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Hi everyone, my surgery is coming up this...

Hi everyone, my surgery is coming up this Wednesday and I am beyond excited. I am a little nervous, because I do have that thought, "What if I still don't like it?", but you can't make my nose worse. Plus, I trust my physician and believe that he will do the best job possible in making my nose fit my face. Plastic surgery is a personal opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion....I personally have been thinking about this for awhile and finally made the move to get the surgery.

My nose itself has a bump on the top and well, is just BIG! My dad's side is the one to thank, he was from Jordan, so I have a "roman nose" as you call it. No one has ever told me to my face that my nose was big, but I knew and that is all that mattered to me. And if I knew, I am sure everyone else noticed. It is also something that has brought my confidence level down. I can fix my hair, put on some makeup, but the moment I look in the mirror, ALL I notice is my Nose....I am doing the surgery for myself...and know that some may not agree with the decision I have made...

**I will take some pictures of my profile before and after the surgery and upload them!

Well surgery went well yesturday! As far as pain,...

Well surgery went well yesturday! As far as pain, all I had was a terrible headache and a soar throat. However, I took one pain pill and few lozenges and I felt so much better. I rested for a few hours after surgery, then I was up and walking around. I hardly have any bruising as of today, just a little bit swolen...I get my cast off and stitches out next week! My phsician was AMAZING! As well as the nurses in the surgery center...my post op nurse had rhinoplasty as well as was giving me a few tips on what to do!

Hey everyone! Well today is day 5 since my surgery...

Hey everyone! Well today is day 5 since my surgery and I thought I would give a quick update. I get my cast off and stitches out Tuesday!

As far as Pain, it's bearable, but I jab a high pain tolerance. I only took one pain pill when I needed it. It is very very hard for me to sleep past 4 hours without waking up. That has to be the worst part. Then you can't lie down, you have to stay elevated. It is very important that you eat something before you take your pain medication because you do not want to throw up and damage your nose. My meals have consisted of soups, rice, cereal, and fruit. I do not eat alot. Just very very light stuff. You do not want to eat anything that requires alot of chewing because you do not want to rip out the stitches...

I have very minor bruising and it's starting to fade away. Always keep chapstick in your pocket!!!!! I have to breath out through my mouth and my lips become super dry! Always keep a bottle of water by your bed at night time!! I have awaken and have had my mouth to be severely dry. My nose has a lot of dried blood inside so very few hours I spray saline. My doctor said to not stick a q tip up there because you do not want to tear any stitches. I did have open rhinoplasty, so I have stitches on the outside and dissolvable stitches in the inside.

****** I have a question for you ladies who have already had the procedure. How bad did it hurt taking out the stitches? Did you take a pain pill before? I will be going to get them out by myself and can't take a pain pill and drive so how Terrible was the pain??!!

SO, the cast came off today...and I cried. I am...

SO, the cast came off today...and I cried. I am very depressed right now, and as of right now, I hate it. My nose is SOOOOOOOOO SWOLLEN! Like ridiculously swollen. I wish I would be able to see what the front looks like without the swelling:(

Well, I have a post op appt in 2 weeks, and by then, I really hope the majority of the swelling will go done. The front just looks super wide right now.

There is a small, teeny-tiny, bump on top, he said that it is swelling and it will go done over time. He said when I was on the operating table there was no bump, so he told me not to stess out.

Well, I could care less about that right now, I am so worried about the front---IT IS SOO wide, and my TIP IS SOOOOOOOO SWOLLEN!!!
I am going to put some ice on and help speed up the process!

I will upload pictures tomorrow! Really bummed, I wanted to be happy when I saw it, but I was horrified! I just have to remember swelling is expected....

SO, it has been a full two week as of today! My...

SO, it has been a full two week as of today! My nose is still very swollen at the bridge and the tip. Also, very very tender to touch! I had so many blackheads on my nose from having a cast on it for a week. So when I exfoliate at night, I have to be very soft. I do use my clarisonic--I turn it off, and use it very very very gently! My PS also has me wearing the cast to protect my nose at night. I have bumped it a few times, and it hurts! AHH!
Also, I started back working out yesturday!:) It was for an hour, and it was light cardio and circuit training with light weights (4 lbs) and resistance bands...I felt like I was lazy not exercising!

I am still very swollen, when I wash my face, I realize how tender I am around my eyes and forehead. Like, I do not even lift my eyebrows because it's sore. I have been off my pain meds for awhile now, I believe last Wednesday was my last day. I can not blow my nose yet, and when I sneeze, I sneeze with my mouth open (gross, I know), but you can not have any pressure build up and possibly damage your nose.

For tanning, I use a self tanner called SunLabs, and it is AMAZING! (Just in case you wanted to know:))
I can't think of anything else to tell you! If I do, I will update again! Pictures will go up tnight:)

Sorry, this pictures aren't actually 14 days, did...

Sorry, this pictures aren't actually 14 days, did not look so hot today, pictures LOOKED AWFUL. I have an event tomorrow, so I will feel better about myself when I look in the mirror and upload some pictures, I have also uploaded the picture of my frontal view day of surgery, and you can tell how swollen I am not just on my nose, my eyes as well...

Any questions--just message me:)

My one month post op appt is tomorrow! I have...

My one month post op appt is tomorrow! I have posted a picture from this past saturday! I will take some and post tomorrow as well!

As of right now, I am very swollen, my tip is still numb and swollen. When I rub my eyes, it still hurts...nothing else is neww!

My post op appt was a few weeks ago! Everything...

My post op appt was a few weeks ago! Everything went great! My tip has a little little feeling in it but is still very swollen. I am also still swollen on the sides of my nose where he drilled the holes. All in all, I am loving my nose more and more!! Pictures uploading were taken exactly one month post op: 10-14-2011,

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my Plastic...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my Plastic Surgeon just released his web app, it is called build my bod. You are also able to download it on your iphone. The website/app allows you to search P.S. in any city and state and lets you know how much their average price is and what you are exactly paying for!

As far as recovery is going, I am still healing. ...

As far as recovery is going, I am still healing. I still see swelling in my tip. As well as where he drilled the holes in my nose. I have not yet blown my nose! Ah, its crazy, but my nose is still very sensitive and the slight bit of pressure hurts! I tried wearing my sunglasses the other day for about 10 minutes, and I had to take them off...it hurt to much, they kept sliding down my nose which I was not used to either! (prob b/c the bump kept them up?) My dog has pawed at my face and hit my nose, and it HURTS! ah! I have increased my workout regimine to 4-5 days a week. With jogging, cardio, and weights, and resistance. I tend to breathe through my mouth more anyways...lol. I absolutely love my nose! More and more, week by week! =] As far as the scar, it is faded a lot, plus makeup covers it up!:)

Hi everyone! So I just uploaded some pictures that...

Hi everyone! So I just uploaded some pictures that were taken randomly through December. My swelling has SLOWLY healed, and I still have a very round swollen tip. I just looked at a picture from right after my cast was off till now, and all I can say is WOW! SOO much has gone down it is crazy! I may upload a side by side of the swelling for you all! Because I know I was so upset after cast removal...

I am 5 months post op! And so much swelling has...

I am 5 months post op! And so much swelling has gone down. Just still have some tip swelling...But I could not be more happy!

Woop! It is time for 6 months post-op pictures!...

woop! It is time for 6 months post-op pictures! The ones I am uploading today were taken at exactly 6 months-March 14, 2012. I am just now getting around to uploading them! I do not feel as much swelling there now. It is crazy seeing how much a difference there has been! I cant believe it has already been 6 months!!

I just uploaded some new photos! I am way behind!...

I just uploaded some new photos! I am way behind! I have my physicians photos of before and after. Just need to find them first! Everything is going great! I have not had any problems! I will upload a profile view later on this week! I am almost one year post op!

Wow- I have not updated in forever! I am sorry for...

Wow- I have not updated in forever! I am sorry for that. I had started a new job right after graduation and was married in November. So my life has been hectic. But I have tons of pictures to add on here and would like all of you to know that I love my nose.
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Your pre-op profile reminds me a lot of mine! Only I don't have a dorsal hump. But everything else... I mean, I even have a dimple in the middle of my chin!!! Crazy! Anyway, I think your new nose looks very fitting for your face! I've decided to go smaller than what you did (I told him as small as he can go without creating problems) in conjunction with a chin implant. You're a very beautiful lady and I'd like to thank you for continuing to post pictures after your procedure :)
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I love that you have so many photos! It's really great to see how much a nose can change over the course of one year post op! You look gorgeous! Thanks for your review! :)
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Thank you!
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thanks for the informative review! i hope my nose comes out half as good as yours!
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It will just give it time. That's seriously the worst!
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AM22, your profile looks beautiful! You've come a long way with the swelling, but it has turned out amazing. It's nice to have read about your story before and now read that you're happy and moving on with your life. That's the ultimate goal! Cheers to being more carefree and letting your full-blown personality shine! :)
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Thank you so much!
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Dr. Jonathon Kaplan from Baton Rouge, Louisiana!
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looks great! who was your doctor?
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Hi AM, how are you? As you know yours was the inspirational review for me :) I am currenly 2 months post op and went to see my doc yesterday. He told me I am still very swollen especially from the front. He told me he removed 80% of cartilage on my tip that's prolly why the whole thing is taking a long time. I saw your pic ''guess I have a big bridge'' and I feel the same. After two months I was hoping to see a much more improvement in terms of ''size'', instead the overall appearance of the nose is still bigger for my taste. Especially my tip feels hard and stiff. Again, the doc says it's a clear sign of swelling along with peeling of the skin. Now I know I should trust what he says but since I seem to be a slow healer like you I wanted to know if like me, you experienced hard tip even after 2months post op. I see a big change in your pics from month 2 and month 8 for example. When did you see a big improvement in the overall size? Did you notice like me a hard-stiff tip, and if so how long did it last?? I am kinda moody with my nose..some days I love it more than others :)
thank you so much beautiful, I hope mine turns out perfect like yours :)
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HEY! Yes, I did not actually start feeling my tip of my nose till about mid March. It was very hard for MONTHS! and very SWOLLEN for months! The tip to me seemed the hardest part of the swelling process, it was the last to heal! And yes, it was very hard and stiff, I could touch the tip and not feel anything! It was crazy. The first few months were the HARDEST for me....I hated my nose. I honestly can say that if you atleast give it half a year, the majority of the swelling will go down and your nose will begin to take shape!!!
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All of these comments are making me feel confident about my decision in wanting to get this procedure. I have my first consultation on the 1st.....I'm nervous. Your nose came out great AM
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Thank you for posting all those pictures. I am 3 weeks post op and I feel like my nose is bigger than it was to start with. I finally found someone who had the same problem as me and your nose turned out amazing! I feel like I finally have hope!!!!!! Thank you so much.
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your welcome! glad I can help
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Has it been a year for you already? Has all of the swelling gone down? I'm considering a nose job, my consultation is actually on the 1st of June. I'm scared that it won't turn out the way I want it when I get it done. =\
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Only one piece of advice. Since I am about to go under for the third time (rhino) make sure you go on SEVERAL consultations. Don't stop until you feel you have the BEST doctor. :)
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Last September was my third time under the knife. I am 8 months post opp and really regretting I didn't seek out a PS specializing n revision rhino! In 4 months I will have to cross that bridge as I am very dissatisfied at this point!
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Thanks, yea I've been reading a lot of comments on here, and I am going to do that. I've been looking up different doctors. I might have a second consultation so that's a good thing. I am a little skeptical on doing this, but i've dealt with this for so long. I was teased from elementary school/jr high/high school and even now. I can't stand my nose. The only thing that is/was keeping me from doing it was the money. I'm scared that it won't come out the way i want or expect it to but I don't want to talk myself out of it either =/ Reading AM22's story I was kind of "inspired" and determined i guess you can say. Just grrr....it's something i've wanted done for a LONG time, i just hope i can do it, and if i can...will it look good?
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thanks for sharing photos that show your progress! i can definitely see why people say that your nose continues to change months after the surgery! in your last few photos i can really see the shape its taking and looks very good now that swelling is down! im so nervous to decide whether i should take the plunge or not, what made you decide to get it done for sure? i'm still on the fence , it;s such a big decision! :/
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looks great!!!!!! hope my surgery is just as successful!! thx for always uploading pics!!
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You look absolutely gorgeous!! Seeing how wonderful yours turned out makes me feel a lot bette about my upcoming surgery. I can only hope I have the same type of results as you.
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You look lovely!! And THANK YOU - finally someone that had very obvious bridge swelling on the profile that has gone down!! I am day 18 post op (open rhinoplasty w septoplasty and all the stuff incl breaking my nose etc) and my nose is as big as before! So it is really hard right now esp when all these people have really pretty profiles right when their cast is off. I knew the tip would be swollen but I didn't know that the bridge would be so big.. :( I feel much better seeing how gorgeous your nose has turned out!! Right now I am most focused on my profile but I know you are worried about the front view - mine is big in the front too. It is really hard to picture what feels like bone getting so much smaller, but wow, yours changed so much!! You look beautiful :)
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Hey girl I was looking at your before pictures thinking this girl is too pretty to think she's ugly and needs a nose job but oh my god you look gorgeous your new nose could not look more perfect and balanced for your face. Are you a model??
Stories like yours make me more and more excited to find a surgeon and have the surgery. :))
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well thank you! I appreciate that, and NEGATIVE. I am not a model.
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LOVE your make up in the last pictures :) Of course your nose look great !! Glad you are happy !
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