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If I had known then what I know now, I would never...

If I had known then what I know now, I would never have gotten a brow lift. I also had a facelift and lower blepharoplasty. After almost three weeks, I am still very swollen and the bruising has been unbelievable. Finally, after about ten days, my PS did a needle aspiration on my head to drain the old blood that was pooling on the top and sides of my head.( hematomas?) The blood immediately accumulated again, so after beginning to aspirate and getting 30 CCs, he prepped me and took me back to surgery where he made another incision and pumped out another 50 CCs. That was four days ago and I still have some on my left side. My entire head is extremely sore and yet numb. It's been a nightmare and so very painful. I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy. ( and certainly not to any family member) My Dr. Is puzzled because he used drains and said the surgery went well and has never had this happen before. Lucky me. I must admit he and his office staff have been very sympathetic and helpful.

I truly feel your pain!! I had a brow lift & quad blepharoplasty in June 2013. I looked like I had been beaten with a wrench for over a month. my surgeon/ surgery was also in Richardson. I have spent hundred$ on medical bills from complications as a result of my bad surgery! I don't even recognize myself when I look in a mirror, i don't look like me. 14 months after & I still have daily complications including severe asymmetry, one eyebrow is more than 1/2" higher than the other, very HOLLOW deep set eyes that are different shapes, one round one almond, daily headaches, left tear duct damage, one very dry eye bouts of severe itching on my scalp & forehead and sore knots where the fixation devices that were attached to my skull have yet to dissolve. This was most defiantly the worst decision I have ever made!!
I am so sorry about your terrible experience. I regret mine immensely too. I write this as I am nursing another headache. I now have a headache about 50% of the time and it’s been 2 ½ years for me. It feels like I have elastic bands in my forehead that are constantly being pulled too tight. I hope it gets better for you!
That is not good news. I had a great recovery. Now is that the Surgeon or just depends on each individual? We will never know. I am so sorry it wasn't a great experience for you.
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