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I am having 400cc gummi bear implants with a...

I am having 400cc gummi bear implants with a lollipop lift...sound sweet right? :)
My PS recommended going over for me due to my workout and pec muscle. I personally like the upper roundness of overs, my only hold up is capsular contraction. My PS says the difference in occurrence in the two is minimal. Any recommendations or guidance.

Recovery preparation

I ordered this bed lounger to use for sleeping, I don't have any reclining furniture so I'm hoping this does the trick.


My pre-op appointment was yesterday. My PS and I decided to go with 400cc Mentor Memory Gel, round under the muscle. He said based on my measurements he decides on the profile. So I have my RX's filled got all my items needed bought. I am ready for next Friday (23). I feel a lot better about it, except for the nagging concern of size. I showed him pics and he said 400cc will do it...fingers crossed!

Anyone else?

Ok my surgery is this Friday. I didn't have my period last week for the first time when it was due. And I feel like I have an ulcer. I think it's from stress. I am very nervous about this surgery. I keep thinking, ok... Why am I doing this? I was so nervous when I booked the surgery I thought I was going to pass out. Of course at my age when you mention missing your period everyone says oh menopause. I'll be glad to get it over with.

Period arrived

Ok started today that's good. Now I can go back to obsessing about implant size. Haha

46 Year Old...BL/BA Not Sure About Size?

I am 5'4" 160 fairly athletic build, scheduled for a BA/BL this Friday. I am so nervous about it. I am getting a lollipop lift with Mentor Silicone smooth round, under the muscle. I am currently scheduled to get 400cc. I don't want to have huge boobs, but I do like the round augmented look. I hope this is enough to fill out my upper empty area. But I don't want to go larger than necessary. I don't want unnecessary added weight to add to the continued gravity process.


Ok so tomorrow is my surgery, I'm trying to stay busy and not think about it. I'm confident in my Dr., and the choices we've made. Positive thoughts are welcome :)


My surgery was yesterday. I have to say it was very easy and uneventful :) thankfully now I just have to sit back and heal and wait to see my results. Will post pics one I take bra off to shower.


Can't wait to see


Ok so I'm about 72 hours post op. I showered again today and changed the dressings. My PS doesn't place tape or recommend icing. It was shocking to have ended up with a full anchor lift, but think once it's healed it will be good. I'm really trying to take it easy and just focus on letting myself recover. I'm drinking protein shakes and plenty of water. I'm keeping up on the pain meds also. I hope everyone else is doing well also

Percocet makes you itch!!!

Ok I had been keeping the Percocet in my system. But I was itching on my head and face really bad, I told my husband to check me for lice lol he said, "you don't have lice!" So I noticed itching was most intense about 1/2 hour after taking the pain meds, so I googled it and sure enough that's a side effect, so I'm taking Tylenol now I guess I'd rather be in mild pain than itch.

4 days post

My thoughts on surgery locations.

While researching surgeons one thing I was unsure about was location of surgery. Some are based on large hospital campuses and some have in-office surgical suites. I decided that I wanted an in hospital surgery. I've never been under before so I'm thinking being in the hospital may be better. I can say that I think that is a good choice. I not only had my surgeon looking over me but the hospitals chief of surgery, head surgical nurse, and a host of others. So while I may have, and probably would have, had a successful procedure elsewhere I felt very good about that choice.


Ok, I'm an using my idel healing time do do updates to help others considering this procedure. I'm trying to address concerns I had. So here goes one. I was really concerned that with scars my husband may be turned off by my breasts. But last night while he was helping me after my shower I noticed an obvious erection :) stitches and all.

Wish pic I used

Every Dr is different

It's so strange that the differences are so big. Like my dr won't see me until I'm 2 wks post-op. And I didn't have ant type of tape placed on my incisions. I guess you just need to trust the dr you picked.

2 wks post op

All is going well. Some bruising, but other than that good. I have to wear the surgical bra for another month. I will be glad to get back to normal.

Some new pics.

The indents you see are from the surgical bra.

6 week check up

Well I had my check up and everything looks good, healing well. I asked a ton of questions. One was about should I take antibiotics prior to any procedures such as dental cleanings. He said yes, it would be the same protocol as someone with a heart valve. Also he said my dissolvable stitches would last around 12 weeks. I'm ok to exercise as I want as long as i listen to my body. Keep using the scar cream. I can get in the pool, ocean, hot tub, etc. I can wear any bra except push-up. As long as it doesn't rub my anchor incisions. I have an area where the stitch is close to the surface but not sticking through yet. So hopefully it will dissolve and not have to be cut. I hope everyone on here is doing well also.



Richmond Plastic Surgeon

I want to first say I'm a very particular person. I have emailed this man to death and he always responded even when he was on vacation. He exceeded my expectations. My results are amazing. If you are in this area do yourself a favor and become a patient of his. He also did Juvederm in my lips and Botox on my brow. I have had these two items done by various Drs. over the years and his technique was the best I've received. My daughter commented on it even saying it's the best my lips have looked. Also he does his surgeries in a top notch major hospital. His office is beautiful. And his staff is simply wonderful. I NEVER give gushing reviews...I mean NEVER. But he earned it.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I love ur results. Ur shape and size are amazing girl;•}
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Thank you. I love it also. Yours are great too.
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You are looking great!!! Keep the updates coming.
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Great cleavage!!
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Thank you! I'm very pleased with my results.
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Looking good! Do you think you're done dropping? They are still nice and high.
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I hope so because I like them now.
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I agree! I dont want to drop more either. My PS said that by 6 weeks I should be done with dropping and that my size won't change after that. I am at 5 weeks now and I don't think that I'll change much in the next week, so hopefully I'm safe for now. I'm definitely going to talk to my PS at my next appointment to see if there is anything I can do to prevent/lessen the severity of future sagging. I know it will happen eventually, but I want my money's worth! ;)
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My PS said keep hem supported. Makes sense, gravity is the enemy :) I have some comfortable bras to sleep in also.
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I was only instructed to sleep in a bra for the first 6 weeks, but I will keep wearing one. Do you have any comfortable bras that you'd recommend? I've tried a few and I'm having a hard time finding bras that actually fit under my breasts. They keep riding up at the bottom.
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I have bought every different kind possible :) at this point I've still been sleeping in my surgical bra, it's like my security blanket.
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I wish my surgical bra would fit me properly. I don't know how my PS even got it to close on my huge swollen breasts that first day. It takes both me and my husband to get it to close even on the loosest setting. :-/ Then I feel like its going to burst open once it's on.
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Your breasts look so beautiful. I love your incisions, looks like they are going to heal really nice. I had a good giggle about your comment with your husband after your first shower. I assume he still likes them? :)
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Thank you. And yes he does LOL...maybe too much.
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Your incisions look great...they are very thin!
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You look fantastic!
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You look great! Is this the first time you've been cleared for swimming? I haven't asked yet, but I've just stuck with putting my feet in the pool for now.
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Yes it is the first time :)
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You look great! I am only 4 days post op, so it is encouraging to see pics of people who are further in the process.
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Thank you. I also liked seeing ladies who where further down the road. Most stop posting after the initial healing, but it's nice to see what you can expect further out.
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Flawless results. I barely see scars. Fantastic hoe they turn out. They sure look natural & got that youthful look to it. Congrats on the twins.
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I actually took it from this site :) I think a pic is important to show what result your trying to achieve.
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Where did you find your wish picture...Love it! I need to submit that to my PS! Your results are amazing!!!
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