Awaiting Surgery! 1/4/2012 - Richmond, CA

Hey everyone! So first off I am 20 years old and a...

Hey everyone! So first off I am 20 years old and a Junior in college at CSUMB in the lovely monterey, ca. I have been having back pain, shoulder pain, shoulder grooves and emotional issues surrounding my breast size for a while now. I am about a 38 DDD but maybe more like an E since most of my bras dont always fit well. I have always felt like my breasts were way too big for my personality and hated how my identity started to be 'the girl with big boobs.' Clothes didnt fit right and the ones that did, I didnt like. Shopping for bras especially sucked.

Anywho, on a happier note, my surgery is less than a month away! I am so happy that I found this site. I have been searching on the web and on youtube like crazy to get different people's point of views.

SO: i hope that a lot of you guys can respond to my posts and we can all relate :D I was really wondering what I can start doing now to prepare for surgery and what I need for it??

I know that I want to get some button up shirts so does anyone have any advice or tips on what to look for in the shirts or where/what brand are good??

I'm also semi-worried about going home with the drains. My dr says that I will have them in for 3 to 5 days which really freaks me out! Any advice??


oh same Im SO excited for the new clothes and buying new bras and all that stuff. gosh its gonna be awesome. i just got a whole bunch of button up cozy shirts and pj's and yoga pants and all that. so that should be helpful! yeah im staying with my family these next two weeks so that is DEFINITELY helpful. im really happy for that! and for the gauze and all that.. they just do all that at the hospital. :)
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yeah exactly! my mom and boyfriend both think im rather crazy as well.. haha ohhh well! thanks! im trying not to! gosh.. tomorrow is my last day with boobs. how WEIRD! honestly im not totally sure.. all I bought were button down pj's. besides that, I've just been taking everyday as if I wasn't even having surgery. My doctor didn't really say I needed to "prepare", it was kinda just left as "well, see ya on the 15th!" how about you?
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I have been trying to put off shopping for as long as i can because i dont want to get too excited too soon. But i do have a list of things that a lot of people have recomended..

antibacterial soap
extra bandages/gauze
gold bond ointment
ace bandages
a couple sports bras
comfortable slippers
an eye mask (to help you sleep during the day)
comfortable hair bands/ties since you cant do your hair
button up pjs and shirts

and just overall make sure that you have everything you need for entertainment and to make the spot that you will be staying comfortable. I say this just because i feel like it would suck to have to come and either hurt yourself trying to do it or asking someone else to do it. Ill be staying with my mom and im super happy about it but at the same time i feel kind of weird and dont want to ask her for everything, you know?

But i think in general you could probably just see what you need when the time comes. and if the doctor didnt tell you anything about gauze or sports bras, they might be supplying that for you.

Enjoy your last day with the girls!

Ahhhhh! 15 days left! It is not coming fast enough...

Ahhhhh! 15 days left! It is not coming fast enough... I am soo overly excited. How can I possible pass the time ?

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Ok so my surgery is in two days and I am excited...

Ok so my surgery is in two days and I am excited but worried at the same time! I have had this cough for over a week now and I'm wondering if there is any possibility they will reschedule?? I have had to make so many arrangements and so has my family that it would be really really disappointed. I don't have a runny or stuffy nose, no fever, just a itchy cough. Has anyone had experiences with this or know if it's ok??


It is possible that they would reschedule. You might want to be checked out just to make sure. It is always possible that it is allergies or nerves causing the cough, but if there is any chance that it is respiratory then the anesthesiologist may not clear you. Going to your primary care or urgent care just to be sure would definitly be worth your time. Good luck!
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Hey everyone! Day 4 today!!! Everything went...

Hey everyone! Day 4 today!!! Everything went really well and I think I'm healing up nicely. The drains are gross though and I won't get them out until Monday so boo to that but other than that I'm up walking around today feeling pretty good :)


Um, how did it cost you$1250??
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im so happy to hear you're up and moving around! :)
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