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Invisalign- Still Waiting for my Trays to Arrive After 5 Months - Richmond, BC

I signed up for Invisalign treatment in Sep 2013,...

I signed up for Invisalign treatment in Sep 2013, and now is Feb 15,2014 and I am still waiting for me trays to arrive!!! I've been following up with the dentist, and at first they said it was back ordered, then told me there was a mix up and somehow my order was being missed, now after 5 months, I was told it's still not here and they are escalating this to senior management. I am very frustrated with this as all this while my installments are being taken out every month and I am getting nothing in return. I'am wondering what I should do from here, I just want my money back and quit treatment all together...
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I'm sorry, I hate to alarm you but I work in an office we are Invisalign providers. I have NEVER heard of such a thing a ' back order' these trays are made specifically for each patient once the treating dentist/orthodontist approves the patients plan and submits it to the company. Generally everything is back in our office in 2 weeks. I suggest calling Aligntech the company who manufactures Invisalign give your name and the drs it should be enough to look up. If it's discovered they were not ordered but have been taking payment from you, I'd suggest you report the Dr. to their college, they would be in big trouble. Hopefully nothing like that is going on, but I must say it sounds very suspect. Sorry...
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Hello, thank you for your comment, sorry I completely missed your comments. Yes, I am not sure what has happened, but I finally received my trays. So yesterday was my day one. :) thank you for your help!
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Wow…I've never heard of that before.  I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this.  Have you also discussed with your doctor the possibility of stopping your payments while you wait for this to happen?  Although after five months, that may be a lot of money--I don't know what your timeframe was for paying in full.  Do you have a copy of your contract, in order to see what your rights are at this stage?
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Thanks TwoPlusOne for the comment. I read my agreement, but it did not specifically say what my rights are other than I have agreed to pay them $4000 over a 12 month period. I also put down $1500 of my own money at the beginning of treatment, so I am already out $3000 without even started my treatement... Everyone at the dental clinic was really nice so I hate to make them feel bad, and it sounds like they are trying but it's Invisalign that's screwing things up...They said they will get back to me next week, so hopefully the result will be satisfactory. But honestly after waiting for 5 months, I am already not sure if I still want to go through the treatment...My motivation now is gone, hehe... thanks again for your kind words, it's nice to know someone cares. cheers! :)
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I'm glad to hear they may resolve this soon.  I know it's difficult when you're frustrated, but consider that starting the treatment 6 months or even a year later will still pay dividends in a beautiful smile.  In addition, your price is locked in at the earlier rate, and with inflation, that rate will inevitably be lower than a later rate (just saying ;).  The process of straightening your teeth will be inconvenient at the best of times, but very few life changes will affect that significantly.  Leaving the country would, of course, but even things like that are overcome with planning and persistence.  

Anyway, I would hate for you to miss out on the smile you want because Invisalign messed up.  Now you've spent the time and mental energy for this long, and giving up would seem almost like that time was wasted.  

I don't know…these decisions are obviously so personal, but as an older person, I look back on my life and see a few opportunities I missed because of impatience and frustration mixed together.  It's potent.  I didn't get my master's, for example, because of that particular blend.  So yeah, as long as it seems like things are moving forward, try to be patient.  That said, you must advocate for yourself as well.  Don't worry about making them feel bad.  Be courteous and professional, and they should do the same as your doctor and liaison with Invisalign.

Best of luck.  I look forward to your updates!
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Thank you, I think you are right, thanks for making me feeling better...for now, I will just have to be patient till next week and I will keep you posted on progress. Thank you again, you are so sweet!:)
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:D !!!  *fingers crossed*
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Hello twoplusone, I just want to tell you that I just got my Invisalign tray, and I will be starting my treatment tonight! I have 35 trays to complete, so it will be a little while before I see the difference, thank you for your support! :)
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That's wonderful news!  Finally, they've come through for you!!!!  I hope the discomfort you experience over the next couple of days is mild and forgettable.  :)  Don't forget to update your review so that others who come by know that you've started treatment.  

I will change your treatment date so that it reflects 25 Feb 2014…  Yay!
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Sounds good TwoPlusOne, my day two is manageable, the teeth are doing OK, but my tongue and the inside of my lips are the real victims (sharp edges). :( I am learning to cope with it the best I can, but I am glad I finally get to start my treatment, and thank you for your support! :)
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Don't forget to try orthodontic wax--it helped save the insides of my lips in the beginning.  Eventually you toughen up, but it takes a while!
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That's great news, I will definitely give it a try. It's music to my ears when you say 'you do toughen up eventually', I can't wait for that day to come! :) I should check out your reviews and learn some tips from the seasoned Invisalign veteran, You are amazing!;) cheers!
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Careful!  Not all my reviews are Invisalign, and some have very ugly naked pictures :).  And also, unfortunately, I started my Invisalign review so late, that I don't have a lot of helpful stuff there, I'm afraid.  Most of it is retainer-related.  If you want to see a really helpful review from someone currently going through the process, you should check out PreOrtho's review.  And lots of really sweet people also post there, so you can click around and find a lot of great reviews to read.  Not saying you can't look at my review, though :).  Some of the same great people post there, so you can click around in my comments as well--it might be helpful!

Explore! :D
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OK, no worries, I will and thank you! :)
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