ALL I think about, I told my boyfriend "listen, if it doesn't involve breasts, I don't wanna discuss it right now" lol, he's trying to be helpful, but he can't truly understand how I'm feeling right now. But you are SO right, my nurse here said the same thing, stay calm and relaxed as best as you can. Thanks girl:) P.S your boobs look so perky and still nice and full, love it!
Wow you look great to be only 3-4 days post op, good for you! What type of bra are you wearing and do you sleep in it? My surgery is April 5 and I keep asking all the ladies questions who took the leap:) Also, do you have dissolving stitches? Sigh, my mind is racing, I just want to do everything correctly....congrats on the smoking girl, I hope you can stick with it....you can do it, I know you can:)
I am wearing a surgical bra that was given to me at the hospital. I have to wear it day and night :-( I do have dissolving stitches. I understand how you feel, I think this is the only thing I thought about a few weeks prior to the operation! Ask me anything, I don't mind! And try to stay as calm as possible, I was so worked up, my blood pressure was high at the pre-op!

All is going really well so far! I went to work...

All is going really well so far! I went to work yesterday (I have a desk job) and it wasn't to bad. I was pretty sore around 4 o'clock probably because I did a lot of walking around and was pretty tired by 5. Your body definitely needs a lot of energy to heal which is why we take a lot of naps during the recovery process. I hadn't really needed the prescription pain meds the past few day but I took two in the middle of the night because I woke up very sore. I'm gonna take it super easy today! The fact that my cycle started the other day isn't helping with the swelling of the girls either... Lol. I was a little concerned yesterday because I seemed to have a little more drainage than I had the previous days so of course I thought I did something catastrophic but I called the PS and his nurse told me it was normal stuff. She said to call if I had a fever, any foul smelling leakage and soreness that doesn't go away with meds.

I'm still very happy with everything and this recovery is essentially a breeze. I've had colds that made me feel worse!
Some docs use them and some dont. It could possibly be depending upon the amount removed, etc. I had them less than 24hours, some people have them for days... Yikes! My mom had hers done 6 years ago and hers still look pretty good! She had hers reduced way down though! So they weren't really full to begin with but they are still pretty perky. I want mine to stay full and perky too, I don't think we will deflate anytime soon! I just can't wait for summer and all the pretty dresses I can now go bra less in! I absolutely love summer dresses!
Me too!! Have you worn a button down shirt yet? Thanks for the info about your mom. That gives me hope:-D
No I haven't worn a button down yet. All of my button down shirts are long sleeve and its pretty warm here.

Hello Ladies, sorry for the delay been a busy few...

Hello Ladies, sorry for the delay been a busy few weeks! I will be 3 weeks post op on wednesday and I am officially back at work now :-( I feel pretty good, still a little sore and a I'm a little itchy.. I did have a little separation on my right breast which is healing slowly. They have softened up and I am very happy with my results. I received a little advice about scarring which seems to be working pretty well so far. A dermatologist says to keep the wounds "moist" which helps reduce scarring because you wont develop hard scabs, which are itchy and we sometimes scratch off in our sleep. Moist meaning keep them covered with some vaseline or antibiotic ointment and gauze until they are completely closed up. Then start the scar therapy/massage. It's been working pretty well for me so far, my insicions are almost invisible!!! Any advice on scar therapy and products used, please advise.... Posting some pictures!
I understand that, I get up with just enough time to get ready for work. I never understood how people have time for coffee and reading the morning paper!
Do you Put something over it to prevent it from rubbing off?
No, I just try to give it time to soak in before I put a bra on. I just rub it in well, which the massage of the scars is great for healing too. When I put it on at night, I just make sure to give it a little more time to absorb before I put anything on. I'm usually more rushed in the mornings because I tend to not get out of bed when I should to get ready for work :-)

I just dont want to itch anymore! Lol... I'm doing...

I just dont want to itch anymore! Lol... I'm doing good almost a month post op and the itchiness has definitely set in :-( they are looking way more natural now. Will post pictures tomorrow or tuesday!
i was just reading your profile and updates and you look great and your words are very encouraging,and congrat on stopping smoking,i hope you are still not smoking,! I quit july 9 2007 after 35 years and feel great..NOw im thrilled i havent smoked for so long because my surgeon will not take patients for br if they are recent smokers!,whew!!.so im now in the stage of anxious to do it and trying to talk myself out of it on days like today when i start to panick about it,,,reading your posts really help! and you look marvelous.how are things now after this much time?
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