Im 22 years old, 5'1 and weigh about 150lbs. Ive...

Im 22 years old, 5'1 and weigh about 150lbs. Ive always had big boobs which caused a lot of back and neck problems for me. When I turned 18 I decided to get a breast reduction. I had the consultation and everything and was so excited. About a week later I found out that insurance didn't cover the procedure even if its medically necessary. I was devastated! I became depressed because of this.

I got married this past January (2013) to the most wonderful guy in the universe! We discussed trying to get the surgery done sometime this year. He got a raise and promoted, which allowed us to afford my surgery sooner than we had planned!

I got the soonest date that I could because I was so excited! My surgery was Thursday August 29th. It was out-patient so I went home that day. I didn't have any pain at all that day. I even got my husband and parents (who came to town to help take care of me) to take me shopping! It was hard walking straight and standing up so I had to be in a wheelchair but I wasn't in pain.

Day 2 I was in a little more pain but still ok to get up and do stuff (my family hated that I wouldn't stay sitting down!) I did notice that a blister had appeared above my bottom incision. I called the ps and he said it was common and to just keep gauze and Neosporin on it.

Day 3 I was in more pain than before and the bruises were the worst. I had my first shower/bath with the help of my husband. I didn't wanna raise my arms to wash my hair though so I went to the salon and had it washed (and cut) and just relaxed! Also went shopping (I just cant stay home!)

Days 4 (yesterday) and 5 (today) were about the same. Itching like crazy and not as much pain anymore. Yesterday the blister busted and another appeared on my other boob (not as big). I bought a sports-like bra to help keep the gauze in place. They keep oozing clearish liquid and blood. Also they are still a little numb >.<

My post-op is Wednesday so I get my bandages off then. Hopefully the swelling goes down soon so I know for sure what my size is now. Either way im super happy with the results! I don't even have back pain anymore!

Forgot to mention...

My bruises are blackish purple on the bottom of both breasts. Has anybody else experienced this? It kinda worries me :(


Have you asked your doctor about your bruising? I haven't seen anyone on here with that much bruising. It could be totally normal, just express your concerns with your doc.
I called today and asked but didn't hear back from them. My post op is in the morning so ill definitely find out. I haven't seen anyone with this much bruising either which is why I posted mine. Maybe itll help other people in the future to know that it is possible for this to happen
Absolutely! Let us know when you find out.

more pics


My post-op was at 8:30 this morning. I got my big bandages off and everything looked good, my ps wanted to take the extra skin from the blisters off so they could start healing faster. He wants me to keep double or triple antibiotic ointment and guaze on it and see me every week until the wounds heal. According to them, the bruising and numbness is normal and will take a few months to go away.

I think today has been the worst day for pain. Although im pretty numb, the wounds where the ps pulled the skin off sting pretty bad. Im also pretty sore and swollen. Hopefully that goes away soon!


Forgot to mention in my post-op update that my ps gave me a $200 gift certificate to their spa! Im in need of a facial! :)
You look great! Congrats


The numbness in my incisions is going away. I have this pain on the right side close to the bruise on my ribs that feels like someone is pushing on my incision as hard as they can. Ive taken my Lortab and some Ibuprofen but the pain isn't going away :( other than that pain I really only hurt when I get up and walk around. I feel tightness and a little sore like Im just bruised.

Still keeping Neosporin and guaze on my open wounds. All I feel on those is a little bit of stinging but theyre numb for the most part.

Since surgery, Ive been sleeping on the couch/recliner so I can stay on my back (if I sleep in the bed I might roll over onto my stomach). Last night I crawled into bed with my husband just to cuddle and ended up falling asleep (thanks to Ambien lol) I slept really good until my husband left for work. I couldn't get back to sleep because I had really bad back pain from being flat on my back. Looks like Im back on the couch until I can sleep on my side or stomach :/

For the first time today I felt nauseus


My last update posted before I was done...

For the first time today I felt nauseous. I was up and about for a few minutes getting things packed to go to my parents house later today. Then I had some cereal. Im not sure if it was activity or the food that made me sick but I had to take a Phenergan to feel better, and now Im resting until its time to leave. Anybody else have trouble with nausea after surgery?


So Wednesday my ps rubbed the loose skin from the blister off and this is what it looks like now. Its like a giant scab. Not sure how long itll take to heal. Still cant feel it though. He said thats normal and itll take a few months to get feeling back
I'm sorry to hear about your complications. Definitely hematomas on both sides. keep an eye on those because they can become a source for infection. I hope your recovery gets easier and the bruising starts to go away. xoxo :)

my dress fits now!

Are you taking arnica amd bromeline for the bruising and swelling? I took them for about a week and a half to two weeks and had hardly any bruising. They look great btw.
The only things I was prescribed is Lortab for pain, Phenergan for nausea, and Ambien for sleep. They never gave me anything for bruising or swelling.. or itching but thank goodness my anxiety meds are used for that too lol and thanks!
Wow that is so odd how your bruising looks like a perfect triangle. I hope your healing continues to improve. By the way your boobs look great

Bruises, blisters, and pain

All of my bruises are pretty much gone now, but I still have pains on my ribs really bad and im starting to feel the incisions :/

The scabs from the blisters look to be healing. They still look icky but not as black. I've kept neosporin and gauze on 24/7 but I'm gonna try to go without tonight to let them air out a bit.

I keep saying that the pain is getting worse everyday but I also realized that I've stopped taking the Lortab as much... But the numbness is going away so maybe it's a bit of both.
Arnica and bromeline aren't prescription, you can get them at a health food store. They're homeopathic. They also make an arnica cream that you can use to rub on the sore areas (not on your incisions) and it helps with the ache and pain, sort of like bengay, but without the smell.

more pics and post op 2

Went for my second post op this morning. My ps said everything is normal and that I might start splitting under my boobs which is to be expected. I'm supposed to see him every week but I'll be out of town for 2 weeks and then he's out of town the next week so my next appt is Oct. 2nd. He said I just need to keep him posted and send pictures if anything changes and he will let me know if I need to come back to town for stitches or something like that.
Congrats on your surgery i just learned today my insurane will not pay either even if it is medically nessecary. I was so upset when i find out now i have to save. im looking for doctorsNow. i just hope i can save enough to get it done. Wish me luck
Im sorry :( it definitely sucks to find that out especially if you got your hopes up. Maybe you can apply for a card like I did
Love the new swim wear! You so right about the new pain as you take less meds a numbness subsides, happy healing girly! Have a great vacation too!

No sleep

Well my "vacation" to see my parents isnt really going that well. They have 4 cats and im severely allergic to them :( so on top of not being able to sleep because of my surgery, I cant sleep because I cant breathe and I had a massive headache last night and only got an hour of sleep :( I brought (and took) Clairton, benedryl, and my inhaler. Nothing seems to be working and im miserable. Ive only been here since Wednesday and ill be here for 2 weeks! Hope this gets better :/

same shirt before and after

Congrats! I'm 23 5'2 and weigh around 150, I have very large breast as well 34 G or H depending on bra, my surgery is on the 18 of this month! I'm excited and nervous!
Dont be nervous! Its the best decision you will ever make in your life! I was so drugged up that I really didn't feel any pain the first few days. The rest was just sore almost like I worked out too much


Finally got some sleep last night. Mainly because I took two benedryl and a lortab last night. I'm able to sleep on I'm left side with no pain but because of the giant scab/sore on the right side it kinda hurts to lay on. But it's gettin better! :)

Slowly gettin better

So all the tape is off. I rubbed Neosporin on them and then showered, the oiliness of the medicine made it come off easier.

Im able to sleep on my stomach now. I just have to be very gentle when I roll over.

The scabs are getting smaller everyday and the glue is coming off little by little. I saw a small part of the bottom incision and the scar looks really good. I could barely see it.

Still no splitting and it doesn't look like they will (that's just my opinion though), I just hope they keep healing like they are and not get worse. My right boob is still more swollen than left (don't see much improvement) but its not getting worse.
You look great! I'm 5' 34G, so it's great to see photos of ladies close to my size. Congratulations and I hope you keep healing up well.

pics to show improvement

I know you cant see much but my wounds are getting increasingly smaller day by day. My incisions look really good especially on the left side. It amazes me that they aren't that noticeable even though I've seen everyone else's scars (well I saw that they were barely noticeable as well ;P )

more improvement

You require medical attention to care for this wound. This is not bruising, it is an area of dead skin and some dead fat tissue which requires removal to prevent an infection. You will have an open wound under your breast but it will heal over time with good local wound care.
Its actually a scab from where my ps peeled the skin off from a blister. Ive been in contact with him and keeping him updated. It was alot worse but its getting better. He also said its not infected and drainage is expected
Our leftys are twins! No infection, when they get yellow, it's forming new tissue, then they bleed especially while scabs sluff off, (bleeding is good healing sign) then you should see pinkish flesh in the wound, it takes forever because it's from the inside out, what your care routine, I think I have to change my ointment.

I freaked out for a second

So here's an update. Everything is looking better everyday! But yesterday after my shower a piece of glue came off that was still attached to a scab. I freaked out at first thinking my incision split but then realized what happened. I just need to be more careful with it
Thank you for continuing to share pictures, eshcar is a scab, it's the best bandaid ever it protects your wound, don't remove unless your doc says it's the best course of treatment. (Infection may require removal of eshcar) I know your struggle, I'm walking it with you. :) I will continue with pictures too, it's important for myself and someday others, I'm still so happy I did my BR, even with this set back. Healthy Healing sister!
I'm not a doctor but I do have a medical background and the picture with the draining fluid looks like an eschar, not a scab. I'm glad you're in contact with your plastic surgeon but if he's telling you that's a scab, and he's seen it in person, then he's wrong. These areas heal really well and the scar is far less than you'd ever expect but I really wish you'd see your primary doctor about wound care. It may need a debridement, I'm not saying I think it's infected, you'd need a culture for that. Seriously, it's none of my business and I don't know you, but I really hope you take the advice of the MD who posted. Take care and best wishes.
Thank you for the advice. Is coming off on its own. I'm still out of town but I'm going back home Wednesday. I sent my ps a picture and wants to see me as soon as I get back in town just to be in the safe side.

found some pictures on my mom's phone

Congratulations on your surgery - your results are great! And I hope those areas are healing fast - whatever they are :)
Thank you and they are healing pretty fast
I think you are right. Sad enough if someone doesn't take this serious. I would get let it checked by a different doctor. I think yours might not be telling you the truth if he is saying that would be normal..

sad :( 1 month post! (thursday)

So what I thought wasnt gonna happen did :( the vertical incision on my right side split. Im extremely sad about this.. but on the bright side im able to wear strapless dresses! This excites me to the max! Iol

(Sorry about the blurry pictures)
Have you been to the doctors?? The black should have been removed by a doctor as soon as possible..... It obviously gets even MD answered you here telling you that it has to be removed and can cause further infection..! I really don't get why you don't take this MD seriously.
I've been in contact with my dr. There is no infection and is getting better. It's coming off on is own.
Oh, it's healing! It's a slow process, but it looks great, I'm excited for you about the strapless dresses!


Finally decided to upload nipple pics. Was uncomfortable at first but it's whatever lol so anyways. The left side is gettin smaller and the right side opened up more :( my next appointment is Wednesday and I think my ps is gonna take the scabs off finally. Im gettin nervous though cuz my feeling is coming back to those areas. They just itch right now but I dont want it to hurt :/

left side

Well the scab on the left boob has finally come off! Hopefully now it will heal really fast! The Right side still looks the same though
I'm not sure why I can't leave a new comment but I'm really pleased to see how well you're healing, it's all up from here!
Ps. I hope the right follows suit very soon.
Thank you. The right side is coming off as well just not as fast. My appt is tomorrow so my ps may take it off for me. I'm just worried that I'll have to have additional surgery for the right side like a skin graft

1 month 1 week post op

My appt was today, my ps cut all the dead skin/tissue/scab off my wounds. I felt pressure mostly but it only hurt on one spot. He gave me a bottle of saline and wants me to keep damp gauze on my wounds until they heal. The small one should take 3 weeks and the big one about 6 weeks. So I dont need a skin graft :) im happy about that! Ill upload pics after my shower tomorrow, I already have them all covered and dressed.
I'm so pleased you got the debridement down and especially that it didn't hurt! I didn't tell you before but before my illness I worked with a tissue viability nurse practioner, these wounds usually leave far less scar than you'd ever believe when they're open, it's great news that you don't need a graft and it will granulate by itself. Happy healing!
Thank you! I was scared it was gonna hurt :/ I have bad anxiety and that was worse than when he actually cut it off
Congratulations !!! You will be so happy wih final result !

:( so much pain

I decided to change my dressing because my ps put really big gauze on and it was uncomfortable. (Sorry forgot pics) The left side was fine, but the righr side hurt so much when I tried to take the gauze off. The area that hurt when he cut into it bled and dried on the gauze causing it to stick to it. Since I pulled it off (as gently as I could) and put more gauze on its been stinging so bad :( im scared to take a shower in the morning.. not looking forward to dealing with this everyday

severe pain :"(

Went to take off the gauze to shower. The left side came off fine. The right side on the other hand was stuck on there pretty good. I had 3 layers on and was able to take 2 off with only a little pain. The third layer hurt so bad I was crying. Even in the shower after I soaked it. I finally got out of the shower to cut the loose pieces off and rubbed neosporin on the last part. It helped a little but still hurt really bad. Im supposed to do this everyday :( I dont think I can handle this for several weeks. Oh and theres lots of blood :/ I felt dizzy in the shower I had to stop and breath before I passes out
First of all you poor brave girl. I cant believe what you are going through. Please get a second opinion!!! It is your right and your health. I am praying for your speedy recovery. Lots of love!!!!!!
I am sorry that you have to deal with this but I agree with Ginge. You should get another opinion for what you are dealing with. Happy healing and please keep up updated on your recovery process.
Awww... **BIG-HUGS** to you, girl!! Keep following your PS orders and take care of your girls! You may also want to get other doctors' opinion on here if you haven't and post some questions up with your picture. Several doctors answer my question and I felt a lot at ease afterwards. I'm praying and hoping you will heal quickly!


I want to say thank you to everyone who encourages me and keeps me in their thoughts and prayers. I have gotten a few opinions from other doctors. Theyve all said similar things. I dont regret my surgery whatsoever, I just wish I didnt have to deal with this. Id be ok if they were both as big as the left but the right side hurts so bad :( the left doesnt hurt at all. It takes me an hour just to get the gauze off so I can take a shower. I even wet it in the shower and try but nothing seems to help :( its really upsetting
It's good most of necrotic or non living tissue has now been removed. The risk of infection is minimal now, your surgeon is managing the wound well but this will take quite awhile to heal. If your surgeon is not comfortable caring for complex wounds you might consider a good wound care center if there is one in your area. They will have the newest dressing materials like mepilex, artificial skin substitutes and VAC negative pressure devices. These measures can decrease pain and speed healing.
I've used gauze for burns, it doesn't stick to the wounds, make sure it says non-stick. Johnson&Johnson make a good one. Light day maxi pad might work too I used them too, I cut everything to fit. I'm sorry you're in pain not fun, I feel ya on it taking longer to get ready! Hang in there girly!
I had been using the non-stick but my ps doesnt want me to use it anymore. He wants it to stick to the dead tissue so itll come off. Its just stickin to more than that too.


So yesterday I started a new cleaning routine. I started using hibiclens instead of fragranced soap (I know that's bad, it's all I had) and I started using a tighter weave gauze. I've noticed a huge difference just since yesterday AND I wasnt in hardly any pain taking the gauze off! That makes me extremely happy!


More blood than normal while taking off my gauze today :/ feel really dizzy seeing all that blood. Idk how I can watch gory movies but cant handle my own blood. But at least I still didnt have that much pain taking everything off!
I'm so sorry for what you're going through. I really hope those wounds close up soon and you can enjoy your new body!
The good news is that you have blood supply to your breast. Now it's just the process of healing. Did the doctor allow you to have non-stick gauze? Or will that not help the healing process?
He doesnt want me to use non-stick because he wants it to stick to the dead tissue to pull it off.


Kinda upsetting that my Fredericks 36F bra still fits :(
It is really horrible having a complicated recovery. A different person might have some ideas of how to speed up the process.
Hello bcarson.....I really think you should get a second opinion also.....if your PS doesnt do something different this time, please see someone else....

Forgot to mention earlier

When I went to take off my gauze earlier there was hardly any pain or blood and I didn't need to wet it at all. Came off very easy. Everything looks great too. Healing very well!
One more thought...could you hire a nurse to come in and take care of your dressings, etc. just a thought to take some strain off of you.
We don't have the money for that. Plus it hasn't been bad lately, just hoping it stays that way :)
I also like doing it myself. I wont even let my husband help because I can stop as soon as it hurts, if someone else does it I would have to wait til I say ow or stop abs for it to register in their head lol

1 month 2 weeks post

So it turns out that I will need a skin graft. Apparently my wound got bigger since last week. My ps said he wants to see me next week to see how everything is and figure out when we need to schedule the surgery. I really only need it on the big wound but he said he would go ahead and do it on both since ill already be under. He also said that my insurance should cover this procedure but if it doesnt then he would cover it


I dont see a difference other than the nasty dead tissue is almost gone
Just want to mention a new device your surgeon may not be familiar with, it's called cellutome made by KCI, the company that makes the vac negative pressure device used for wounds. The cellutome makes skin grafting these kind of wounds less invasive. You can look at it on the KCI website.
So glad to hear you are going to have your wounds closed with a skin graft. Open wounds can take a long time to heal and the risk of infection is great. I wish you only the best and I pray for a good recovery. Your posts on this site are such a great help to everyone in the healing phase and I admire you.
That's great that he's going to do the skin graft. I guess it's taking so long heal he's going to have to act fast!! Let us know how it goes. Your update on the skin graft will help other ladies that may go through the same thing after Breast Reduction! Stay strong! After this, I know you will finally heal better and it'll be over soon!!

Crazy itchy!

I haven't really had much pain (except when my dogs jump on me or my husband tries to hold me in his sleep). I've mostly been itching. Its itches so bad Idk what to do about it :/

I've had trouble sleepin lately. Last night I didnt get to sleep til 3 and the night before wasn't til after 4. But when I do sleep I'm still able to sleep on my stomach with no pain (probably not a good idea though)

My next appt is Monday and ill find out when my skin graft will be. I'm hopin its soon so I don't have to deal with the gauze anymore. Has anyone had to have a skin graft?

scars and bra

My scars are looking great! And I pulled out an oldish bra (got it even though it was way too small, its a D-cup) and its too big now :D I cant tell by how much though. I have it fastened in the back (racerback) so it stays on otherwise itll fall off lol
You look great girly! Your Dr. Seems great! I'm glad to hear he's being so proactive for you! I hope all works out very, very soon!
It's good that you are no longer bleeding as much. It's a good thing the tissue doesn't fall out. It must be due to the internal sutures that most doctors are doing now when doing a breast reduction. Try not to sleep on you stomach until your breasts heals. I miss sleeping on my stomach and my sides so bad but I don't want to pop any internal sutures. LOL. Let us know what your doc say on Monday!
I try not to, I just happen to do it in my sleep. I'll wake up in a different position every morning lol

skin graft

Saw my ps today, my skin graft is scheduled for next thursday the 24th. My insurance will cover all but $200 which my ps will cover for me :) I also asked how much he took out and it was 4lbs! :D
I will be thinking of you tomorrow. You are going to have an amazing recovery!!
Thanks! I'll update when I come to lol
Best of luck to you on your next surgery. Your new boobs look so great on you and it is time to finish the healing. I wish you the best and thank you for your courage and honesty.

before skin graft/after

The wounds have been looking so much better lately. Hardly any dead tissue left. It wasnt hurting as much either and looked as if it was starting to heal (just very slowly).

Skin graft was this afternoon. Everything went great. When I woke my my pain level on my leg was about a 9, they gave me some lortabs and now its about a level 4. My boobs dont hurt at all. Just my leg. But I itch everywhere! Lol ill get my bandages off in a week
So sorry that you ended up with this complication - it must have been so scary and upsetting. You have managed it so well - so impressed with you and hope you heal well now and get to enjoy your new boobs. :-)
You are the bravest young women. I wish you nothing but happiness as you start your healing and put all of the challenging stuff behind you.
Im sorry you had to endure all these pain seems to me there was a malfunction. you should of got a second opinion from another surgeon. Im praying for you to had a better turn out and smooth healing before your 6 month post op. get well.

skin graft picture

I had to change gauze (just the tape really) so I decided to snap a pic while I could. Im pretty allergic to adhesive and the tape they used was super strong! I was itching a soon as I came to after surgery. I finally took it off and changed it to tape not as strong. I haven't been itching as much since then Thank goodness! My leg feels better too!

I wish I could get some sleep :( ive gotten to sleep around 3 every night pretty much since my first surgery. My schedule is so messed up now :/ I even wanna up late now. Im supposed to be getting a job soon so idk how im gonna fix my sleep schedule. Anyone have any suggestions?

Forgot to attach pic (so tired!)

I pray that you heal completely this time. Congrats on your skin graft now rest and heal
I wish you a good healing!!

allergic reaction

The tape pulled off some skin when I took it off to change last night :/ I'm not sure what else to do to

allergic reaction cont.

(My phone is acting up :/)... keep the gauze on. The paper tape that I had kept falling off and was just as itchy. Now I'm covered in adhesive and burns
Keeping you in my prayers. Keep the faith!
I hope it goes well for you from now on. You really have had a horrible time.

hurting and healing

My leg hurts so bad :( I was having an allergic reaction to the plastic so I took it off (with my doctors permission) I have a piece of gauze that's stuck and hurts worse than when it happened on my boobs :/ it itches like crazy
Aww, I am so sorry, you've really been through the ringer! I hope all begins to turn around for you soon. Rest and take it easy! No more trying on all the cute bras & stuff, just relax and let your body heal :) I am praying for a speedy and hassle free recovery from here on out :)
Holy cow, if it is going to happen to someone it will be you. Your plate is about as full as it can get. You deserve a break any time now. I admire your faith and courage. You are truly a warrior. All this for perky boobs. I wish you the very best. My prayers go out to you.
So sorry - totally sucks that this has all happened to you.

hurting more and more

I can barely walk, I'm in so much pain. I just took 2 lortabs and they don't seem to be helping :( it seems like I'm hurting more than the day I got out of surgery. I cant even sleep. Idk what to do.

The wound is dried out and feels like if I sit still too long or hurts worse to try to move. Its giving of heat too. Idk if that's bad or not. I put a cold wet wash cloth on and wrapped an ace bandage around to soothe it. It's kinda helping but Idk if it'll make it worse :( im just so frustrated
You should go back to you doctor sweety. Have him know that you are allergic and in pain. You need something for the allergic reaction
You are such a trooper sweetie. Can you switch pain meds to get some relief? You are in my prayers.
Were you prescribed pain meds? Will they help? I can only imagine what you're going through and I know it's rough. With this breast reduction, I thought it was rough but for you it's even harder! You have been so strong and so optimistic! I admire your strength so much!!! In a few weeks, all the pain will be forgotten and you'll start to heal much better!! Thank you so much for posting this up and helping others that may be going through the same thing too!! *BIG-HUGS*

2 months post op (and 1 week for skin graft)

To answer a few of yalls questions, ive been taking lortabs for pain which has helped alot. And benedryl for the allergic reactions to the tape.

I saw my ps this morning. He took off the gauze and stitches. The skin graft is looking good. My boobs dont hurt at all anymore. Just my leg.

I was finally allowed to take a shower after a week of waiting. It felt so good!

Im not sure whats wrong with my leg but its giving off alot of heat and its red all around it :/ I think its a little swollen too
Hi there- out of curiosity, when did you dark bruises appear on the bottom of your breasts? Were they there right away, or did they not develop until day 5ish?
It showed up like the second or third day
I have it happening on the middle incision going down to the bottom. The doc told me it was going to die and turn very black. This was on day 2.


My leg is itching so bad now which is a good thing I guess cuz that means I'm healing. It doesn't hurt as much anymore either
It is already looking so much better!  I'm glad you are not in as much pain anymore. I'm not sure what I am seeing in the skin graft pictures.  Is the stuff that looks like 'netting' your grafted skin?  Or is the grafted skin under that netting stuff?  Just curious... It is amazing what our bodies can do as far as healing goes - and a little surgical help!
Thanks. I'm so afraid that this will happen to me, but I think I'm past the high risk time. I hope you both heal quickly!!!
Thank you. I'm pretty nervous about it. Trying to be positive and it's hard to do when you are scared. I'm hoping you aren't getting this. I get my drain tubes out today and go see the doc thurs for my second post op visit.

getting better!

The boobs are a lovely shape. When you get through this you will really enjoy them.

almost no scabs left!

Still hurts but definitely not as much and still itches like crazy!
Glad to hear you're doing so much better! Yay for healing!

Can't tell a difference...

So glad to hear you are making good progress. You are a true warrior. Be proud of yourself. You are doing great.
Keep the faith. You are going to get through this and then it will all be worth it. I still think you are so brave!!!!


Ive been scared lately because pieces of the skin graft have been falling off so I texted my ps and he said that its new skin forming (thank goodness!)
Looking just great. I hope you have a big smile on your certainly are a brave one
You are one of the most courageous young ladies I have ever known.....I can't wait until you can really enjoy these new breasts of yours....
So glad to hear you are now on the mend. The shape and size of your new boobs is great. Soon you will start to really enjoy them!

3 weeks since skin graft

Saw my ps this morning. Everything is healing perfectly! I don't have to go back for another month! I'm impressed with how good they look.
They look so much better! I hope your leg is less itchy too.

no more pain :) happy 38B

Tried on a couple bras and im officially a B! Yay! Not in anymore pain either! Just have to wait til everything heals completely. Won't be too much longer :)
I'm so happy that things are going so well for you! Take care.
You look great!!!! it has been a long journey for you, but soon you will be healed completely and enjoying your lovely little breast...
Wow. How amazing! I could definitely see a difference from one pic to the next! You are so strong to be so positive after everything you went through! Good for you! ;))


Sorry I've been behind on posting but everything is still going great. I'll post pictures soon. I do have one spot that hurts every now and then but for the most part they're fine. Still dry and peeling from the skin graft though. My leg isn't hurtin either. Still itches pretty bad but I can handle it.
So glad to hear you are finally healed - what an ordeal! Enjoy your lovely new boobs!

picture update

Things have been crazy here lately so sorry for not posting sooner. Holidays are busy, I started working again, and my great grandma passed away last week. But here are some pictures... leg is still pretty red but it's getting smoother and not as dry/flaky. My boobs are healing great as well. Still peeling a little and a little tender on the spot on the right boob that was always hurting and bleeding. I have noticed though that they aren't even but I think that's because of the complications I had. The right one seems a bit higher and when I wear certain bras or tops my nipple sticks out a bit :/ but im still enjoying the life of little boobies :)
I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I'm glad you are truly healing and that you are enjoying the smaller breast! Good for you and thanks for the update.
You have been so brave and so positive, looks like you are on the last stage of a long journey. The shape and size of your new boobs are lovely, hope you are fully healed soon.


No big changes. Everything is still goin good. My right boob does itch quite a bit where the skin graft is though but I'm still numb in alot of places so it does nothing to scratch lol I have an appt to see my dr today so if anything changes I'll let yall know
Your blog is so inspiring! After going threw that whole process you kept such positivity! And I see girls complaining on here about the tiniest of things, so it was nice to see someone who was so confident in their decision, even threw a skin graft, I know I definitely wouldn't have been able to handle it like that. I honestly am usually very easily grossed out but once I read your comments along with your pictures I couldn't resist, I read and have looked at all your pictures twice now! Lol. I'm shocked how AMAZING your recovery has been! Best of luck to you! And I'm glad to see your wound has healed up so nicely :)
Glad things are going well with the skin graph!

blood clot

Well last night I had an itch right under my left rib. I felt something hard, like a hardened vein. I did some research before I got too freaked out but it turns out it was a blood clot from surgery. I went ahead and went to the er and they confirmed that that was the case. They said to take motrin for swelling and pain meds (as needed, which I dont). I also need to put a heating pad on the area for 20 minutes 3 to 4 times a day
How is the rest going? I have been wondering how you are. I have had a very problematic recovery too. The shape of your boobs is lovely.
Glad you are getting there and staying cheerful.

scar covered! (and other updates)

So the blood clot is still there but its not bothering me and it isnt dangerous so im not really worried about it much.

I found a lump on my left boob. I got scared and called my mom and she assured me that it was just scar tissue. Once im back home im gonna call my ps and have him take a look/feel and see what he thinks. Its probably nothing but Id rather know for sure if it is or not.

Last but not least I GOT A TATTOO! Lol I covered the scar on my leg and you can barely see it anymore. I bet once the color is done you won't be able to see it at all anymore!
The tattoo covers the scar really well, even without the colour, and your breasts are looking so much better. I'm really glad you are following up the lump though, I'm sure it will be scar tissue but you've come too far to take any chances now. It's good that you don't regret it, you've been very positive and it can't have been easy with the pain and fear you went through. It's good to see you back to normal.
Nice ink ! I am getting another tattoo on my left breast/ shoulder and I am putting my first ps initials hidden initial in the filigree. I will post a picture when I am done. So glad you are doing well. Good luck and enjoy
what a brave soldier you are!

Its been a while...

Its been a while since the last update. Just haven't had anything really to update.

They've gotten bigger unfortunately :( im hoping I can get back in shape and maybe they will get smaller.
I am so glad to hear you are doing so well.. Your tattoo looks great. Stay well and enjoy
You look good! That tat sure is pretty, such nice colors! I think I may need a couple. Tats on my areola, and fix the old one I thought tt would be removed.
wow, you have had a long road hun! I'm glad everything looks so great now, and your tat is icing on the cake!

been forever since my last update

So I know I said I was happy with my results and don't get me wrong, it was still worth it, but now that everything is done healing I'm not as happy. When I went into surgery I was expecting scarring but not like this. My right breast is the worst. Pretty much the whole bottom half is scarred really bad. Idk what went wrong. Idk if I should be upset with my doctor or myself. I did everything I was supposed to so I don't think I caused this. My depression has gotten worse because I was expecting them to be perfect aside from the "anchor" which I didn't even mind. This I do mind.

My ps says he's gonna fix it. He wants to do a lift and take all the skin graft off...... but that's half my skin (is he planning on doing another reduction ?). The problem is, though, last time he said he was gonna "fix" it he said I wouldn't have to pay anything. After my surgery I got a bill in the mail for $900! I had already spent every penny I had on the $6000 for the first surgery. I don't go see him again until October but I'm worried he's gonna make me pay for this "fix". I can't do that.

I wanna know everyone's thoughts on this

*forgot to add*

The $900 bill was reduced to $100 after bringing it up to my ps.

Also the pain in the skin graft scars is still there
I would get several more opinions plus his opinion. You are much too young You have your whole life ahead of you and I would see how this could be fixed. Please bring all of the pictures you have posted on this site to your new surgeons. They need a good reference point so they know where to begin. I do wish you the best. You are a terrific patient and like my ps says " every woman is beautiful and every woman deserves beautiful breasts"
Thanks for the follow up pictures, it's good to see that the skin graft has healed completely. The graft can be removed in time to improve your scars but remember the longer you wait the more your breast skin will stretch. The more loose skin you have the easier it will be for the surgeon to remove the skin graft without excess tightness and more wound healing problems. Good luck to you and thanks again for sharing your experience.
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