One week until revision!

This is a long time coming for me but I'm very...

This is a long time coming for me but I'm very excited and as it gets closer I'm starting to get nervous. Why did I schedule my surgery out so far?? lol Admittedly during the consultation once we got to the part where we were talking numbers it all just happened so quickly. Getting the financing and picking a surgery date my husband said I just kind of sat there dumbfounded and kept nodding my head in agreement to questions. haha! Good thing he was there to keep me from agreeing to something I shouldn't. lol I'm totally the type of person that doesn't get her hopes up for anything, ever and when I went in said...and still keep saying...that it's not a done deal until I'm waking up from surgery. My Pre-Op is on the 3rd, so that is the final step before surgery. Keeping my thoughts happy and remembering to remain excited despite my nerve because this is something I've wanted for a very, very long time and I deserve it.

Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! I'm so happy you're able to do something special for yourself, despite your nerves....which are completely normal. Here are some links you may find helpful throughout your process:

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Be sure to keep us posted on your research and your pre op appointment!


Pre-OP 4 more Days!

So I have 4 more days until my surgery and I'm super stoked. Finally letting myself get excited!

I had my Pre-Op Appointment on the 3rd of September and finalized all the details. talked about my expectations and listened to him talk about all the scary stuff. I've been stressing big time about doing everything right before my surgery. I'm a super worrier and think about all the very worst of the worst happening. lol My husband and friends have been amazing with me and talking me off the ledge. Many times.

This week though I figured I'd be a basket case but I'm surprisingly calm. Then again we aren't at the night before yet. lol Who knows how I will feel Thursday. The biggest thing I'm stressing about is the anesthesia, that is kind of freaking me out. Having a tube put down my throat to help me keep breathing doesn't set well with me. lol Oh well, I wont be awake for that part anyway so stressing about it wont help...but it's still at the back of my mind.

The details are 350cc Right, 375cc Left. To help even out some asymmetry I have due to the concave in my chest wall. Silicone Gel, High Profile, Under the muscle. I'm hoping to go to a full C, but I'm worried that I'm not going big enough. I feel very blessed and fortunate to get to be doing this. This time last year this wasn't even a possibility for me so I want make sure I don't end up disappointed in the end, my husband is so awesome to let me spend this much money to help make me feel more confident and look on the outside how I feel on the inside. Of course he doesn't think I need any of this, but he's so awesome and understanding that he knows how much I want to feel like a woman again. =)

So, so, so excited and ready! Come on Friday!

After a lot of thought I've decided to add a couple of before photos because I know I will want them later when I want to remember where I started.
So excited for you! I'm jealous your surgery is so soon. I think the size you chose would get you to a C. I/m going with 397's and hoping for a D. How tall are you? I heard the taller you are, the more the cc's get eaten up.
I can't believe it's at the end of the week. Lol I've been in this process since the 1st of August. Sometimes I wish I'd scheduled if sooner. I'm 5'4 but I didn't know that the taller you are the more you should get. I plan to ask him if he thinks I should go bigger before I go in.
The part that sucks is it is so hard to tell if you pick the right size. 400 on one person might look small and on another so big. It's confusing lol

My Stats!

I just realized that I never said much abt myself someone suggested I give a little more info so I thought I would give some basics. I'm 5'4, 110lbs and 31, I will be 32 in January. I'm married to my awesome husband and a stay at home mom to two amazing school aged boys.
Hey! Hope you do well with your surgery! I'm the day before you :) I hope you get the outcome you want. Happy healing ::)) *hugs*
Afternoon! Thank you and I hope you do well with yours too!! How exciting you only have a couple more days!! I'm just resting and trying to keep calm and my thoughts positive. Happy healing to you too!! *huge hugs*

Post Op Bras and Hoodies

My bff and I went out to buy my post op Bras with me. I was only supposed to get two but ended up with 5. She kept throwing them in the cart saying that I needed a few options. haha! I love her, she knows me well. Leave it to me to get bored with my comfy bra choices. I cab only imagine when I'm able to go real bra shopping what that will be like with her. I'll have to start saving my pennies now for that shopping trip. lol I didn't know what size to buy so I got different sizes and the ones that don't fit I'll take back. I also got a couple hoodies to wear home and when I'm feeling like being up and around with out having to wear a real shirt.

I was fun spending that time to do that and kind of really drove home the fact that this IS happening, it hasn't really felt real yet. Like I'm just going through all the motions in a daze. But I've got my team of supporters doing the count down and keeping my spirits up and thoughts away from the negative. This has all felt like a blur and everything just started happening so fast once the ball FINALLY got rolling on this. I've wanted this for so long about 4 years only 2 that I've actually verbalized it and I know it's right for me but I never thought it would be a possibility for me. Just still cannot believe I'm getting to do this.

3 more days! =D
**hugs** hope you feel better soon :) can't wait to see your results!

Thank you for posting your before pics. It will be nice to see the contrast of before and after. Wow, I can't believe your surgery is tomorrow. Good luck and be sure to update us when you're feeling well enough. Wishing you a smooth recovery!

Im so glad you are doing this. Im on the same boat as you, I wanted to do this for a very very very long time. Our surgery date is the same on the 20th of this month. Wish you the best luck and a speedy recovery from your surgery! Im 5'2 100lb , petite im doing 280 cc silicone high profile. GOOD LUCK!

Surgery this morning!

I had my surgery this morning, I was so scared but once they got me in and explained everything to me & gave me all my IV drips I was out, I don't remember a single thing. But apparently when I was waking up my husband said I was saying so crazy stuff. Lol I'm doing alright except the band is so tight & it's pretty painful. Keeping on top of my pain meds but they don't seem to effective. I'm sleeping a tons despite that though and when I get to sleep I don't feel the pain. I hear the first few days are the worst so I'm keeping that in mind and that this too will pass and I will have great boobs! =D
Trust me this shall pass! WARNING: the first couple of days seem like forever SILVER LINING: they are NOT! and you will be amazed how one day you just wake up and feel good. Give it a week :) And if you get the "dreaded bloat" don't let it bring you down. You'll pee it all out in no time! I wish you a great recovery!!
I didn't have a lot of luck with my psin meds either - lortab, so today he called in Tylenol 4 and I feel much better. Remember, if they don't work for you call him. He will find something that does. Rest easy girl **hugs**
That thought didn't even occur to me, thank you for mentioning that! I'm going to try to get some good sleep tonight and hopefully it will help some too. My husband won't let me do anything but lay in bed so I'm getting all the rest. Lol He also told me that my nurse said that I could loosen the band and when he did it feels a little better. Thanks for the advice!

Almost 24 hours Post-Op

So it's the morning after and I'm feeling okay. Sore but staying on top of my paid med's with the help of hubby and my bff. I took my bandage off for a few to loosen it up and I noticed that my right side (which got the bigger implant) and it looks smaller and off centered. Is this normal, I know I'm not very long into this but it's kind of freaking me out. I would have thought the bigger side with the bigger implant would look bigger, and not off center. Ive been up and down some but trying not to strain and I have a little dry cough.

Just wondering if anyone else who've been there post op too.
I didn't have bandaids but I did have a band. Do you have a good support bra? Are they giving you a band for either the top, bottom or mid breast? It's just about making sure the implants heal into the pocket the way you want it to. Were you given any massage's to do? Don't freak out! No breast is exactly the same and it can take 3 months to be final.
I have a few good bras, but I'm not allowed to wear them until after my first post-op appointment. My band compresses them from the top & I'll get massages to do after my post op. This morning I think I was just tired because I took my first shower 24 hrs post and they look fine for this soon after surgery. My husband also reminded to that the side that got the bigger implant was to even them out for the final result since my right side was so much smaller to begin with. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I need to be patient. Lol

First Post Op photo

I took a quick photo to share. I ended up with 280cc in the left and 350cc in the right. He couldn't fit the bigger implants in so he made an executive decision, which I'm perfectly fine with because I trusted him to do the right thing for my body. Hubby is pleased. Lol

So far so good!

Absolutely loving my new boobs right now. I can't stop looking at them. Lol The pain isn't so bad right now and I'm backing off the pain meds so see how I do. I'm back to being alone with the kids tomorrow and having to drive so I need to see how today goes. They still seem swollen but not rock hard like I've heard some people say, they are actually pretty soft. Makes me wonder if that's normal for this soon after surgery. Lol I still have gauze over my incisions but I don't know that I still need them, I just like to have them covered. Otherwise just relaxing in bed on my last day to be lazy. Tried to get some new post-op photos.

Who would have thought...

...that doing every day things would become such a chore. lol Okay so maybe today I tried to be a little ambitious and clearly I am not having any depressed feelings yet. I woke up ready to conquer all the things that I normally do and everything else too. lol Today was my hubby's first day that he had to go back to work, so I was going to be on my own and to try tackle driving the car.

I got up and got a shower, that wasn't quite the ordeal it had been and I actually felt like I washed my hair. As opposed to just throwing shampoo on my head and rinsing it out and calling it done like I did during my prevous two showers. lol I still couldn't master real pants with a button so I grabbed my trusted yoga pants and called it good, put on a tank, a hoodie and was ready to go. Made the kids breakfast, both their lunches and then it was time to drive the first one to his school. The hubby stayed late to ride with me to make sure I could master this...all I can say of the next 25 minutes was nothing short of a comedy show. As long as I'm going forward or back wards everything is perfect but as soon as you have to actually put effort into turning the wheel...all bets were off, ladies. lol I made it up until the very end when I had to navigate back up the driveway and that was super fun with the next door neighbors watching. Hubby had to help me out of the car and put the car in the garage for me and that's where it will stay for a few more days...possibly even weeks. My doc said I could try driving after 3 days and well...tried and failed miserably. lol

Luckily my BFF came to the rescue last minute and drove my youngest and I to his school and all I had to master was getting myself in and out of her car. After that I pretty much quit the day and crashed until my BFF arrived back to take me to get him from school. My hubby took care of getting our oldest and doing our Running Club/Taekwondo rotations and now currently dinner.

Clearly I over did it today and I paid the price for it most of the day. So the rest of this week will be resting and not trying to be an over achiever. lol

Other than still a little sore, the girls are good and I'm still happy with them. I walk around topless when I can and flash myself in the mirror. It's fun and I'm glad I did this for myself. I cannot wait for when they D&F, I'm super curious as to what my final size is going to be.
Very nice results. Take it easy! You don't want anything bad to happen!
Thank you! I so am, no over achieving today. lol The biggest even of my day has been getting a shower. Taking it super easy.
You tried to drive today? Holy crap! If I hiccup I feel like my implant's going to shoot out my are much braver than me :)

7 Days Post-Op and feeling like they aren't going to be big enough in the end.

So I'm having a little bit of a panic attack over here.

I said previously that my Doc couldn't fit in the size we decided on (375/350) so he went down to (350/280). Which was fine because I knew he was doing what was best for me.

Well now I'm starting to feel worried that I'm not going to end up the Full C that I wanted or even a C cup at all. Perhaps I'm just over analyzing this whole thing and I'm just upset so I'm distorting my view of them, but to me...they look like before photos not after photos. The right one, which was always my smaller size pre-op looks so small from the side and that's the one that got the bigger implant and the left doesn't really even look that big either. In shirts I can't even tell I've had a boob job, I don't fit into a 34C bra and 34B bra fits a little snug. I took my measurements and maybe I did it wrong but I'm measuring 27(under) barely a 33(across the nipples) 32(across the top). That's a B cup barely a C cup I'm feeling pretty upset because I feel like they are still swollen and high so what's going to happen with the are supposed to D&F. I'm really afraid they are going to be smaller and I didn't pay all this money to be a BCup. I was very clear what I my goal was and this wasn't it.

I go in for my first Post-Op Tuesday and I know I have to tell him that I'm not happy but I know that a revision isn't in my near future either. I'm feeling pretty disappointed right now.
Even if not as large as you wanted, just remember it is still an improvement! Sometimes your body won't handle as much as you want. Just keep your head up. If after a year or so you are still not happy, maybe you can re-do larger. Again... Remember is still better than before!
I'm in pretty much same boat, but I will wait for few months to see the final result. Just try to think positive.
Don't get caught up in a number (OR LETTER) just how you like the look :)

Post Op Appointment and NO MORE feeling sad!

My first Post-Op Appointment was yesterday and I was able to talk to my doc about my concerns.

This was discussed during my consult and pre-op but I didn't believe that it would make a huge difference. I figured that the size we discussed was the size that was going in and that was that. Bot was I wrong. lol I'm very small in the chest and my chest wall has a very deep concave favoring to the right so it made my right side very difficult for him to work with. My right boob has always been what I call my wimpy problem boob and has always been a full cup size smaller but I never knew it was due to my chest wall issue and I didn't think it would be a huge factor in my surgery.

He did the very best he could to fit 350CC in there and had to fight for that. I was supposed to get (375R/350L) but ended up with (350R/280L).

I found out yesterday my surgery was 2 hours just because my right side gave him so much trouble, which I guess isn't average because I've seen a lot of people out and done in under and hour. My goal was to be a Full C, but he said that I'll end up a full B. I was SO upset about it because in my head I didn't pay all this money and go through with this elective surgery for a BCup, I wanted a FullC and I felt like I got giped.

I gave my self yesterday after my post-op to be sad and weepy after what my PS told me but that's done. It's ridiculous to be so upset over something that just simply can't be changed and my PS did the very best he could do for me. My husband gave me the opportunity of a life time (for me) to have this elective surgery that not everyone gets to go do so I could feel better about myself and it's so selfish and bratty for me to be acting so ungrateful.

DH and I had a long talk about it last night and what it came down to, is a revision is just not in my future and it's not because of money because DH said he would let me do it again.

It's because my PS cannot simply fit any more in and said even with time to stretch out he didn't think that he would still be able to fit any more in. My PS was very stern with me. He told me that he would not do a revision if he didn't think it was in my best interest and he didn't think it was. I guess I'm a rare breed of woman or something because even he said he's never had this much trouble getting a woman to her goal before, usually he tells his patients that they should go bigger if they can, not smaller. lol Even my BFF who used him, he told her she should go bigger because she could.

At this point my PS did everything he could do and he's happy with his work and I feel I should be too. My PS didn't fail me, my body did. I mean I should be used to that. It failed me in the boobie department my whole life. lol I came down to the point where it can't be changed so there is no use staying this upset over something that can't changed.

I finally have boobs to put into a bra any bra I want now and a vast improvement from where I was when I started so there simply is just no reason to be upset any more. I was seriously upset because I didn't want to wear padded bras. To be honest even a padded bra didn't fit me before. lol I was wearing training bras before I got the not so grand idea (now looking back) to stuff my bra to a D size and THAT is my biggest problem currently. For the last two years I've been a Dcup, thanks to silicone boobie inserts and that wasn't a good idea for me and THAT's the reason I'm sad. I was never going to be a Dcup, ever, and honestly on my frame its too much, but my brain is trained to see that. DH and my 2 BFF's told me over and over again that it was too much but I refused to listen. Once I get over that, I have a feeling things will be much better and it will be much easier to love the new girls.

I woke up this morning and decided today I'm going to start over, clean slate and change my attitude.

I'm going to choose to instead from this point forward accept what I was able to get because it really is better than what I started out with and I'm not flat chested any more which was the ultimate goal. To not be flat chested. I'm going to dress the new girls up with pretty bra's and shirts and watch them do what ever D&F'ing they might do over the next few months should the fairy visit me and start to enjoy them now. I'm ruining this whole experience for myself by being upset.

I already started the process of making myself feel better. I got rid of all my high neck shirts, that I used to wear to hide the fact that I was stuffing my bra and all of my DCup bras. So it's starting to feel a little better shedding all that. My closet and bra drawer is very empty right now but DH promised me this weekend he'd hand over his beloved CC to let me do some shopping to get stuff that fits me. lol I'm looking forward to that and spending some quality time with my best BFF's.

I'm putting this out there to hold myself accountable because dangit, there is no reason to be sad about pretty, nice perky boobies that are perfect for my body! lol

Right Side Post Op Day 12

Hit submit before I added the last photo. lol
OMG I'm sorry about ur experience:( This is how I will be fine with size I chose, even if i look in the mirror and think theyre small: Ill be happy that I have more boob than I started with. Bc Ill kno i was lucky enough to get the surgery at and therefore willing to accept any amount of boobage as long as its more than what I have...and that it will be and same goes for u-I mean u have rly quite a bit more than u started with! Once they drop and fluff I think and hope you'll be happy :)
I didn't realize it would post an update when I revised my title. lol I have a new update to why I'm still sad if you want to read about it. I'm very, blessed and thankful for having a vast improvement in boob size than where I started. Just more disappointed in my body and issues with healing. I'm certainly happy to have a cup size now, just can't wait to get my issues fixed. Thanks so much for the kind comment. =)
Okay I just read ur last review, I read on here that a lot of women get revisions. I totally agree and feel the same way-u see so many women w fantastic results and u just figure ull have great results as well. I understand it would suck to go thru the whole surgery process again but if its not about money, why not get a revision. Either be unhappy with ur results or get a revision and tAke the chance of being happy

Small revision now needed.

It's taken me a abt a week to come to terms with this and accept it so I haven't been able to write about it yet.

From abt day one I've felt like this whole experience has been a bit anticlimactic. From my PS not being able to fit in the size I wanted, finding out that my chest wall has a major defect that I always knew I had but didn't think it would be a problem because I was told it wouldn't to now needing a minor revision. I'm just exhausted, just.simply.exhausted. Not enough to regret getting them but enough to sit down and go...what the hell.

I saw SO many good results and SO many happy girls I just didn't imagine I'd be in the minority of girls who aren't happy. It just never occurred to me so I never set myself up for the what if something goes wrong. I just assumed it would all go right and one and done. I doubt it would have helped preparing myself but who knows at this point.

Any way, I'm almost two months post-op, 1 month and 3 weeks to be exact. Man it honestly feels like a life time ago. One good thing I can say is that they feel part of me now and I didn't think that would happen. They don't feel like foreign objects any more and I don't remember myself with out them.

I started to notice though that my right breast was settling a little more center than I thought was normal but I thought that was normal and that the internal sutures hadn't maybe dissolved so it was forcing it too center. I've also lost all my upper fullness and when you look at me from the side it doesn't look board flat but you can definitely tell it's not as it should be, it looks like little triangle on my body and not natural looking at all. As it dropped more and more and I could see my scar moving from directly under my breast to more visible at the front when looking at me head on I realized that maybe something wasn't exactly right so I called me PS to see if it was something he'd want to look at and he did. Turns out that I need a pocket revision to put it back where it should be but I have to wait until closer to my first year to get it so there is more scare tissue for him to sew too.

I know on the list of complications this is by far a huge deal and it can be fixed, but I don't even know what something like that would cost. My friends who have used him...but of course got great results...are trying to convince me that if HE mentioned doing a revision that it would be on his dime. But I honestly am not going to sit here and for one second think that he will just fix it with out me having to pay something. Surely I'll have to pay for the anesthesia or hospital fee again. I can't...I just can't...ugh. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I didn't want to have to worry about this, having to go in again. I just don't understand why this is happening and why my body just couldn't cooperate. In life I've had to fight for every.single.thing and struggle for every ounce of happiness and I just thought that since I was paying so much money and was assured that my chest wall would not be an issue that this time I would just get to be happy and enjoy this. This one thing I've desperately wanted for years and years has been tarnished with disappointment after disappointment.

I'm supposed to wear wired bras too to help keep the right side supported and I really can't because the way its settling it doesn't sit center in the cup but instead the inner bottom part sits directly on top of the wire of the cup so I can't make it a whole day before I'm out of it and in a sports bra. I also have to wear padding (even in a push up) to make my cleavage match other wise it's super noticeable. I just wanted to be able to put on a bra and go in the morning after so many years of stuffing and work to look and feel like a woman in clothes...I STILL have to work at it. *sigh*

I wanted pretty breasts with out having to fight for it, I just wanted something in my life to go right and be easy for once and I'm exhausted and done. You can see the vast difference in my breasts in this photo but you can't really see the lost upper fullness and I couldn't get a really good side photo. It's easier to see it in person. But here's a reference photo. It's from a week ago and there hasn't been really any change in the left but the right one is continuing to settle too center and my nipple is farther off center now than it was in this photo. The left one also looks pretty high, tight and off center still but he say's that normal provided that side of my chest wall normal. I've seen very little change in since since the start but I'll willing to give that one a little more time considering I'm still less than two months out. Really it's just the right one I'm upset over right now.

I go back to see him in March so hopefully there will be some major changes and my attitude will change or at the very least I'll get to revise and hopefully that will fix the issue.
I don't know what to say, but feel the need to empathize. I'm so sorry you have to deal with all these issues. I've been reading answers to a lot of questions on this site recently and although I "knew" before, I am only "realizing" a lot of the long term situations that WILL come. If ya need a shoulder, message me. We are here for you.
This has definitely been a very eye opening experience for me, I can say that much. lol I certainly did not expect any of this and I feel like I was so prepared when really I wasn't even close. Thanks so much for the comment and the offer for the shoulder. It helps having support here because I have so many people in my life who are trying to understand but just really can't.
Aw man I'm so sorry that you've had such crazy issues with BA. Even though it isn't what you wanted things still look nice to me. Sorry about the possible revision. :/ Hugs everything gets better.

Just a small note

I wanted to add a small note to my previous post. Someone asked me if I thought my PS wasn't fourth coming with me and I want to make clear that he was as honest with me pre-op as he could be. He was well aware of my chest wall defect and told me it was going to be a challenge but that he was going to do his very best. I do not think that even he knew that it was going to settle wrong. When I went in to address my concerns he was very honest with me and how it can be fixed when he feels its the right time to do it. I'm was and still am very happy with his work, it's the anatomy of the right side of my chest wall that is the issue and where my frustrations lie.
Just wondering how you're doing? My right is still high but no talk of revision yet, though I think I may be headed down that road. Hope you are well :)
Oddly enough it's funny that you posted to check on me today, but I'm glad you did. Today was progress photo day and it didn't go well at all. Lefty is high and not really changing much for the better in my opinion and righty has just progressively gotten worse. I can't really wear anything other than a sports bra anymore because the way it's sitting I can't force it over, it's so hard to explain. Lol It's just sucks and I had a really hard day. My doc still wants me to wait until my appointment in March at my 6 month check up to evaluate for a revision. He knows it's going to happen but he wants to wait and see if lefty decides to move. I hope you don't have to revise! How are you feeling about them otherwise? Hope things are going well for you!! Thanks so much for checking in!
I'm sorry to hear it has gotten worse. I was hoping that it would somehow start to move and get into place. My PS wants to wait also to see if righty wants to drop. Even my husband is acting a little anxious about it now. I don't know if he really feels that way or if he's just picking up my juju, lol. He gave me some extreme stretching techniques to do and it has dropped some but not where it needs to be. If you want to try them just let me know and I'll pm them to you. Each stretch lasts at least 4 min, that is how long it takes for the muscle to actually move and if you don't do it for at least that long he said it's kind if worthless. I have to be honest though, I didn't do them for about 2 weeks and when I did I didn't know to do them for that long (& 3 times a day). We have lost 2 dogs since Thanksgiving, my 13 yr old lab and 16 yr old Chihuahua, so I was really busy with them. Another thing that bothers me about my PS is that he doesn't say there is an issue. He just says that it takes longer to drop bc I have a bigger implant in there and they are uhp implants, they too take longer to drop. Why can't we just have great boobs instantly like a lot of others on here? Sooo frustrating. I did get a bra though, 32dd and that is getting small now...? I'll post some pics tonight, please feel free to give me your opinion on them. I need some unbiased feedback. It was great to hear from you!

3 Month Progress Photos

So, no new the good direction any the last month. Lefty seems stuck despite my best massing efforts and righty is just getting progressively worse.

I can no longer wear any type of bra except a sports bra because my right breast is so far center that I can't push it over any more to get it to sit right in the cup. It stays put for a little while before it migrates center again and causes me pain and I have to take off my bra.

To say I'm not having the slightest bit of fun with this is an understatement. I'm spending more days more upset when it's time to get dressed because I can't wear any bras that are flattering. It sucks and it's depressing. I know I'm on the road to a pocket revision for my right breast but my doc wants to wait until my 6th month Post Op appointment in March to evaluate when that will be to give the left side a little more time to see if it's going to move because that side might need a pocket revision as well.

I'm just kind of over this whole process, this wasn't what I visioned at all and I am really afraid that when I get the pocket revision it wont work...really afraid...then what? I just feel so out of control of this whole situation.
Aww i am so so sorry to hear this is happening to u. I do pray the revision gives you the look you deserve. I feel you should not have to pay anything since its the PS fault. Good luck to you hun
Revision that sucks-hang in there though. Hoping either PS or a specialist can get it right the next time. Stinks you have to work at having your boobs look good, though I like sports bras but I can see them getting boring and limiting your wardrobe.
I would try getting some other opinions from different PS's. You never know what other professionals may say about it. Try to be positive, I know I am for you and I do think this can be fixed.

Light at the end of the tunnel

I went to my PS today to talk about all of my concerns and I'm happy to say that he addressed all of them and admitted there was a pretty big issue going on with my right breast and even raised concerns about my left side as well.

My right side is not only too center but he's also concerned about bottoming out, and my left side is too far center as well though not as badly as the right but more than he'd like. I was so concerned about the right side that I never really even noticed the left. I have a zero finger gap in between them, when at the start I had at least one.

With all that said he says that this is because of my PE and how sunken my right side is. He wants to also wait a little bit longer to do the revision to let more scar tissue build up so he has something to sew to when he does to the pocket revision for the right. So I'm going back in April to re-asses and then he will left me pick a surgery day. He seems confident but I do admit I'm a little worried, I do not want to go back a 3rd time as I never even considered having to go back a second time.

I do feel a lot better though. Before it was all what if's now I feel like there is a plan in place and a clear goal to work towards which I can respond better to. It sucks that I have to wait a little longer for my revision but I'm glad that he didn't dismiss my concerns and make me feel like I was crazy. I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel now and hopefully that's a much desirable end result. I am no longer sad about my size, I'm actually very happy with my size now, I just want them to look normal and be where they are supposed to be on my chest.
Hey doll, just checking up with you. How are you doing? Is your next appointment still in April? I'm getting some tweaking done in a few months but other than that all is well. Hope you're well sweetie!
Hey girl! I'm so bad about coming back. Lol Sometimes it just makes me sad so I don't. It's been an emotional roller coaster. Somedays I'm okay, others I'm just depressed. I just want to get them fixed already. Lol I do still have my appointment in April. I'm hoping that he will think I'm ready to set my revision date but we will see. It's getting progressively worse but I'm trying to just remember that this isn't forever. I'm getting ready to post some progression collages that show the downward progression. Thanks for checking in, I feel like a bad "realself friend" because I don't check in often enough. How are you dong?!
I'm so sorry this is going on with you but April is just around the corner. Hopefully he thinks there is enough scar tissue to do the surgery fairly quickly and you can put this behind you and really begin to enjoy them. I had my last appointment on March 10 and I see him next in June. Then we'll talk about fixing my left boob. He also wants enough tissue to sew and be able to hold it and we'll see. I'm sending good thoughts, juju, and prayers your way, doll. Hang in there :)

Just a few days shy of 6 months post op

It's been a while since I've updated. There really hasn't been a lot of changes in my issues, it's getting worse, but not as rapidly worse as it was. The progression is slower. Still sucks and it's still making me feel blue. I have my good days though and I try to keep my thoughts on the big picture and that this isn't forever. I have my next post op appointment on April 8th and I hope that my PS will think I'm ready to set a revision date. I really just can't wait to get them fixed. I want desperately to wear a regular bra. I can only wear sports bras that are while comfy, but not very sexy. Lol. Though I found a couple VS ones that I've grown accustomed to. Any way I took a new progress photos and put a collage together so y'all can see the progression. Hopefully my next update will have good news! Good thoughts, vibes and prayers are appreciated! =)
Hey Doll, just wondering how your appointment went today? I hope you got the good news you deserve?! :)
So sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I got on the day of my appointment but couldn't find the words. It's not a bad update just didn't know what to say really. I finally sat down and updated though! Thanks for checking in! How are you doing?
I'm glad you have a good plan. It sounds like its smart to wait and see what's going to happen over the next few months, especially since one is still shifting. I'm going back in June and we'll discuss my options for a revision then. Sometimes I think they're fine but mostly they look lopsided to me and now when I bend over the right one looks bigger. It is the one with the bigger implant but idk, we'll see what the Dr. says. I'm just an impatient person. Glad you're going to have a fun summer, you deserve it! Take care sweetie :)

Waiting until 1 year Post Op to revise.

I saw my PS on the 8th of April and I had many reservations and was so afraid of what he would tell me. The roller coaster of all this is just insane. This update could also be all over the place because I've waited so long to write it so I don't remember all the torrid details. lol

He is will wanting to wait on my revision to make sure that everything is all settled. My left side has made some positive movement since my last round of photos and he feels like he wants to wait until my Year Post Op to set a revision date to make doubly sure it's progress doesn't do something know like righty over here. lol His main reason to want to watch it is to make sure it doesn't bottom out. There are many good reasons he wants me to wait but mostly because I still haven't built up a whole lot of scar tissue in my right side so there isn't anything for him to work with to fix the pocket. Not building up scar tissue would be amazing for someone who didn't have a complication like I have. But I guess the silver lining here is that none is better than having CC so I'm counting my blessings. Though the other side of that coin is that because I'm not building up the scare tissue that he'd like me to he will instead have to place an expensive insert...(that I don't remember the name of) hold my implant in place. Due to the slop of the right side of my chest he said it's acting sort of like a slide and my implant is sliding down out of place. He'd also like me to build up my pec muscles so there is more muscle to help hold the implant in place better after the revision. That's really all to report.

I'm very happy with the out come of this appointment and not disappointed at all that he wants to wait. I understand all his reasoning for it and it makes me feel good that he's got my best interest at heart. He seems very confident that by being patient, waiting and making sure that everything is settled before he goes back in there will be a greater success in the end. He truly doesn't want me to come back a third time and wants to get it right the second time.

My next appointment is September 16. It seems so long away but we've got a fun summer planned so I'm sure the time will pass quickly...(or I hope) I was able to find a great swim suit that works with my problem and pretty much makes my right boob look normal so unless you know, you simply wont know there is a problem. So that helps a lot and will get me through the summer. In regular bras I've found two that I just bought 5 of that are really comfy and make me feel good so that helps a ton too because my biggest problem was finding a bra that fit comfortably.

Over all at this point I've waited so long, whats a few more months right? I've started referring to my current boobs as my starter boobs now and I'm just waiting for my final pair. lol I will certainly look back on this when all of this is said and done and be glad for the frustrating journey. Man this year has been a doozy. I've learned a lot about my self over this struggle and I've realized I'm a much stronger person than I first realized. I thought that I would get boobs and feel better about myself and life would be all puppy dogs and rainbows. What I got instead was an eye opening realization that my boobs don't define me and I'm going to be okay. I'm looking at this complication now as a time to reflect and even though it's been frustrating beyond words I think it's helped me too. But now I'm just rambling non-sense. Which is why it took me so long to update. It's hard to put into words what I'm feeling.

Just about one year Post OP

So it's been a hot minute since I've posted around here.

To put it shortly it's been a long boobie year for me and as I'm right on the heels of my one year boobieversary I'm happy to say I have good news.

I had my one year post-op visit today and it went better than I ever could have imagined and I got far more than I ever expected.

I have PE and it caused my right implant to start to settle too center and has kept going in the direction, this was pretty much from the get go. My PS wanted me to wait for a bit to keep checking it and to let the scar tissue build up.

After being patient and working with him on his time line he's finally cleared me for a revision and is not going to charge me anything at all for it.

I'm so happy I could cry and have been. It's been a long uncomfortable year because wearing a real bra just wasn't an option because of how far center my right side went. I've hidden and lived in sports bras for longer than I'd like to admit to. I'm just so happy that there is a light at the end of this long tunnel.

I have a date set for 10/24 and I'm so happy. Yay!

I just wanted to share this with some people who might understand.

I haven't taken a progress photo since June and I likely wont any more. Nothing has really changed much.
Awww wow i think its a blessing he is going to revise your breast for free of charge. You deserve the happiness you paid for.
Wow!! Such good news! I'm really excited you're cleared and set up, girl you deserve it :) can't wait for another update! Hugs and best wishes :)!!
Thank you!! I'm so excited!! =D How have you been doing?

One week out from Revision!

My pre-op is Monday and Surgery day is Friday the 24th.

I'm getting a little more nervous at it draws closer but excited too and SO, SO ready! I thought this day would never come and I would be stuck with this for a while longer. I still cannot believe that my doc is doing this for me at no charge, I'm blown away by his kindness and generosity.

What I need is just a lot of positive thoughts and prayers if any one is a praying person. My biggest concern and fear is that this wont work. I'm trying to remain positive because my PS is super confident that he will be able to fix this and I will have no problem moving forward but I'm still nervous about it.
Today's the day!!!! So excited for you!! I know your boobs will look great and you can move past it and enjoy them like you want to. I hope you do well after surgery and I can't wait for an update, doll! Best wishes and sending hugs!!! Xxxx
Afternoon, It went so well and so far they look great, I'm so excited! I'm in a lot of pain right now, more than I remember from the first time. He said that it might be more tender because of all the stitching he had to do. I'm required to wear an underwire bra day & night until he tells me otherwise. I'm gong take a a few post-op photos in a couple days when I can lower my dose of pain pills. Thank you so much for checking in!
Sorry you're in so much pain. I know in the end it will be worth it! I can't wait for an update and sending good juju your way
Dr. Denton Watumull

He is super easy to work with and an amazing PS. He took care to make sure I didn't get a size that my body couldn't support. He actually didn't give me size the we originally agreed on because the implant didn't fit, so I'm happy he made the best choice for my body instead of giving my what I wanted. I'm very happy so far with the results and look forward to how they look when they are completely healed.

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