Pod 10 Very Swollen - Rhode Island, RI

Hi fellow TT ladies, Just a concern about...

Hi fellow TT ladies,

Just a concern about swelling that i would love feedback on. I am 10 dpo and am so very swollen! I am very uncomfortable and just look so bloated but know swelling is a common in recovery but this much? It's doesn't feel like a seroma since its hard swollen and not sloshy fluid but still was a night concerned. My dr is out of town but did speak to an on call dr that said it sounded like normal swelling from surgery and as long as I am not feeling ill or feverish from an infection I should be good. Any advice would be greatly appreciated:) drinking lots of water, taking arnica and bromalean (sp) and trying to rest! I feel great otherwise!

Hi HealthyRI. I am also in RI. And swollen like a bratwurst. I have my first post op today to get my stitches removed. I actually weigh more than I did the morning of my surgery. And my measurements are larger. How are you doing since your post nearly two weeks ago? Mit
Hello Mitford! Swelling does suck doesn't it!? Like your bratwurst analogie, so true, does feel like that:) I have been using water buffalo, ha! Still more swollen than I would like at 3 1/2 weeks but everyday does seem a little bit better. Think I am just a sweller:( trying to just stay on top of it and not of think it, it can't last forever right!? I have actually been wearing my cg with spanx over it for more compression and that does seem to help esp by days end. ( was a suggestions from another TT lady on here) also trying lymphatic massage Tom morn so will let you know if that helps at all, can't hurt:) try not to dwell on the swell (: or how you look now, things keep getting better and better and learning to be very patient (which is not something I am good at!!) hang in there!!!
Hi Mitford! So wanted to follow up with you on my lymphatic massage and if it helped with the swellig. I have to say that i am def less swollen today, esp for 3pm!!:) it was very relaxing too! Worth a shot!! Hood luck and hope u r feeling better!
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