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I was always very confident with my looks, except...

I was always very confident with my looks, except for that one thing...my big nose! No one had ever told me my nose was big but I could look in the mirror and see it was so obvious. I always felt like it was that ONE thing that was holding me back. Like "She would be pretty BUT...she has a big nose". I always wanted a nose job and everyone told me I was crazy. They would say things like "Your nose isnt THAT big." or "But God made you this way you should accept the way you are." Ive heard it all before but whenever anyone would tag or take photos of me of my profile view I would either untag them or simply destroy them! I had the kind of nose where you really couldnt tell it from the front but when I turned to the side it was like "Oh yeah--Now I see what you mean."

When I told my husband I wanted a nose job he tried to talk me out of it. He said I was beautiful in his eyes and he didnt want me to change. But I wasnt doing it for him, I wanted it for me. Finally he said if it meant that much to me and it would make me feel better about myself he would back me 100%.

I felt really sick toying around with the idea of going through surgery. I had never been sick or had any surgerys before. What scared me the most was not being able to forsee what the finished product would look like. When you agree to have the surgery you are taking a huge gamble. How big of a gamble you are taking depends on how well you do your homework. I went to a surgeon who does facial plastic surgery only and at least 2-3 nose jobs a week. I consulted with 3 different surgeons before I felt comfortable.

I guess I took the plunge because I figured there was no way my nose could look any bigger than it already did. My dad said he thought I was being "very courageous".

Its been exactly 8 weeks since the surgery and I'm still getting used to my new nose. Its smaller and shaped differently now. The dreaded hump is gone! My bridge is actually wider than it was and that is taking some major getting used to. I went yesterday to have my after photos taken and he said there was still alot of swelling going on even at this point. I've read before a good Rhinoplasty is one that is "sleek and unobserved" and I feel that is what I got. When I had the bandages taken off I thought I would have a tiny, perfect new nose--radically different from the beak I was sporting. My new nose is not as tiny, or as "cute" as I had imagined it would be, but I do like it much more than my original nose. I had closed Rhinoplasty with no pain, just the ususal severe congestion you hear about.

All in all, It still looks like MY nose just a smaller, more refined version of it. Did I want a completly different nose? Maybe. Maybe not. I still dont really know what to think but I do know it is what it is. I also thought my friends would be gushing over it, telling me how great I finally looked, but everyone pretty much kept quiet. Some people didnt even know I had anything done! I was a little let down, being that I was so emotionally invested in it. Alright already I'll finish this novel...just thought I would be frank about my experience.


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story.
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You look amazing!
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Its been a while now since Ive been on here. I really need to post some recent pics because I am still being amazed at how much my nose has shrunk since the surgery. Every month it gets smaller and smaller---which is exactly what I wanted! When I had my cast taken off I was devastated...crushed---my new nose was enormous and I looked like Shrek. The next month it was smaller and smaller still the next. Now its been 10 months and I am happy with my new nose. I really dont think he could have done a much better job. The hump is gone, my tip is smaller. Im still left with just the slightest little bump (not even visible unless you get 2 inches from my face) but I can deal with that and he said it may even dissapear eventually (i think its scar tissue under the skin because its where the cartilage meets the bone on the top of my nose). Im still happy I got it done.

@NaturalMe--Dont stress when my cast came off my nose was 4 times bigger than my original nose! If you go with the scoop it is a cute look but It can also make it veer towards the fake-ish side too depending on the curve. IMPORTANT: The days and first few weeks after the cast came off my nose was STRAIGHT--straight as an arrow--NO curve at all.....but now over time I have acquired a slight curve! Maybe that will be the case for you too? Its really just a subtle curve (i really need to post a profile pic of it geez) but still looks pretty graceful compared to my former witch nose. I was afraid my surgeon was too conservative with me too--but It IS truly amazing just how much my new little nose has changed over 10 months. All I can say girl is give it time....up to a year they say until you can really decide if you like it or maybe even love it or not. Either way--i guarantee its gonna be a big improvement. I think you are extremly georgous and I look forward to seeing your updates. I am excited for you because you really wont know what you end up with until several months down the road like me. Patience my friend and thanks for the compliment! Were all in this together!
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M. Sean Freeman

Dr. Freeman is friendly but is a man of few words. I really liked the fact he called personally to check up on me the night of surgery. The receptionist is cold and indifferent and does not greet you when you arrive. Sometimes she says bye but thats about it. The procedure (how exactly it was performed) was never really explained to me. I still dont know exactly what he did but I do know it looks alot better now. I wish he would have warned me about how swollen it was going to look. I like his confidence and he is really skilled. His nurse Helen is the best nurse I've ever met (this coming from an RN!) she is OUTSTANDING and made me feel so special.

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4 out of 5 stars Payment process
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