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Rhinoplasty was the best decision I've made my...

Rhinoplasty was the best decision I've made my nose looks fantastic ! My whole life I lived this large bump on my nose always getting stares. I hated my nose.  I was considering rhinoplasty for a while but was afraid I would end up with a bad nose job.  I did my research and most important I think when finding a Dr. is one  that does  several rhinoplasty procedures a week to keep up their skills. I was surprised when I went on some of these so call "rhinoplasty experts " web sites and not  see not very may pictures. The quality of work shows it self not just in a few but many pictures of patients before and after especially the difficulty cases ( very large noses). That is what finally convinced me to do it. I was impressed with my surgeons work and felt comfortable with him doing the procedure. My rhinoplasty was done on the inside "closed rhinoplasty" . A closed rhinoplasty is the way to go because no visible scars are left on the out side and the recovery time is faster. When I woke up from surgery I admit I looked like I was at the bad end of a fight. I had black eyes and my face was really swollen.  I remember feeling some burning  in my nose the nurse gave me pain medication and after that I had no pain. Don't be afraid when you look at pictures post surgery because it looks much worst then it is. The only discomfort I had was nasal congestion( could'nt breath through my nose for a couple of weeks but it slowly improves) and a runny nose. Your nose is very  swollen after but is subsides with time. The cast comes of in a week. During this time its like waiting for your birthday present you wonder how it will look. When I saw my nose for the first time I was amazed . The bump was gone and smaller with a slightly curved tip. I am happy with my nose its only been a two weeks and it will continue to look better once all the swelling goes down. I hope this helps people who are considering rhinoplasty. My advice to anyone considering rhinoplasty  be smart and do the research. Rhinoplasty is one of the hardest cosmetic procedures to master so you want to make sure you have a experienced and skilled surgeon. Don't be discouraged from all the bad nose job stories because there are good surgeons out there that do good work who are not on advertised as the best doctors on televison. A popular name does not mean you will get the best work.

Good luck .. m.p. RN  

I had Rhinoplasty seven days ago. My nose is very congested, and I still have to breath through my mouth. My nose continues to drip clear fluid. My concern is not being able to breath through my nose, as it been a week since surgery. Is this normal? How long will I be this way?


I got quoted 8,500, why is yours only 7,500?
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Hi what drove you to use Dr. Vladimir? Are there any other websites that shows real people posting before and after photos of surgery with Vladimir Grigoryants?
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Hi, I can see why you are so happy with your results. You are beautiful and your nose looks natural. I was wondering the same as eva.c, regarding the long term structural integrity of Dr. Grigoryants work. Did you get turbinate work done? Are you still happy with your results?
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Rhinoplasty was the best decision I'v made my...

Rhinoplasty was the best decision I'v made my nose looks fantastic the Dr who did it is very skilled with nose reconstruction. I lived with a large bump on my nose for years always getting stares so I decided to do it.It looks like a really painful experience when you see your face after surgery. I had a swollen face with two black eyes. Believe it or not I only felt mild discomfort at times which was mainly from sleeping with an open mouth and the constant runny nose. Rhinoplasty really changed my face I now have a small straight nose with a natural curve at the tip. I feel like a have a beatiful profile : ) highly recommend but beware it is one othe the hardest procedures to master in cosmetic surgery so do you research before selecting a skilled surgen.


You look awesome! you're the third person i've seen with pics raving about dr. V.G.! Everyone else: stop asking her where she got her rhino! if you SIGN IN, the name will appear!
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I just want to say Your nose looks Fantastic! I can understand why you are so happy with the results. After reading your comments I had to check out your surgeon. After going to his website I was happy to see so many before and after photos. Although to go him would be a bit of travel for me I want the best when it comes to my nose so if i come out with a nose looking anything like yours it will be well worth it. Wish me luck Thanks again for posting your comments :)

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You made a wise choice seeing Dr. V he is the best. My whole experience was great he takes care of you answers all your questions
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