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Love that i found this site last night and will...

love that i found this site last night and will spend more time reading this afternoon. has already made me feel better about my decision. just going through the process of healing right now and feel kind of rushed by my PS when i ask questions. i only told my husband and one friend so pretty much driving him crazy! haha! my first Post Op was yesterday (surgery was friday) and was told i can massage them to soften the top and bottom. was also told if they drop and the nipples are pointed downward, i'll need a lift. so wasn't too happy about that and am not going to subject myself to another surgery! before surgery i told the PS over and over that i am very active, have 3 big dogs that i walk and train and did not want "boobs" to slow me down but wanted a fuller look and be more comfortable in bathing suit and clothes without all the padding. i'm a young 53 year old, weigh 164 and was pear shaped so the boobs balance me out. i was 36B and i think now am 36DD (PS only talks in ccs but did give me an estimate) put in Saline high profile 550cc and inflated to 570cc. i was thinking i should go smaller but the PS and his assistant said this size went better w/ my build. it's irritating i can't walk the dogs or lift anything but i did start walking yesterday so feel better to get out and exercise. i think i'll be really happy w/ them, last night finally got some sleep not having to be all propped up. got approval to remove all the pillows. i'm supposed to massage them bottom and top 3 times a day 10 times. wonder if i can do it more? i have sooooooo many questions!

Just posted a photo and even braless w/ a shelf...

just posted a photo and even braless w/ a shelf bra, they look huge. still not bold enough to post without bra on! they are very round and high so don't want to scare anyone braless! will look much better when they drop i hope. i did not intend to go this big but i'm 5'8" and weigh 164 and was a 36B and this is what the PS recommended. (he said to even out my body which was kind of rude for him to say but he is a Plastic surgeon so....) it is the truth! did not look this big when i was trying on boobs....anyway, i go back and forth with what in the world did i do??? but i'm still in the healing process. i really had no idea they had to drop and all that stuff... i do hope when they drop, they are a little smaller.... but next week, who knows...? after i get this compression bandage off and everything settles, they may be just right. my surgeon seems to know what he's doing and all his staff said definitely the bigger size..... we'll see! i am massaging the heck out of them...there's no way i can rupture them is it? i'm being gentle but am trying to soften them up on the top and bottom. i still have no feeling in the nipples at all... but it's only day 6.

Doing really good, trying not to think about them...

doing really good, trying not to think about them as much as i was! LOL! i'm back to walking 3 miles so feel so much better. still cant walk my big dogs, my husband walks the dogs and i walk w/ them. trying to lose the 6 lbs i gained since surgery! the lime sherbert i ate every day during recovery didn't help any. haha! i'm used to walking my dogs every am at least 3 miles so felt like a slug till i could at least walk a little bit. i'm thinking my new boobs weigh at least 3 lbs? i'll have to ask my PS. they feel very normal, i can't feel the nipples yet, not sure how long that will take. i'll feel little bolts? going through them like they are waking up. only a little sore on the outer sides. one little bruise. appt this friday so he'll prob. take the bandages off.
ok, time to focus more on work this week!!! :-) posted a couple new photos..
Name not provided

my PS is a perfectionist and very cocky...that threw me off a bit at first but then realized this is cosmetic surgery and that's why he's the best. :-) i've wanted to do this for a long time and thought the recovery was going to be longer and since i'm in sales didn't want to take the time off.. a friend of a friend's had hers done last month and was back to work in a few days. i went in and talked to the PS 7 days before my surgery this past friday! i knew i'd change my mind so i moved fast! back to work on Tuesday.. little bit of medicine head but almost done w/ those. stopped taking the demerol on sunday and switched to Tylenol ES. i feel very strange having boobs but i do think i'll be very happy w/ them. i do worry about complications but it seems like everyone has them w/ no problems so i won't worry about that! right now, i seem to be more concerned w/ what people think when they find out! crazy, i know.....i'll post photos later :-) i haven't even taken any! actually i was surprised my PS didn't take any yesterday.... guess he took them when i came out of surgery?

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What's ur height?
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agree, go big or go home -- still getting used to mine, but glad they're here now
Enjoyed reading your review.
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Congrats! I will be at 6 weeks tomorrow. Isn't it amazing how much things change from week to week. Good luck shopping. Dillards was having an awesome sale last week on their bras. Maybe you can still get some deals there. Have fun!
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6 weeks post op. woo hoo. The PS said I can do everything and just pretend I'vee never had surgery. Yay. Can now wear sexy wire bras and I need to go shopping ;)
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turned 53 in May and got boobs a week later! my first consult was a day before my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!!! :-) you look fantastic! sometimes docs don't know all. what i love about this site is i get tons of great info and reasurrance that all is well. and lets me know what questions to ask. i wouldnt have even thought about scar cream, etc. unless i read it on here. my PS and staff never mentioned it. i called their office a couple days ago and asked them and they said they sell a cream in their office or i could get Merderma (sp?) the scar silicone bandages are perfect for me esp. the CVS brand. i can cut them in two and use one for each girl. cant feel them at all, they are flesh colored, can't see them and they have stopped the itching. yay!!
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I'm almost 53 too! I didn't want a lift either. I'm almost 6 wks post op and I think they look fine. I didn't want a lollipop scar and that's why I opted out on the lift.
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Scrappy. I know! The crate was folded up and I didnt realize how heavy it was. I m laying down and took Advil. Massaging it a little bit. Still hurts a little bit

It is a BIG difference but what's funny with clothes on no one has noticed! But I am wearing the sports bra so guess that's holding them down
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So i asked the docs what could happen if we lift too much. I think the biggest concern is a hematoma (internal bleeding), and implant displacement. So keep an eye out for those things. I hope all is well!
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thanks, Scrappy.
i thought i hurt them boating and my PS said to avoid bouncing, lifting so they can heal properly but there wasnt a chance of moving the implant..but i could have asked 5 of the assistants in the office and i bet all would have given me a different answer! :-) one Assistant said my Danksin bra was ok for now and the other said it wasn't enough support... she did check them Wed. for hematomas and said they were A-OK. my next appt isn't until July 11 but i may pop in the office in a couple weeks just to have them doubleck for hardening, hemotomas. she said i could come in sooner than 4-5 weeks... feel good today - they are tingling and waking up!
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Thats good that they said (or more importantly HE said) that they looked good. I wonder how much the assistants really know. No offense to them, but when you are getting multiple answers I can't help but think- well, someone is wrong! So who is it?? lol So go with the doc.
I just read a post, a gal cleaned her hardwood floors and started to rip her incisions out. She was doing something else too that hurt them. I hope she learns to be more careful, after we all spend on these enhancements- it would be a shame to ruin them!
It is hard to not do stuff. Hell, everything I need to do requires arms. I did get some plants planted yesterday, but I am going to have to wait to rearrange some of those shrubs....I did one shrub and was like "oh hell!" when i was pulling it out of the ground. I have been a bit worried of myself over doing it as well.
I am dying to paint a room! and I need to vacuum!
Arrgh! Haha~

So instead I have been spending my honeys hard earned money. =)

How many days are you post-surgery? You werent kidding when you said you were active lol! That is awesome though!
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I was told not to weed my flower beds . So I just watch them grow .
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You are a smart girl Sissy! Maybe you could pay a teenager to do it for a few bucks?
Cuz after 6 weeks or more it could be a real disaster depending on where you live!
I shouldnt have bought those plants. I wasnt thinking thats for sure. They've been sitting there a little while and they wont hold water anymore so I decided I better get them into the ground. =)
I was verrry careful though aside from that stupid bush! lol
And I am between 3-4 weeks post-op right now.
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I just looked at your page. You are a little more post-op than myself and you arent allowed to weed??? I guess maybe I shouldnt either- and I havent been, but I am surprised as it seems like many people have been given the ok to do things sooner than myself.
So when I said depends on your location- I know you prob have that damn Bermuda grass creeping into your beds! LOL As I just moved from Oklahoma! We have it down here in Housotn too. I HATE that grass!
My hubby says they can spray the beds to kill off that bermuda and prevent the grass from growing. Ever heard about that?
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Hope you are ok ! I live on 4 acers , my husband and my boys take care of the land . They don't do flower beds . It's ok I will do it when mr dr says I can .
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Yes I do have that bermuda grass and it's tuff . My dr just is looking out for me . I hope to be able to do it all in 2 wks . If I take care of the beds it doesn't get out of hand .
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they told me not to do anything that hurts. so when i lifted that crate to lend to a friend, i dropped it immediately. then laid down w/ my iPad and chilled (and emailed) haha. when my husband got home from work, i told him to open my office window, take out the trash, put the dog food in the crate, unload the dishes, do the laundry and told him that my "girls" and i needed to rest that we overdid it! he's like, ok, Princess. LOL!!! :-) oh, yeah and pick up the crate i dropped in the driveway (my friend ended up not needing it!!) taking him to BBQ fest this weekend since he's been so patient! he loves to clean and do yard work so that's cool (former Marine)
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i'm 2 weeks today Post OP... the PS told me i can lift light weights (biceps and triceps, leg lifts) just not to use my chest muscles. both boobs are a little tender at the top but i think they are just waking up. not sore but just tender. when i try to lay on my side, it's not comfortable yet. My PS said i could sleep on my side but to alternate so i'm not just leaning on one side. i guess i should have asked him why? i know what you mean about getting different info from the assistants... my first consult, there was 4 assistants in the dang room when i was trying on sizers and everyone had an opinion. i kept saying, what size are these if i get these implants? C, D, DD? they said they couldn't tell me because they go by ccs and not sizes. 2 of the girls as i asked for more ccs was looking at me like really? the PS came in and gave me a thumbs up, like go higher :-) and he was right. i called for another consult because i was really confused w/ all those people in there and i told them that. my next consult was the PS and one assistant who i really like. she told me to try on my blouse over the sizers and thats what made up my mind. she took a picture of me using my iphone and i texted the pic to my husband, like how's this? he was like, perfect. the sizers in the sports bra didnt really give me a good idea of what they were going to look like- distracted from the real look.
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everyone heals differently and best to listen to your doc. i have to ask questions though, they are not telling me what not to do or what to do till i ask. i just got a survey from them and i'm going to offer some suggestions they can give BA patients. like a diagram on how to do massages, what sports bras they suggest, scar creams/bandages?, what not to do...blah, blah. they did give me a folder w/ stuff - guess i should look in that. haha! ok back to work
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You look good in your before pic and now you look awesome . Big boobies !!!!!! That's a good way to have drinks . I will look at that site . Thank you !
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Oh God! Dont ruin the girls!! I do everything slowly at the initial stage to see ow it feels. I dug up a bush today to relocate it and I was like "crap!" trying to get it out of the hole. I found that dragging it didnt stress the pecs since i was using the legs.
Your after pics are BIG diff from before! I am sure you are ecstatic about your results. Although that sounds insulting doesnt it?? I am sure you know its not meant to. ;)
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thanks, Sissy, i love the extra protein and has really helped me w/ my chocolate cravings. i mix the vanilla w/ frozen strawberries or any berries and blend it in my GE single blender. it taste like ice cream. the chocolate is good w/ berries too. i'll add diet Dr. pepper and ice to the choc. and it's like a chocolate float. i'm creative w/ my protein :-) Syntrax is 23 g. protein, 0 fat and 0 carbs. the Latte Cappucino flavor rocks! i've gotten the Roadside lemonade protein and mix w/ tequila and lite margarita mix when we vacation or go to the beach. haha! or vodka w/ the roadside lemonade...:-)
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bigdogva those flavors sound yummy . I plan on drinking 2 a day and the one I'm getting is full of protien , and fruit and veg . . You look awesome in your new Pic .
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that's what he wants..them to drop so the nipples rise up. i didn't take any before pics. the doctor did. i have a before in a bathing suit top i'll post... actually when i saw the before pics, i knew there was no turning back! i've never photographed them and was like wow, they are small. they have never been droopy but when i lost weight they were getting that way. not enough weight in them to weigh them down! just got the CVS silicone strips...very cool... i cut them in two and put one under each boob. the generic brand was 28 strips for $25. i like the strip to make sure they don't get infected...i have dogs and w/ camping and all the other stuff we do, i feel protected. was trying to get a dog crate out of camper and realized it was too heavy and a sharp pain just went thru the left one! i dropped it and am taking some advil and laying down.

Ok everyone, do not lift anything...even trying to open the windows -dont' do it!!!!! i have to wait till husband to get home and put the crate back in...i couldnt even get a jar open the other day and had him open it. he has been a real sweetheart! in taking care of stuff -
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thanks, Scrappy - they have been released! Wheeeeeeee! haha. im shy believe it or not though no one believes me!! i have to wear the band so the nipples dont turn down (so the PS says) he wanted me to get a lift too but i'm not going to think about that and hope for the best. i'm 53 years old and am not really going to be flashing everyone and i'm not into perfect... i like them just as they are. ok off to CVS to see what they have..then back to work. i am catching up from being in a pain med daze for a week! this dang site has a Share button on the left and i'm paranoid i'm going to accidentely hit that key and they are going to appear on FB! haha
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LOL!! FREE WILLY! Or Willemina? haha
I am pretty conservative in my dress, and all so wasnt sure about posting pics b/c i know men look at them. I dont like that part. I will also prob delete my bare ones once i am more settled in and not posting pics anymore for educational purposes.
Thats interesting that the band is supposed to prevent your nipples from turning down. They call that the "snoopy" look I believe. I thought though that the implants could drop more even once you got the snoopy look and the nipples would rise up. I saw someones pics where that happened. But maybe that depends on how low the pockets are? No idea- but you look good! Do you have a before pic too?
Thats always the amazing part. The transformation-
Oh God! HAve this all end up on fb- I HOPE NOT!!
Thats a horrible thought!
I hope that is not even possible!
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