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I put down my deposit today for a MM. I'm very...

I put down my deposit today for a MM. I'm very excited and somewhat nervous. I have been on 3 consultations. The first doctor said I needed a lift, the second doctor said I needed a periareolar lift. The third doctor said I did not. I went with the third doctor because I came across his website and I saw MANY women whose ptosis looked as bad as mine or even worse but the results were fabulous.  I did not want the horrid look of the frankenboob with a vertical scar and I was not thrilled about the periareolar lift. He was the most priciest of the three, but the quality of his work was so consistent and perfect.

So here's a background. I am a mom, I am married....

So here's a background. I am a mom, I am married. I am done having kids and I want to feel sexy again in my lingerie. I feel sexy in my clothes, but not for my wonderful husband. He is happy with the way I am now, but understands and supports my decision to make my appearance more aesthetic. I am currently a 36C, I will be going up to a 36DD hopefully. I don't think it will look overly large as I have a medium sized frame. I am 5'8" with an athletic frame. The tummy tuck is mainly for the horrid stretch marks that cover my lower abdomen and wrinkled belly button. The doctor explained he is able to get good results with no lift because he realized there is a "sweetspot" with regards to placement and size of the implant. Too high, too low, too big, too small will result in an unoptimized appearance. As far as the tummy tuck goes, he explains that uses several small stitches for the abdominal muscles instead of one long "baseball" stick which has a high rate of breaking. He will use drains and I'm okay with that. He also said the scar is done a little differently to make sure it will be hidden when wearing underwear and bikini bottoms. He attaches the belly button not on the flat plane of the stomach, but inside of the hole so that it looks more natural. I can tell he enjoys what he does, takes pride in his work, and is meticulous with small details.

Okay guys, I love the pictures of my PS's work on...

Okay guys, I love the pictures of my PS's work on BA, but honestly I'm concerned about the TT. The whole reason why I'm getting a TT is to remove the stretch marks. Now my stomach is not big at all and I don't have a lot of extra skin to work with. I see most of the women on his site with larger stomachs than mine and he doesn't even cut above the belly button. Should I look for a separate doc to do the tuck? decisions.....

16 Days PO- I was going to do a mommy makeover but...

16 Days PO- I was going to do a mommy makeover but decided to split the surgery in two. I went with a tummy tuck by Dr. Nakamura. I will go with BA later this year by DR. Schwartz. The journey has been fairly easy. After surgery, I stayed on top of my meds along with taking arnica and bromelain for swelling. I caught a cold a few days after surgery so coughing has made it traumatic at times and I almost literally die whenever I need to sneeze. It's like the whole world stops. My husband has been around to help me do everything. At the one week check up the doctor removed the sutures and stitches, painted on colloidal-something to help with healing and sent me on my way. He said everything looked good. I go back on Monday. I'm concerned about my belly button it looks really dark I hope it's getting adequate blood supply.

Had my 18 day PO check up today. The doctor was on...

Had my 18 day PO check up today. The doctor was on vacation but the nurse saw me. She said everything looks good. I still deal with swelling on a daily basis and can't stand up straight 100% but I was able to finally button up my work pants today.
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You look fantastic the swelling is killing me. I want to wear my clothes again!!
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Oh duh. Lol i missed that part! Haha :)
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haha that's okay
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Hi! So what happened? How are you doing? How are your results? Would love to see your progress :)
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I'm good but the surgery is art the end of March
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What size r u getting..I got a lift with me..I'm looking to see your results
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ms. thang, thank you for viewing my story. If you look on his site, go to his gallery, he has a plethora of pics with women who had saggy titties like me that he was able to implant with lift at all. That's the reason why I'm paying an extra four grand to go him. I want to be a DD, but I don't know the cc's. He says his goal is "pretty breasts" not biggest breast, so I told him do the pretties biggest breasts then. lol
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Hey! You must be excited?? So you are getting BA and TT w/ MR?
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Yes, he will do several stitches and not just the single baseball stitch. That way if it breaks the whole thing doesn't unravel. Just THAT stitch. I am concerned about having permanent stitches in. Doesn't seem natural.
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A spring mommy makeover! I'm excited for you!

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. Will you be posting before and after pics for comparison throughout your journey?

If you haven't already seen it, here's a great list of supplies to consider getting for your recovery.

Keep us posted!

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Yes, I'm going to post pics and give a more detailed background story. Thank you for the tips Angiemcc
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I just looked at this list. It is very comprehensive. Thank you for taking the time to compile and share.
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